10 chapters · 11 hours 20 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using After Effects
4 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • icon animation motion graphics

  • Title motion graphic

  • Earth animation motion graphic

  • Motion graphics utilizing 3D space

Skills You’ll Learn

Getting started with After Effects

The beginning of After Effects. Understanding the structure of the work window, the concept of video, etc.

Understanding how to make movements

A study on understanding the principle of keyframes and how to create desired movements

Make motions that look better

A way to create animation with a sense of tension away from stiff movements

Creating an animation using basic shapes

From how to use shapes to animations using shapes!

Create a variety of titles

How to create a variety of titles that you can use right away in your videos

Making a moving Earth

How to use various effects and create a moving Earth

Learn how to make use of 3D space

Utilization of 3D space and how to synthesize various elements in captured images

Motion graphics that add personality to videos,

Let's start with After Effects!

After effectsis a very important tool that cannot be missed in the video field. On a flat video Various effectsPut on Eye-catching You can create videos, and detailed videos Color correction, used in movies CG synthesisOf course After effects onlyMy own that also bounces plump motion graphicsI can make it.

It focuses on the basic principles of After Effects.

There are already many motion graphics courses that teach brilliant techniques. However, most of the courses Basic principlesWhen I leave out and create a specific result, I often just follow along and end up.

It would be difficult to apply without a foundation, right? Motion graphics that only felt difficult after being stubborn in class It will feel so much easier and more fun!

In this class, we'll start with After Effects's work window structure

  • How to make natural movements
  • Create an icon animation composed of basic shapes
  • Create a variety of titles to make your videos stand out
  • Create effects that can improve the quality of your videos

I'll explain about the like.

It's okay if you don't know anything!

To complete a short motion graphics job More time than I thoughtIt might take this. though That sense of accomplishment when finishedI can't say anything about.

once Ctrl+SAll you need to know is enough to get started! I'll try to learn the rest one by one with me.

I'll help you express your imagination with after effects.





I'm Jeong Hui-jin, a motion graphics instructor, and whipping tutor.

I teach video editing and motion graphics at various schools.

At first, shooting a video with a large camcorder for a broadcasting station seemed cool, so I was shooting “Let's edit the video I took!”When I was studying video editing on my own, I found that I was teaching video at a school in Sanga.

I was thinking about taking a short lecture and then going back to work, but I really enjoyed teaching motion graphics while meeting various students, and I hope to continue teaching video with students for a long time to come!





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