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By Sovoro

Illustrate Your Favorite Food in Miniature with Colored Pencils



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7 Class Projects

It takes about 40 minutes to 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • Savory bread and butter

  • Cool drinks

  • Crispy sandwiches and milk

  • Sweet macaroons

  • Carved cake and coffee

  • postcards

  • stickers

Skills You’ll Learn

Controlling Pressure with Colored Pencils

When using colored pencils, pressure affects how color is applied. Controlling this will help you achieve more natural coloring. Learn about the different effects you can achieve by only controlling the pressure of the pencil on paper.

Mixing Colors

Mixing colors will make your illustrations look richer. Learn how to use colors to fill in white spots in the grain and express natural-looking textures.

Drawing Real Objects

The drawings covered in the class are all based on real food. I will teach you how to look at the photos and identify key points that will help you recreate them.

Harmonizing Colors

Colors come together to create the atmosphere of illustrations. But when the colors don’t match, the end result can be a bit awkward. Learn how to create color schemes that produce aesthetic results

Expressing the Texture of Food

Bread has an airy texture. Light glints off the surface of ice. I will show you how to express the textures needed to create your own cafe menu!

Editing Your Illustration

I will show you how to add the perfect finishing touches in Adobe Photoshop. Editing will help make your illustrations a bit more clean and polished.

Complete 7 Fun Projects

After making your own stickers, menu and postcards with me to use yourself or give as gifts, you will be ready to go off on your own and start any colored pencil project!

207 students enrolled and 98% said they were satisfied with this course.

About This Class

Draw Your Own Warm, Cozy Food Diary!

Keep a daily food diary by drawing what you eat with cute food and drink illustrations. Do you take pictures of your food? Why not draw pictures of your food? Or make your own real or imaginary creative cafe menu!

Colored Pencil Class

I used to use different mediums for my drawings, but found that colored pencils are the best for creating soft textures, blends, and gradients. They are the perfect ingredient for creating the type of cute food illustrations you will learn in this class.

Vintage Illustration Style

Vintage food illustrations emphasized the texture and appearance of food by exaggerating the crunchiness of bread or the glistening of ice cubes. You will learn to capture the same feeling in your own drawings by the end of this course.

Following Along at Home Using References

When people use photos or objects as references, they often end up simply copying them as is. Instead, I will show you how to identify the key points and characteristics of an item (in this case, food) and recreate a similar but not identical appearance on your paper.

Complete 7 Projects: Stickers, Postcards and More

You will walk away from this class having created your own 7 original illustrations! I will guide you step by step to make 5 pages of a real or imaginary menu, postcards, and stickers!

After taking this class, you will have all the skills you need to start your own beautiful illustration projects.



Welcome to My Colored Pencil Drawing Class


Using Colored Pencils


Drawing Savory Bread and Butter


Drawing Refreshing Drinks


Drawing Delicious Sandwiches and Milk


Drawing Sweet Macarons


Drawing Slices of Cake and Cups of Coffee


Scanning/Editing Your Illustrations


Bonus: Making Your Own Products


Congratulations on Finishing the Class!


By Sovoro

By Sovoro

Illustrator Sovoroo


Hello! I'm Sovoroo, an illustrator who draws cute little food illustrations!

When I first started drawing, I uploaded my drawings onto Instagram, little by little, and after receiving a suggestion on a platform, I started producing stationery with my artwork on it. I worked on various menus, logos, and drawing embellishments. Currently I am selling stationery that has my food illustrations on it. I’m constantly grateful for all the love and support I receive.

I loved drawing so much that I started drawing with colored pencils after I realized that the colored pencils fit my personality! The texture and warmth of the colored pencils on the paper was interesting, and I enjoyed looking at cute cafes and desserts, so I think that’s how I got into drawing that theme a lot. As I drew without thinking, I felt proud to see my favorite foods or desserts drawn little by little.

Now I want to share this fun work with many people, not just myself! :)


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