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Using Illustrator
7 Class Projects

It takes about 60 to 90 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Create a business card

  • Drawing animal silhouettes and flowers

  • Designing using shapes

  • Create a flat design poster

  • Importing Hand Drawings into Illustrator

  • Use the mask function to decorate characters

  • Using the Blend function for various applications

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basic movements of an illustrator

Learn how to select and move, and how to use layers.

Dealing with shapes

Learn how to freely manipulate shapes.

Create a time limit for a business card

Learn how to create a business card design using characters and the align (align) function.

Advanced Pass usage

Learn how to use paths to create complex shapes quickly and easily.

Printing business cards

After selecting the paper and familiarizing yourself with the precautions when printing, try to entrust the printing directly.

About the artist

040943_4DL_9935.jpg Hello, I'm Podiri, a single-person marketing designer who helps people reveal themselves to the world through self-branding. We provide consulting, training, and production support for people who need a way to show and introduce themselves to someone, such as photography, design, and marketing.

Memories of when I got my own business card

Since I made my first business card, I've been making personal business cards with a new design almost every year. I don't necessarily have to describe myself in the same chapterThat's because I thought. Express “I” on a small piece of paperIt was so much fun to do.

Sometimes I include everything I can do at once, or I can divide the sports and add them one by one It's fun to introduce new people to new people by sending them a business card with “I” in it!

첫 명함의 디자인도 일러스트레이터와 함께 했어요!

▶ ︎ I also designed my first business card with an illustrator!

Illustrator is the best and most useful program for redrawing yourself. “Isn't this a program written by painters?” You might think, Even if you don't have a talent for hand painting or art, it's easy to learn and use. If you learn a little bit, it's easier to use than MS's PowerPoint.

간단한 도형과 폰트의 조합으로 완성되는 로고
▶ ︎ A logo created by combining simple shapes and fonts

I enjoy watching the various design results of the students while teaching you how to use the tools. I'll give you a variety of examples, but it's subjective to think that each person is pretty I want you to understand only the principles and feel free to design and express your desired direction. I'm always looking forward to the works of the students who take the course.

비록 낙서처럼 보이는 시안도 일러스트레이터에서 다듬으면 깔끔하게 변신!▶ ︎ Even though the cyan looks like graffiti, it's neatly transformed when trimmed in an illustrator!

 완성되어 나온 명함▶ ︎ The finished business card

Class recommendation target

  1. Those who want to learn ADOBE Illustrator
  2. Those who need design know-how
  3. Those who need to design a sticker or message card because they are handmade or handicrafts
  4. Calligraphy designs, those who want to transfer their own drawings on paper to mass design source images
  5. Who needs a business card with a unique design of their own
  6. Those who want to print their own designs on leaflets, business cards, banners, etc.

What do you learn?

Illustrator used in various ways to create design worksYou will learn. It's not that different from learning PPT or word processors when I was a student, and it's not difficult. It's easy to learn, but it has so many uses, so I thought I'd like everyone to learn to be an illustrator. The “design” you always needed, now you can do it yourself!

익숙해진다면 연필보다 편할지도 몰라요.▶ ︎ Once you get used to it, it might be easier than a pencil

Class preview

Podily's Illustrator ClassIt's. An illustrator's rather than just following Courses are organized so that you can understand the functions and apply them in various waysIt's supposed to be. By the time you finish taking the class, you'll be able to see in what format the surrounding design works were created. They said, “How can I make that as an illustrator?”

150112_4DL_0590.jpg_You can become a computer graphic editing designer! _ 📍 The lessons in the class were created with the Illustrator CC version.

Q & A

Q. I don't have an illustrator program, what should I do? A. You can use the trial version to conduct classes, but the trial period is 7 days, and you may not be able to use it until you are stubborn. The monthly usage fee for Illustrator CC is 35,200 won, which can be used after payment. Students can use it at a more discounted price!

Q. Is this possible even if I don't have a knack for design? A. I think the most important thing about design is how well you use the sources you have. There are already plenty of fonts and image sources that you can use for free on the market, and the package also includes my carefully selected sources.

The purpose of this class is to complete it while using the provided sources appropriately. At first, if you follow well-made designs and learn them by hand, you'll be creating beautiful creations on your own at some point!

Q. I'm a Windows (or Macintosh), so I think my work environment is different. A. I created it by explaining the shortcuts and terms so that the task is not difficult even on PCs with different operating systems.

Basic courses are prepared based on popular Windows in Korea!





I'm Podiri, an art director who works with design and photography.



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