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“O'Keefe”, a fragrant natural soap studio in Seochon Meet Class 101, a hobby that meets with apps Natural soap online classIt creates.

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About O'Keefe

Hallo I'm O'Keefe who values the time spent in the bathroom at the beginning and end of the day.:)

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image (22).png I am researching and manufacturing soap in a quiet Seochon. We introduce the appeal of soap making to many people with one-day classes, hobby classes, and expert classes to help you start a business. In addition, we are working to make up for and improve the old design of existing natural soaps and the disadvantages of being easy to apply and less foaming.

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At the beginning and end of the day, I hope my homemade scented soap will be with you in the small hours at the beginning and end of the day.


I have lived a nomadic lifestyle because of my sensitive skin, unable to settle for various cosmetics and cleansing products. Then I started making and using my own soap containing ingredients suitable for my skin.



Now I would like to share with you a story about soap that I have been researching and shared with many people. There are plenty of works you can make by yourself, such as oil care soaps that are perfect for summer, nourishing and hydrating soaps that provide elasticity to dry skin and dry skin that gets dry when the wind blows cold, cooling soap with a refreshing cooling feeling, bath booms, bath salts, etc., and I want to tell you about the diverse world of soap in a fun and detailed way.:)


In O'Keefe's soap class, I will teach you soap theory and various design application tips together, and you will be able to continue making soap by yourself even after taking the course.

I think the results will come out right away, making the soap even more interesting, and a great hobby for all of you.

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Class recommendation target

  • Those who like to make things with their own hands
  • Those who want to make and use their own natural soap that suits their skin
  • Those who want to make natural soap but don't have enough time to visit the workshop
  • Those who want to heal while having their own hobbies


Estimated class time

5 chaptersIt will be carried out as, 20 soaps with a total of 2 designsI will try to make it. When I'm trying to make a work It takes about 2 hoursIt will be. We offer a course period so that you can painstakingly complete each soap.

The time required may vary depending on the individual and the speed of progress.


What do you learn?

1. Types of natural soap and production principles

KakaoTalk_20180814_225035968.jpgI will explain the production principles and various types of natural soap that may not be familiar to those who make natural soap for the first time, and I will introduce step by step what kind of soap I will use and how it is made.

2. Natural soap making tools and ingredients, and choosing the right ingredients for your skin

KakaoTalk_20180814_225035793.jpgYou'll learn about the tools and ingredients needed to make natural soap.: ^) I'll show you which of the ingredients are suitable for your skin and how to compose a recipe with those ingredients. Depending on what ingredients are added, they will be reborn with a wide variety of soaps. I'll show you how to make your own soap that fits your skin with ingredients you can easily find in your daily life!

3. Production and design application of natural soap with two designs

KakaoTalk_Moim_4JzuzggcffcneNjDsZ64KUOvINCKGJ.jpgWe will make a natural soap with 2 designs: menthol cooling soap, which has a cool cooling feeling, and calendula soap, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin. We will send you plenty of ingredients, so you can change colors and put dried flowers on your own for a variety of design applications. I'll also explain how to pack and store soap after making it, so try wrapping it nicely after you've finished it. It will be a unique and practical hobby in the world:)

Class preview

KakaoTalk_Moim_4JzuzggcffcneNjDsZ64KUOvINEoZr.jpgO'Keefe's Natural Soap Introductory ClassIt's. We have organized classes so that you can understand the basics and ingredients of natural soap, and be able to compose recipes and apply designs by yourself. You can make soap with a total of 2 designs. After taking this class

You can make your own soap by choosing your own ingredients.:)

Chapter 1: Types of Natural Soaps and How to Organize Recipes


  • Lesson 1: Types of natural soap according to the technique
  • Lesson 2: Pros and Cons of Natural Soaps
  • Lesson 3: Reasons to use natural soap, differences from chemical cleansing foams
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to main materials
  • Lesson 5: How to compose recipes with ingredients suitable for your skin

Chapter 2: Making menthol soap with a cool cooling feeling


  • Lesson 1: Weighing and melting the base
  • Lesson 2: Organize and weigh a recipe that suits your skin and amount of soap
  • Lesson 3: Weighing the right fragrance and additives for soap
  • Lesson 4: Using pigments to divide the base into various colors and pour it into the mold
  • Lesson 5: Cutting to the desired size after drying

Chapter 3: Making calendula soap to moisturize and nourish the skin


  • Lesson 1: Cutting and melting the base
  • Lesson 2: Formulating and Weighing Recipes for Skin and Soap
  • Lesson 3: Choosing and Adding the Right Fragrance to Soap
  • Lesson 4: Using pigments and natural powders to color the first layer of soap
  • Lesson 5: Using pigments and natural powders to color the second layer of soap, pour into a pre-made first-layer base mold
  • Lesson 6: Divide the second layer of the base layer and pour it into the mold, decorate the soap with dry additives
  • Lesson 7: Cutting to the desired size after drying

Chapter 4: How to pack and store natural soap after production



  • Lesson 1: How to pack soap after making it
  • Lesson 2: How to make soap, how to store it after packaging, and the usage period of natural soap

Chapter 5: To be able to have a steady and enjoyable hobby on your own.



  • Lesson 1: How to apply various designs to existing soaps
  • Lesson 2: How to express your own design on soap, O'Keefe's soap design planning process
  • Lesson 3: How to buy soap ingredients online and offline, tips to refer to when purchasing ingredients

Introducing Class 101

Class 101 So that you can indulge in a new hobby at home It's an app that helps.

class101-image-1-1 copy.png You don't need any prior knowledge! Class 101 has prepared for you if you want to Material kit and mobile appYou can get started with anything. Take classes through the app and share the fun of your hobbies with your classmates!



An introduction to O'Keeffe's natural soap class


Types of natural soaps and how to make recipes


Making menthol soap with a cool cooling feeling


Calendula soap that moisturizes and nourishes the skin


How to pack and store natural soap after making it


To be able to have a steady and enjoyable hobby even on your own


Congratulations on the natural soap making class stubbornness!




Hallo O'Keefe makes healthy and sensual natural soaps.

I really value the time spent in the bathroom, which is the beginning and end of the day.

So I started making and using my own natural soap for skin that became more sensitive every time the seasons changed.

It was fun to be able to quickly make it at home with simple ingredients, and it was also nice to be able to get rid of the miscellaneous thoughts during production.

I was able to test right after production, so there was no hobby that suited me better than this. I fell in love with natural soap made by hand from beginning to end.

The small hobby that started like that is now my job, and I have been making and teaching various soaps in the quiet neighborhood of Jongno Seochon for 4 years:)

I have been making soaps suitable for a variety of skin types, and I would like to share with you all the big and small tips I learned from my exhibition experience and sales.

Let's join, O'Keefe's natural soap!


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