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Paper art to create your own flower garden with a special design


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Using Leoni Craft's special design and premium card paper
7 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • Simple and elegant anemones

  • Mysterious Icelandic Poppy

  • A mongly peony

  • Peony in full bloom

  • Fresh leaves

  • Lovely Hyper Vacuum and Mini Daisy

  • simple bouquet/flower wall decoration

Skills You’ll Learn

Understand the composition and principles of a design that will make it look like a living flower

Understand the various designs of Rioni Craft and learn how to use them in detail.

Various techniques for three-dimensional expression

Learn various techniques to make the most of the three-dimensional effect of flowers, leaves, and fruits.

Know-how to finish neatly

You will learn how to use clean scissors and glue guns to further enhance the completeness of the work.

How to make elaborate flower surgery

Learn how to make elaborate flower arrangements by folding, cutting, turning, and pasting.

How to connect flower petals in a natural way

Learn tips for finishing by cutting and connecting flower petals as naturally as flowers.

Installing a flower wall decoration with handmade flowers

This is a way to decorate a wall with flowers that will create a focal point in any space.

Hallo This is Leoni Craft's dandelion.

My name is Leoni Craft's Dandelion, who does paper flower crafts. I came across paper flowers while running a company that makes handmade cards and wedding invitations, and after a lot of trial and error, I came up with a special design and production method unique to Leoni Craft.

The appeal of making paper flowers is that if you cut and paste them one by one along the pattern, you can create a three-dimensional flower with a vivid shape from a flat sheet of paper. I would like to share with you this fascinating work that anyone can easily follow if they only learn the design and know-how of Rioni Craft.

Learn various expressions such as flowers, leaves, and fruits.

Let's use flat paper to express all the flowers, plants, and fruits in the world? It's not difficult if you look at the designs and follow them one by one. Starting with the basics of paper art, I will step by step learn how to read and follow a pattern to help you express all the flowers you want to express.

Capturing the know-how of Rioni Craft

So that even beginners can make it easily!

I will carefully teach you the process of neatly making and finishing each petal and fruit one by one. I'll do all the complicated preparations, so all you have to do is follow along slowly! Before you know it, you'll have a vivid paper flower on your hand.

I'll explain the basic materials and tools used to make paper flowers, and create a variety of flowers, leaves, lovely little berries, and wild flowers along with a thoroughly prepared design. I'll also show you how to beautifully apply the finished work in a variety of ways.

Unlike pleated flowers, I plan to create works using premium card paper. It's an ingredient I've always used for a long time, and it's an attractive expression of the simplicity and modernity of cardstock. Another advantage is that after being finished as a flower, it is quite hard, so even if you drop it by mistake or leave it for a long time, it won't be greatly damaged.

Can be used as a paper flower

Enjoy the many possibilities.

If you put them one by one like this, or weave several leaves and leaves together to make a bouquet, it becomes a special flower decoration that won't wither even after a long time.

If you attach a magnet, you can also complete it with a magnet that is useful for refrigerators or boards.

Also, if you pair it with a card like this, it can be a special gift on its own.

You can also put it in a shadow box and make it a botanical art piece that can be hung on the wall,

You can also add an accent to your interior by hanging it on the wall as shown in the photo above.

Enjoy the experience of making paper flowers while listening to your favorite music, and in the meantime, the room is filled with beautiful flowers created by yourself, one by one, as shown in the photo above. I think it will be a new happiness and a little healing in your life:)



Introducing Leoni Craft's Paper Flower Class!

1. This is a paper flower class made from card paper


2. Nice to meet you. This is Leoni Craft's dandelion


3. Let's find out what to bring?



Making simple and elegant anemones

1. Check what you need to bring


2. Learn how to make basic flowers


3. Learn various scissor techniques while making flower surgery and calyxes


4. Connect the flower to the stem and finish



Making ash tree leaves and peony leaves to make the flowers shine even more

1. Check what you need to bring


2. Connecting an ash tree leaf to a flower wire


3. Practice how to give peony leaves a three-dimensional effect and connect flower wires


4. Connect the leaves to the stem and finish



Create two colors of Icelandic poppies with a mysterious charm

1. Check what you need to bring


2. Create three-dimensional petals by making wrinkles


3. Use double-sided tape efficiently to create exquisite flower surgery


4. Connect the flower to the stem and finish



Making a mongle-mongly peony

1. Check what you need to bring


2. Cut various petals to make a flower shape


3. Making calyxes and leaves


4. Connect the flowers and leaves to the stem and finish



Making peonies in full bloom

1. Check what you need to bring


2. How to cut and connect petals naturally


3. Peony's Mysterious Flower Surgery Making


4. Connect the flowers and leaves to the stem and finish



Making lovely hypericums and mini daisies

1. Check what you need to bring


2. Creating Hypericum where you can experience meticulous work


3. Making lovely mini daisies


4. Finish by connecting Hypericum and Daisy to the stem



Making beautiful use of various flowers, leaves, and materials in real life

1. Making a simple bouquet


2. Make a flower wall decoration


3. Tips for making paper flower designs and an introduction to card paper



Congratulations to the class stubbornness

1. A special flower garden has been completed!



Leony Craft

Leony Craft

I always spent my childhood with paper wallets and paper dolls, and when I was growing up, I dreamed of becoming a designer, and after entering and graduating from an American university, I worked as a display language for several years.

I later opened a company that makes handmade cards and wedding invitations, and after many years of operation, I came across Paper Flower like this.

I've done a lot of work with paper, but paper flowers have a very special feeling after making them. Seeing beautiful flowers like fresh flowers made from plain paper is an invaluable experience. I will do my best to help you have the same valuable experience as me through Class 101.


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