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“The secret of a cafe that is only 1% successful”, the CEO of Cafe Full Moon Association tells us the essence of starting a cafe


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Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the essence of cafes

I'm going to delve into the essence of what a cafe is and what kind of place it is.

A to Z for preparing to start a cafe

In earnest, you'll learn everything from business licensing, branding, interiors, menus, etc.

Understanding the interior elements one by one

You'll learn the secrets of cafe interiors that will make you want to come back.

Understanding cafe menus one by one

You'll learn how to organize menus and how to manage menus effectively.

Prospects of the cafe industry

Finally, I'll finish by looking at the future prospects of the cafe industry.

카페 만월회 대표의 특별 컨설팅

▶ Special consulting from the CEO of Cafe Full Moon Festival

It's not an obvious entrepreneurship course.

“A successful cafe” This is an entrepreneurship course.

There are 300,000 cafes across the country, 30,000 new ones are created each year, and 20,000 are closed.

Annual closing rate is 70%“Cafe” is an industry close to.

More than 30% of all of you who have taken this course have survived

We will help you become a cafe that is only 1% successful.

Hello! CEO of Full Moon Association Co., Ltd.

I'm Park Je-young, who works as a YouTuber 'Number Zero'.

Cafe full moon party Starting with store management, experience pop-up stores, department store delivery, and collaboration with large companies It is growing fivefold every year.

When the Full Moon Festival is held offline, they also come from Jeju. Every month, more than 100 cafes sign new delivery contracts with Full Moon Festival. The reason more than 1,000 cafes around the country have partnered with Full Moon Festival is only for “success.” Our full moon party has been running for the success of Korean cafes. This class contains all the knowledge that Je-young Park, CEO of the Full Moon Association, has accumulated.

It's great for people like this to listen to it. 👍🏻

- Those who dream of starting a cafe but don't know where to start

- The bosses who are not doing well at the cafe that is currently in operation

- Managers in charge of achieving cafe management results

Don't expect that. ❌

- “It's possible. I can do it.” I don't say the same motivational words. Let me tell you exactly how difficult and intense this industry is.

- It's not a recipe or barista training. Curriculum for managers.

If you don't answer any of these

I recommend that you take this class.

클래스 추천

▶ Class recommendations

You've probably experienced and tried some cafes where you feel comfortable and want to come back, while others don't want to come back. Customers unknowingly feel the difference.

Customers feel it, but businessmen understand.

The difference between the customer and the boss starts right here. You can start a business if you understand all the elements of whether the customer is uncomfortable because of the chair, the table, where the table should be used, and if it is because of the service, how the customer feels when they say something. You'll clearly understand those elements through this very class.

There's probably a lot of stuff you can't easily hear anywhere else.

I also tried running a cafe the wrong way. I changed all the same cafes and tried to make it work. I tried to teach them, and I also tried to make them good. So I'm proud to say it.

You can listen with confidence.

I'm not a scholar who only looks at theories and makes inferences. I am a practitioner who has worked and experienced in the field firsthand. When it comes to war, it's not a military professor's lecture. I went to war, shot a gun, and got hit by a grenade I'm going to tell a vivid story of the scene. I have visited hundreds of cafes and consulted. I've put a lot of effort into this lesson about a huge database.

Understanding the essence and fundamentals of cafes

: [Business manual provided] Understanding the fact that a new cafe may open up right next to tomorrow

Avoiding irreversible mistakes

: [Analysis & calculation file provided] From profit analysis to real estate contracts, check what must be prepared

Understanding each interior by tearing it apart

: How to create tables, chairs, lighting, touch, hearing, and printouts

Understand each menu by tearing it off

: [Cost file & furniture list provided] The secret to doubling the customer unit price from the cost/menu/taste/delivery configuration

Earn a thousand dollars with one word

: How to become a cafe that customers love A to Z

Even if you are good at marketing, you can become a cafe in the top 1%

: From marketing to branding, the formula that always makes people enter the cafe/make them buy

It is prepared for those who need 1:1 customized consulting.

  • Those who need consulting tailored to their situation
  • Those who want to listen to off-the-record stories that can't be told in public lectures
  • Those who want to network with representatives of the Full Moon Association

For most of my classmates, a course ticket is sufficient. But if you want more than that, use coaching tickets. I know the challenges you're facing and I'm here to help. Think of it as a “partnership right” rather than a coaching right.

Don't worry about when you're already busy even though you're not busy.

Not yet.

But those who are stubborn will probably feel it. If I do this, my cafe won't stop getting customers. I will open a secret note on the full moon meeting for starting a successful cafe, which was obtained by analyzing numerous cases.

People who prepare for the future earn big money. We hope and look forward to this class as a time to prepare for your future.



This is the “Cafe Startup Bible” told by the CEO of Cafe Full Moon Association.

1. Of the 300,000 cafes, only 1% of the top can become a successful cafe.


2. Coaching rights guide



Understanding the essence and basics of a cafe

1. Competitiveness: Right now, there's a new cafe right next door tomorrow.


2. Capture the concept: If you make a mistake, it becomes a horrible hybrid cafe.


3. Franchises and private cafes: I started fearlessly and couldn't do anything.


4. Commercial sector: If you start without knowing, you lose money.


5. Customers: Filter out fraudsters lurking everywhere.


6. [Business manual provided] Employee: The scariest thing about a cafe is “labor costs.”



Preventing mistakes that can never be reversed

1. [Analysis file provided] Revenue analysis: An essential process that must be done but no one else does


2. [Calculation file provided] Investment calculation: How much do I need?


3. Business report: If you receive an incorrect business report, you become an illegal business person.


4. Real estate contracts: the part most susceptible to fraud


5. Interior: Self-interior is not the right answer


6. Choosing a name: If you make a mistake, you end up with a lawsuit.



Tearing down the interiors one by one to understand

1. Tables: Each height, material, shape, and size has its own purpose.


2. Chair: Don't choose the wrong one, buy the right one at a time


3. Lighting: Half of an interior is lighting.


4. Tactile sense: Heavy water cares more about touch than sight.


5. Hearing: Adherents care about sight, touch, and even hearing.


6. Prints: Let's add a sense to even one business card



Teardown the menus one by one to understand

1. [Cost file provided] Menu selection: Don't worry about when you're busy without being busy


2. [Furnishlist provided] Home: List of necessary furniture


3. Understanding coffee: What kind of coffee is a delicious coffee?


4. Taste: Taste also has speed.


5. Delivery: If you do 3 things well, delivery sales will triple


6. Readymade: Double the passenger unit price



Earn a thousand dollars with a single word

1. The magic of YES: can I throw away the receipt? or can I get a receipt?


2. Kiosks: Factors that lose customers if misused


3. Water is self: If you value the customer's time, the customer will come back.


4. 3 seconds of consideration: The moment customers feel most anxious


5. Get merchants: First customers and biggest regulars are nearby merchants


6. Repurchase rate: I saw a lot of places that were ruined while collecting turnover.



It can become the top 1% cafe that survives even if it is good at marketing.

1. Marketing basics: techniques that can be applied not only to cafes but also to any industry


2. Online marketing: If you don't have a good seat, you have to risk your life online.


3. Inflow strategy: Make passers-by enter the cafe


4. Sales Strategy: Make sure to buy when they come in


5. Ultra low cost marketing: marketing that can be done without spending money


6. Branding basics: Branding can create fandom beyond loyal customers.



The future of the cafe industry

1. Predicting the future of a cafe: In the end, people who prepare for the future earn big money.


2. Extra edition: What kind of company did Full Moon Association receive investment from?



Cafe Manwol

Cafe Manwol

In 2018, I started a fearlessly rattling cafe, and it almost completely ruined. There were secret know-how like jewels I realized while growing such a cafe into the company it is today. I'm going to release all those secrets that nobody told me.






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