12 chapters · 7 hours 39 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Everything You Need to Know About the Pencil

Let’s learn how to hold the pencil and draw various types of lines

The Basics of Visage

Let’s learn about facial proportions, symmetry, and margins

Creating Tone With a Pencil

Let’s learn how to utilise lines and smearing to create tone

Drawing Facial Features: Eyes

Let’s learn how to draw eyes and graceful eyebrows/eyelashes

Drawing Facial Features: Ears/Nose

Let’s learn how to draw natural-looking ears and noses

Tips for Drawing at an Angle

Drawing at an angle is not as hard as you think

The atmosphere that only a pencil has

The more I dig into a pencil, the more I think of it as a strange material.

I usually draw pictures using a variety of pencils and colors, but if you ask me which material is the better of the two, I don't think I can choose.

From the point of view, the line is densely gathered to form a plane, and the plane spreads out to create a deep atmosphere.

When it comes to color paintings and other charms, it is because I feel that it is a work that leaves all traces of the way I moved and expressed it.

So I think the biggest charm of pencils is that the auxiliary lines drawn to capture the shape become art in and of itself even if the tone is slightly different from the drawn shape.

About The Pencil

For those who are just starting out with pencil portrait drawing, let's dig into the pencil one by one.

How does a pencil sharpened with a knife affect the drawing more than a pencil sharpened with a pencil sharpener, how lines and surfaces are expressed differently by the power of the hand, what timing to hold the pencil short and long, and the secret to not clumping even when overlapping lines We'll tell you everything.

Due to the nature of the material, I will make the disadvantages of pencils, which are often dull or easily smeared, into an advantage.

From the Shape of the Character to the Life

From the most basic shape of a figure to the proportions and the most difficult symmetry! After dealing with the shape of the features in detail, I will try to express the three-dimensional effect without difficulty using the lines and planes I practiced earlier. Lastly, the light and atmosphere that breathes more life, and even the blood that can be felt in the black and white paintings. I will show you step by step how to capture all the moods with just one pencil.

Portraits From Different Angles

If you know the front, the side is also not difficult. I have never studied a person professionally, and at first I drew a flat picture as it was visible, but then I messed up a lot of pictures, such as why the hell is this part like this, why is it not symmetrical, etc. In the process, I learned I'll give you one to ten tips on shapes and angles that I've come to understand.

Fill the blank paper with a pencil





Illustrator Doop

Hello! I am Doop, an illustrator with 120K followers on Instagram and I have worked on dozens of brand collaboration projects. As an artist, I express emotions and strange atmospheres with my work. I draw lines in empty spaces, combining them to fill my drawings. This process when drawing was what made me decide to become an illustrator. I tend to draw at night, conveying my complex thoughts through lines and colors, as one would in a diary with writing.

People write, sing, or speak to express their thoughts and feelings. For me, drawing was a way of communicating with the world in ways I cannot with words. Drawing was the only time I could truly be honest with myself.

As more and more people watch and love my work, I feel grateful. What you draw, and how you draw are important, but I would love to share this joy of drawing with the rest of the world.



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