2 chapters · 33 minutes
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To Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
3 Class Projects

It takes about 10-30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Short sentence calligraphy

  • Long sentence calligraphy

  • A special photo with your own text

Skills You’ll Learn

Adobe Photoshop Sketch App Installation and Setup

Install the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app and set it according to your calligraphy.

Write short sentences and control strength

Practice 2 short sentences and learn how to control strength with the S Pen.

Writing long sentences and framing

You'll practice two long sentences and learn how to structure them.

Put text on top of a photo

Create a special photo by putting your own text on top of a photo you've taken yourself.

Learn for 101 won!

Class for me with Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

Me like me, 'the one who writes dreams'

Hello, I'm working on putting text on a photo I took myself Calligrapher Kim Lee YoungIt's. I planned this class because I wanted to create a course that people who are frustrated at home can enjoy lightly!

A class that anyone who is new to the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ or calligraphy can followIt's. If you take this class, the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ is not a smartphone with a large screen that only watches videos or webtoons Art tools to create your own workYou'll be able to feel like that.

A dream, a reason not to get tired

What's your dream?

My dream is to “have fun living.” In fact, in order to have fun, I have to do a lot of things that aren't fun. In the process of constantly asking myself what the real fun I am looking for is, I think my understanding of me will increase and I will complete my own self!

Instead of not being able to go on a trip these days, I'm looking at a lot of photos from my past trips. If you look at them one by one, there are photos that give a different feeling than when you were traveling. A new way to travel in a different way than going on your ownIt's. If you take a closer look at your travel photos with the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ and even write on your favorite photos, you'll be able to get close enough to your trip!

Making dreams a reality

Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ Life

Calligraphy is not just beautiful and presentable writing, it's also a means to express yourselfThis is it. I'll help you express your dreams with calligraphy.

In this class Aligning the center, adjusting the spacing of the letters, adjusting the strength of the letters, adding a watercolor effect, feeling of clumping, embedding (composition), etc. Learn the basics of calligraphy I'm going to have time to practice with 2 short sentences and 2 long sentences. Once you've done enough practice You'll be able to keep a special dream by writing your own words on your travel photos!

With Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

Growing up like me

In this class, we'll be using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ and S Pen. Since I used the S Pen, the pen didn't slip off the screen, and the writing feeling was pretty good. Also, since the S Pen is lightweight, I think those interested in calligraphy or drawing can use it comfortably. If you follow me step by step You'll fall in love with the hobby of “calligraphy” and the appeal of the Galaxy Tab S7/S7+!

I want to have fun
A calligrapher who writes down her dreams,
This is Kim Lee Young.





Galaxy Tab S7/S7+

Work Hard, Play Playback

Another window showing you and my daily life

Work&Play introduces the Galaxy Tab S7, the strongest performance ever to support everything. Freely express your thoughts and inspirations with the amazingly new S Pen, Samsung Note, and various Creation apps, and get work done quickly and accurately in an optimal work environment such as a PC with Samsung DeX and keyboard book covers. With an upgraded 120 Hz screen and 4 AKG speakers, you can enjoy your own content in a realistic way. Meet your own daily life unfolding on a tablet screen now.

My daily life, my world

Large-screen display that shows the image as it is

Smoother and smoother screen movements

Thanks to a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the screen responds instantly to your fingertips as you move. Watch the fast-moving screen without interruption.

An S Pen that's more than a real pen

You can write and draw like a pen with vastly improved response speed, a soft nib that reflects your font, and a comfortable grip even when you hold it for a long time. It can be easily attached to the side and back of the tablet with strong magnetism, and even has an air gesture function, so it's more than just a real pen.

With Galaxy Tab S7/S7+
Discover who you are!

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