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Express Your Story Through an Illustration: Online Digital Drawing Class



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Skills You’ll Learn

Animating an Illustration

Adding animation is an effective way to give your illustrations a special touch.

Expressing Different Textures

Learn different brushes and create different textures and atmospheres.

Light, Shadows, and Atmosphere

Add light, and shadow to make your illustrations look more vivid.

Drawing Simple, But Graceful Figures

Learn how to use photos and simple shapes to study and draw human figures.

Combining People and Landscapes

Learn how to visualize and form a background around your character.

Drawing Off Photos

Learn how to use photos, and other references to draw your lives on paper.

Hello! I'm Udon, an illustrator & your instructor. I'm working on reinterpreting digital painting and the moments I want to remember using Photoshop as a medium. In addition, I've been recently painting in a wide range of styles with various paintings, including characters and character illustrations.

Express the Way you Want

Elements of your own are important when it comes to illustration work but, the most important thing is the ability to express what you want, how you want.

There were so many I wanted to draw, but I couldn’t draw them all because of my limited knowledge in artistic expression. So, rather than drawing a picture, I focused on building the basic skills and senses that I need to draw a variety of things. In this class, I will show you everything I’ve learned, and you will improve your basic skills & senses that you need in order to draw.

Let's express our favorite things in many different ways!

A Story Expressed in a Single Illustration

So that the people who appreciate the paintings can interpret it in many ways, creating a story and expressing it in one illustration is one of the key points in good illustration. It would be best to start with your story :)

Express in Digital Painting

The advantage of digital painting is that you can draw a picture in the atmosphere you want in a relatively convenient way, regardless of material and expression. Let's learn the basics of painting and how to use Photoshop, and express yourself in various ways on an empty canvas!

In this class, we will focus on everything you need to know to create amazing illustrations. For those of you who find it difficult to draw pictures with Photoshop, I’ll teach you about various functions to help you with your work, the components that make a picture attractive, and how to achieve effects that vary according to different techniques and expressions, etc.

Lastly, I will show you an easy overview of the important basics of drawing! The goal of this class is to explore and learn the necessary fundamentals and techniques together, find your own style, or broaden your spectrum of expression.

From the Sketch to Completion

Solely depicting an object well does not make a good illustration. By the end of the class, you’ll walk away with the knowledge needed to know what factors it takes to draw an attractive illustration that catches people's eyes!



Welcome to Udon’s Digital Drawing Class


Understanding Photoshop


Fundamentals of Drawing


On Color and Light


Drawing Objects


Drawing People


Composing Your Illustration


Completing the Illustration


Congratulations on Finishing the Class!


By Udon

By Udon

Artist Udon

I’m Udon, an illustrator who draws and records ordinary daily life, landscapes, and thoughts facing young people. I am active on various social media such as Twitter and Instagram.




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