10 chapters · 6 hours 41 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Drawing Lines on Procreate

Learn the basic functions and tools of Procreate.

Script Calligraphy Lettering

Learn to write in script and create beautiful lettering like a professional calligrapher.

Proportioning Your Letters

Learn the size and fit your letters together for the perfect balance.

Adding Embellishments

Learn to add simple but effective drawings to give your lettering detail.

Special Effects and Coloring

Learn to add different colors and different effects such as shadows or neon lettering.

Elegant Digital Lettering

Unlike difficult and inflexible calligraphy, this class covers a brush-writing style that is highly versatile! I will tell you in detail how to write and practice drawing letters from A to Z, and how to apply it in your daily lives! :D

Thorough Practice

Often a struggle with online classes is that the teachers never show you how you should practice. In my class, I’ll walk you through not only how to shape each letter, but how to practice drawing each letter so you eventually won't need references to create lettering on your own!

Add Charm to Your Letterings with Small Drawings

The calligraphy you’ll learn in my class is super cool, but take it up a notch with this EASY technique. All you need are a few simple designs and drawings and it will make your letterings look so much better! I will show you how I artistically embellish my calligraphy.

Add Special Touches to Your Life

There’s so much you can do with lettering and calligraphy. Create your own greeting cards. Make your wedding invitations special. Spice up your diary. Sell your lettering products on Etsy. Impress your friends with the best handwriting. The possibilities are endless!





Hello, I’m Kim20, a calligraphy artist. I work at a small office in Seoul called “2si2boon,” and also teach my own classes!

Most of my work consists of adding lettering to photos. When I first encountered calligraphy, I was impressed with the fact that I could concentrate solely on expressing my emotions in writing. I also liked the compatibility with my hobby of photography. I am fascinated by the charm of calligraphy and have been teaching for 5 years.





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