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To Clip Studio
2 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Lightly colored full-body illustration

  • A complete illustration

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use Clip Studio 3D models

Use Clip Studio's basic 3D models to create highly communicative compositions.

Understanding the human body

Learn about the basics of the human body, deformes, and ways to practice the human body on your own.

Coloring method using the clipping function

We'll teach you everything from layer organization and coloring theory to practice.

How to use light and shadow and how to express textures

Learn how to use light and shadow and express textures to enhance the depth of a painting.

Correction method to bring out the mood

Learn correction methods to express the desired mood.


Lecturers belonging to Ant Academy,

Working as an illustrator Waterfront cherryIt's. comfortably cherryI think you can call it.

It's not something you can't do, it's something you haven't done yet

I am the people's “I can't draw.” I don't believe that. I think not only painting, but also writing and handicrafts. It's absurd to say “I haven't” done it yet because I didn't know how to do it, because I didn't know how to do it, because I didn't know how to do it, because I didn't know where my best was, and I couldn't do it.

Drawing is like riding a two-legged bike for the first time; at first, you need someone to push you from behind. If you don't have anyone to push you, if you don't have a lot of will, don't give up after falling and getting hurt. However, if you keep pushing from behind, you can go far further than you thought, even if you let go of your pushing hand one day.

I had no idea that students would “be able to do this far.” I feel happy when I say that. I believe that the time will come when all of you, like me, continue to step on the pedals step by step, to say this.

How far do I have to draw to complete it?

One of the most common words I've heard while teaching students

“I don't know how far it's been completed.”

That's what I mean. Do you have any of these concerns?

My opinion on completion will of course vary depending on the level of perfection each person wants, but basically When you feel like you have no place to touch anymore because you work as best you can according to your own work processI think it's complete.

In my case, for example, my work process is divided in detail, especially in coloring. This is because in the early days when I started drawing digitally, there was less color than line drawing, so it was important to improve the completeness of the coloring. In this way, let's solve these problems by establishing a work process where you can use the most important part as a basis for completion in the middle!

In order to create an attractive character

It's great to draw fan art for characters that already exist, but it's also very fun to create your own characters. Maybe it will be an opportunity for me to draw harder!

If you draw an illustration after designing a character, you will have materials that you can see and draw, so you can complete the picture in a more complete way.

The basic function of Clip Studio SymmetrologistLet's design characters more easily and quickly using. Let's learn about the impression based on the position and shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth, and how to shape the character with the desired image through props, costumes, and hair!

The basis of character illustrations is the human body

No matter what kind of deform you draw with, the most important thing is basically You need to know the human bodyIt's a point. If you don't know the principle, it's hard to apply it. particularly Hands, feet, and kneesThe more accurately you draw, the more complete the picture looks.

If you understand the basic shape and structure of the human body before drawing a picture with a formalized form, and then apply it to draw, the picture will be much more solid.

3D functions become easier if you know how to use them

Clip Studio has a basic feature 3DIt has a function. However, many of the people I have mentored 3DThere were many cases where I thought the function was difficult and I hadn't used it before.

In the case of beginners who lack a human body 3D modelsIf you draw a character with the feeling that you are reviewing the theory of the human body that you learned on top of it, you can draw a sketch with more accurate proportions and a complete degree of perfection in a short time and efficiently.

How to adjust the proportions of a 3D model according to individual figuresand, How to make it possible to take the pose you wantI'll let you know!

How to draw a finished line

The part I enjoy most about drawing character illustrations is completing the line drawing.

However, “No matter how much I draw, I can't complete a line drawing.” Dunga “The line drawing is not pretty” There are many people who suffer from the same problems. Drawing lines can be difficult, especially for those who have just started painting.

For people like this, Line drawing exercises you can do on your ownet How to write lines, How to use a brushI'll let you know.

To be able to draw not only with a yute, but also without a frame

The way to draw character illustrations is simple

▶ After completing the line drawing, color it to complete Yute

▶Complete by painting and coloring without drawing a line rimless

There is. Yute illustrationNot only that, Frameless illustrationIf you can also draw, you will have a wider range of techniques to choose from according to the mood of the illustration you want. Frameless illustrationI will also explain about in the curriculum.

In order to keep drawing

It's definitely a fun thing to draw out something that was only in your imagination and express it in a picture. However, if you don't know exactly what you want to draw or where your goals are, you may be overwhelmed by frustration and give up painting.

I hope that through my classes, you will be able to rethink the direction you want and feel the joy that comes from completing them one by one. Based on that joy, I prepared the curriculum with my sincere hope that the class will help you reach your desired goals without giving up painting. Thank you for your support. Thank you!






Lecturers belonging to Ant Academy,

Working as an illustrator Waterfront cherryIt's.

I was in the past I've dreamed of being a cartoonist and illustrator, but I'm studying on my own I spent a long, boring time as if I were wandering in the dark without a single light. After all, there were times when I thought maybe painting wasn't my path, and I thought about giving up.

Now that I have moved on to the career path I wanted after encouragement and hard work from people around me, I was lost in the past because I couldn't find direction on my own “Wouldn't it be easier if someone helped me?” Sometimes I think about that.

I hope my classes will be an opportunity to set direction for many people who have chosen painting as a hobby or career path.

What I've been hoping for “Someone to help”I'll be there.

With this opportunity, I hope you don't give up on the wonderful hobby or career path of painting.

We're here to encourage and help you.

Thank you very much!

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