9 chapters · 3 hours 30 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the Basics of iPad Drawing and Tools

Learn the essential skills and basic tools needed when using Procreate with Namu13

Master basic drawing skills for retro drawing

Learn the simple and easy-to-follow principles of retro drawing through drawing sample retro items.

An ample understanding of light and colors

Learn how colors change depending on light and how to create color schemes and contrast with what you learn.

Producing a retro feel from adding layouts

Learn how to create a rustic and sophisticated feel from layouts you can quickly and easily create.

Making your own retro-style characters

Learn to create animated characters that look like they come from 80's and 90's animations

Namu 13 will take you back in time with 80's style retro drawings.

It is okay to be clumsy. The retro look is not created only in perfect pictures.

Even if you end up with a clumsily-drawn picture, adding a taste of retro would make it look like a scene from a retro animation. It wouldn't be perfect, but I believe it will help you get a better picture. Each line you draw will come together to create a retro mood.

Fully and freely use all the elements of retro.

By the end of the class, you will be able to portray a number of retro items, including in the layout and composition. You can also acquire basic design skills that you can apply to modern art.

The retro style taught here is rare but has its unique charm that appeals to many. By actively applying basic designs and lettering, it can be packaged to appear as a part of an editorial print design.

In addition, you can learn easily through drawing and coloring quickly with simple expressions rather than full-on realism or caricature.





Hello, I'm Namu 13, a digital art illustrator.

I was greatly influenced by the entire domestic and overseas subcultures and the contents of the end of the last millennium, and draw illustrations that have the appeal and unique charm of contemporary retro drawing using quick and exotic expressions.

I didn’t really have a connection to retro. I was at the end of the analog drawing generation, and I wasn’t familiar with it enough to search for and enjoy it by myself.

The beauty of passing time. The traces of the past. The experimental spirit of the transition. As a result of searching many references to find the direction of my art, I decided that revisiting retro should be my goal in the purpose of reaching the ultimate art.

Indulge in everything Retro.

I developed my illustrations in a way that I learned from the past rather than the design and illustration of the current generation that has become uniform. The combination of the exaggerated reflected light of the '80s and the simple dotted line, the exploration of three-dimensional font design, and the composition and color unique to nostalgic cell animations. Indulging in all of that stimulated me to the present day.

Outdated? Perhaps. But I want to truly portray the look of real retro.



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