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Sous Vide Machine
14 Class Projects

It takes about 1-3 hours (not including sous vide time) hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Tenderloin steak, the best atmosphere

  • 100% beef medium lobster burger

  • Melting lean steak pasta

  • Steak bowl with minced meat

  • Refreshing the meat! Steak salad

  • Juicy iron ramen soup whole chicken barbecue

  • Juicy gurgling beef ribs barbecue

  • Barbecue porchetta with pork belly and stone roll!

  • Soft pulled pork crushed by hand

  • Without a sous vide machine! Reverse shearling steak

  • Everything is delicious when fried. Sous vide fried beef gyukatsu

  • No access to vegetables. Deep-fried beef sandwich Katsusando

  • Sleep on the grill. T-bone steak

  • Axe-shaped cartoon meat! Tomahawk steak

Skills You’ll Learn

My hobby is washing equipment! Equipment selection guide.

The equipment I use! I'll explain what kind of product to use based on price and frequency of use

The defensive theory is useful to know!

Why is the temperature and time different for each meat? There's a scientific reason for all of that

Efficient reality plating know-how

It's a dish we eat together, but we should serve it nicely!

Basic theory about meat before enjoying meat dishes

I will teach you the basic theory necessary for more delicious meat dishes.

First public release! Chuyo-nam's cooking recipe

In order to be able to complete delicious dishes for loved ones, we will reveal Chyu Yonam's recipes.

Crispy on the outside, sous vide and shearling

Make proper use of the pan, oven, air fryer, fry, and grill to complete the meat dish on the outside.

Simplest! Sous vide and frying pan!

Types of fans and how to choose them! A collection of meat dishes using a pan.

Now it's a barbecue!! Sous Vide and Oven & Air Fryer

Do barbecues take a long time? Of course, sous vide takes a long time, but you can just put him back to sleep.

Sous vide and fries!

Why don't you need a lot of oil to fry sous vide? Because it's Sous Vide

Stop smelling burnt, sous vide and grill full of charcoal!

Starting with the know-how to choose charcoal and grill, I'll show you practical grilling know-how.

Hello! 550,000 YouTubers, Yonam, a man who cooks as a hobby It's.

I started YouTube after taking a picture of a dish I cooked alone at home and posted it on the internet 1 year 3 monthsIt's about enough.

for such a short time How come so many people Did you subscribe to me...?

Actually, I don't know exactly,

  • With the dishes I made
  • In the space I arranged
  • Spending time with loved ones

About this Romance and indirect experience I often think it might be because of that.

Enjoying a special day with someone special

Special taste and time

What I'm interested in isn't the daily diet I eat. A special day, a special taste and time with a special personIt's. There's also a reason why I mainly started cooking meat. Sous Vide recipeThere is also a reason why I began to actively use. It's all because of this.

People love meat,
Because sous vide recipes significantly reduce the chance of failure.

The probability of failure is significantly lower

Do you know any sous vide recipes?

What is a sous vide (sous vide) recipe Vacuumed cookingIt means. It is a method of slowly cooking food in a vacuum pack by putting it in water at a low temperature (about 52 to 65 degrees).

Since it keeps the internal temperature uniform and prevents the protein from hardening, Smooth and consistent qualityIt's a recipe that can make meat dishes from.

  • If you need to learn a dish as a hobby,
  • If you don't know what the person you need to cook for will like,
  • If you want to completely eliminate failure from that important time spent with your loved one!

Sous vide meat disheswill be your best choice!

Have you ever cooked for your parents?
For friends?
For a loved one again?

Having a loved one prepare a special dish is a happy experience that cannot be replaced by any value. Why don't you try being the one to give that experience yourself?

I don't post detailed recipes on my YouTube channel.

I made a commitment while setting up a YouTube channel “Let's make dramas rather than educational broadcasts.” This is because there is a goal called. So I decided to do an educational broadcast here.

In class 101 Gutnook Gordon RamseyNot afraid to listen! Chu-yo-nam's honest and imposing recipes, know-how, and messages It is planned to open without adding or decreasing the back.

Chuyo-nam's honest and imposing recipes and know-how!?

Everything I haven't told you in detail Easy Interestingly! So that everyone can see to the end without drowsiness Doing so is one of my top goals. Let's take a look at what you'll learn in class.


How to choose and manage equipment that leads to successful cooking

When cooking Necessary equipmentLet me introduce them to you. As we enjoy cooking as a hobby, we introduce a variety of products by price, so be sure to choose a product Important points to considerI'll explain about it! To enjoy cooking as a hobby Minimal tools requiredLet's find out!


How to choose good ingredients. What ingredients are good for me?

There are so many ingredients around us. Among them The best ingredients for my cookingWhat is it? Not only the price per unit, but also the time required to obtain ingredients, maintenance time, etc. Optimal ingredients based on people who cook as a hobbyLet's talk together about how to select.


A theory that enhances the completeness of cooking! Sous vide and meat

Before you start cooking, I'll give you some basic theories that you can really use if you know them. It won't be difficult. Necessary knowledge to complete delicious dishesWe plan to deliver it in a fun way.

The principle of sous videFrom then on, to produce a good performance Characteristics of each part of meatEven an explanation of! What part is pumpy, what part is the part that loosens, and such parts How to cook sous videShould I do it! I'll let you know all of them.


Yonam's sous vide meat cooking know-how that 550,000 people were curious about

While cooking sous vide Accumulated know-how and knowledgeI want to let you know all of them. A realistic and efficient way to plate, Make commercially available products more delicious How to enjoy, different ingredients Sous vide temperature and time, Cooling and storage, Core temperature, EcohormonesWe'll help you enjoy more delicious and special sous vide meat dishes, such as stories about!


A total of 14 kinds of authentic dishes


Sous vide dishes prepared in a frying pan

most approachable Sous vide and skillet cooking! I will tell you what kind of pan to use, and the characteristics and differences of each fan, and then I can finish it in the most delicious way Optimal fanI would recommend it. Learn how to cook frying pans that are popular anytime, anywhere.

  • Beef tenderloin steak
  • 100% beef medium lobster burger
  • Lean meat steak pasta
  • Steak bowl
  • Steak salad


Complete sous vide dishes in the oven or air fryer

A barbecue to complete at home?! Although it takes a long time, As time goes by, the taste multiplies Here are some barbecue dishes that will leave you amazed. Whole chicken, beef ribs, pork belly porchetta, folded pork, and even steak! The mouth is full Let's learn how to cook barbecue.

  • Whole chicken barbecue
  • Beef rib barbecue
  • Samgyeopsal BBQ Porchetta
  • Folded fork
  • Reverse shearling steak


Sous vide dish completed with tempura

Although it is a deep-fried dish, I will introduce sous vide tempura dishes that don't require a lot of oil. You can make it in a pan without a special deep fryer! I'll show you recipes for gyukatsu, katsusando, and chuyo-nam, which seem to be eaten at a specialty restaurant.

  • Gyukatsu
  • Katsusando


Complete sous vide dishes on the grill

A steak full of charcoal flavor, and you can make it yourself! Learn how to grill meat without failure, and learn hands-on grilling know-how! We'll show you step by step how to choose charcoal and grill.

  • T-bone steak


Authentic steak without sous vide

Without sous vide Know-how to cook steak only with a pan I'll let you know!

  • Tomahawk steak

Did you eat today too?

Everyone, what kind of food did you eat today? How was the time and space to eat that food again? There are so many cases where even food is repeated in a tiring and repetitive life. Actually, everyone does it, but sometimes why not take a break from a fixed route and have a little special time?

I wish you all the best today, and I look forward to seeing you in class!

The PDF file can be downloaded from the lesson notes after launch.

If you take a class, it will last a lifetime Soft and moist sous vide meat dishWe will provide the recipe as a PDF file so that you can enjoy it. In the recipe book, Chu-yo-nam recommends Sous Vide temperature and time guide by materialIt's also included! Even after class Anytime, anywhere with the ingredients you want Enjoy sous vide!





Hello, I'm Yonam, a 550,000 YouTuber who cooks as a hobby.

I'm running a humanistic cooking channel on my YouTube channel, starting with sous vide meat dishes.

Even if you've never learned how to cook or have no special skills, there's nothing wrong with spending a happy time with your loved ones.

You just need to find an easy way and menu.

It's not perfect baking, aesthetic plating, or a recipe measured like a knife

Appropriate level of grilling, fast, efficient, and plausible plating without being perfectly beautiful, and generous recipe allowances.

If you look in the same direction as me, these are all dishes that can be done at the hobby level.

취미로 요리하는 남자 yonam

취미로 요리하는 남자 yonam





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