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Skills You’ll Learn

Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Learn about the basic functions such as basic tools, layer settings, shortcuts, and more.

Drawing Simple Objects

Learn how to draw the simple things you see in everyday life.

Adding a Simple Background

Learn how to draw a simple background, then add objects to it.

Expressing Emotions with Light and Shadows

Learn how to manipulate these elements to get your desired mood and atmosphere.

Recreating Your Photos

Learn how to recapture the moment you took the photo.

Creating Virtual Spaces

Learn how to use digital drawings to draw virtual spaces.

Moody and Atmospheric Scenes

Illustrators have to not only portray their subjects, but also create a mood, atmosphere, and sometimes even a story, all in a single image! 221’s illustrations have a moody atmosphere that instills specific emotions within its viewers.

What separates 221 from other creators is that he doesn’t place animals or people as subjects in his art. His aim is to capture “loneliness” in his digital illustrations, with drawings that anyone can relate to.

Like What You See? Here’s What You’ll Learn

1. Drawing simple objects

221 will teach you about the tools in Adobe Illustrator that will help you easily draw any object using simple shapes.

2. Adding a background to your objects.

The next step is adding your objects to a background and start to fill your page with the essentials

3. Expressing desired emotions

This last step has many parts:

  • How to pick good colors and tips to creating color schemes
  • How to create the mood you want through light and shadow
  • Differences between applying light and shadow in bright and dark pictures
  • How to give a sense of time, change the direction of light, and apply emotions based on your own photos

By the end of class, you should be a master at creating moody digital drawings, just like 221. With enough practice, you’ll be able to naturally express your emotions through art and create images that tell their own story: a lonely night at home, a sad goodbye.



Welcome to 221’s Digital Drawing Class


Adobe Illustrator A-Z


Drawing Objects


Drawing Backgrounds


Halfway Check and Some Tips


Creating Atmosphere: Light and Shadow


Drawing Your Own Photos


Your Own Images and Emotions


About 221


Congratulations on Finishing the Class!




I'm 221, an illustrator who brings loneliness to life through art. Additionally, I record my life’s events and emotions in drawings.

I used to like drawing with my hands, but I started digital drawing because I thought I was too hesitant when using colors. Through that practice, I recognized the charms of digital drawing.

I reflect on my memories and feelings from the past, or draw things that affect me in my life. It is sometimes a space that actually exists, but I also work to turn emotions into virtual spaces. Often times, scenes from a movie or a Japanese animation are often reflected in my work.

You may think that the feelings from the word 'loneliness' itself and the atmosphere of my work are somewhat dark, but I draw illustrations where 'people' don't appear at all because I try to draw artwork that anyone can relate to.


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