11 chapters · 8 hours 6 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw

Familiarize yourself with the basics of drawing theory

Drawing Various Objects with Pen

Learn how to create realistic drawings of objects using pen

Urban Pen Art

Draw dreamy urban scenery using your pen skills

Classmate Artworks & Reviews

See for yourself to the improvements our classmates have made in this course!

2,384 students enrolled and 97% said they were satisfied with this course.

"It’s been a while since I posted a drawing. This is my first time drawing by myself. There are so many windows…. But it feels nice seeing a finished product." - Armelle Harper

Hello, this is illustrator Rini. She works with digital illustration and runs a "pen drawing class". For me, life without paintings is unimaginable. I started a drawing class with my lifelong drawing skills.

Many people are constantly looking for drawing classes for minor healing in everyday life. Thanks to this, the number of hobby art classes is gradually increasing. But as far as my class, I have a class goal that I want to keep.

I want to teach you 'drawing with understanding how to draw' rather than 'drawing simply by following'.

I will teach you how to draw according to the basic theory of drawing, leaving behind your personal illustration style. We recommend that you do not blindly follow the drawing style of others, but go out to find your own personality after learning the basics of drawing!

Simple hobby in boring daily life, pen drawing

🌷The above picture is the work of the students who have been taking my class so far. All of them were students who were drawing pictures for the first time. That said, you can do it too!

Preparation is also simple. As long as you have a drawing book that can be spread anywhere, a pencil and a pen, you can draw anything you want to contain.

Even if you draw a single line, understand how to draw it and draw it together! That way, you can draw a nice picture by yourself, right?

✍️The picture below is also the work of a student who first started pen drawing like you.

Even if you draw by yourself, you will be able to draw a picture that is not awkward!

This class was made for those who have never learned how to draw properly. After learning the basics of drawing, you can draw 'a picture that is not awkward even if you draw it by yourself'. I will teach you as easy and fun as possible. Use pens of different thicknesses to create more fun and enjoyable drawings!

Learn the basic theory of drawing necessary for drawing, and draw various objects and landscapes with a pen.

You can't just follow along!

Learn step by step with the basic drawing theory and make it your own. Someday, I will have to draw a nice picture by myself.

Estimated class duration

It consists of 8 chapters, and try to make a total of 6 works (excluding drawing for practice). Generally, based on the size of A4 paper, it takes 1 to 2 hours for objects or simple objects, and 2 to 4 hours for complex landscapes or urban drawings.

📍 The required time may vary depending on the individual.

What do you learn?

How to draw, learn the basics of drawing

Learn the basics of drawing you need to know to draw. I will explain it in an easy and detailed way. After learning the underlying theory of drawing, you can make great drawings by yourself later. The theory may feel hard, but once you learn it, you can immediately apply it to any drawing.

Drawing various objects in Pen

Are you unfamiliar with the pictures you drew as usual? Let's draw together by applying the basic drawing theory that we will teach you in class. I can draw a picture that is not awkward. If you draw with your own personality, you can complete a more special picture.

Urban pen drawing, the travel destination that everyone dreams of at least once

It is not easy to draw a panoramic view in a short time while traveling. However, if you practice drawing meticulously and accurately in class, you can complete a pretty cool picture even while traveling. Bring pen drawing tips for a variety of objects, such as natural objects, buildings, and more!





Hello! I am Rini, an illustrator and your instructor! I have never strayed too far from drawing. While working with digital illustration, I have taught drawing classes for four years.

I’ve connected with a lot of people through our online and offline drawing classes. It gives me joy to see people learn the basics of drawing through my class and find enjoyment in drawing.

In this tiring and stressful life, I hope to create time where you can heal. Let’s draw together!





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