11 chapters · 9 hours 12 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

Drawing With an Analog Touch

Learn how to draw digitally with an analog touch.

Drawing Your Favorite Objects

Learn how to draw your favorite objects in Procreate.

Drawings Based on Seasons

Learn how to draw a drawing in different moods.

Drawing as a Diary

Learn how to record your daily lives in drawing.

Draw What You Love On Your iPad

We call it digital drawing to look at your favorite things with a gentle gaze and to move those warm thoughts into an image on your iPad, but you can make it feel as though you’re working with a colored pencil or crayon. Together, we’ll put together your favorite colors and complete your illustration.

I love everything related to the seasons; people and their fashion, small items, plants, flowers, desserts. So, in my class, you will be able to take time to draw the people you love, including yourself, and the little things you like. Anything that catches your gaze!

Draw For Yourself

These days, I upload a lot of pictures on Instagram of illustrations I created using the iPad. I like to order my favorite desserts in a cafe and draw them. On the days you like how you look, or do something special or fun, put it in an illustration. The time you use to paint is completely yours, and through that time, your life gets enriched.

Learn to draw an iPad with textures that look like they’re on paper!

Through the class, I will start with one-dimensional drawings and then teach you to add depth using contrast, and we'll use an iPad, but it’ll feel like you’re using a colored pencil or crayon to draw small illustrations that look like you're drawing on paper. Learn how to use colors and how to draw step by step.





Artist Bodam

Hello, I’m Bodam, an artist who creates illustrations and your instructor.

I also work on webtoons and illustrations.

I wrote the Daum webtoon “Rooftop Bread" and wrote and drew the picture essay “I'm going to rest for a bit". Besides that, I also work on published illustrations and various other works.

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