11 chapters · 12 hours 50 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using the iPad's Procreate app
8 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 5 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Create your own imaginary fairy tale

  • Herbarium in the forest

  • Garden next to the oasis

  • Sea Turtle Room Props

  • Inside the witch's cabinet

  • The house of an ordinary wizard living in a village

  • Dwarf house deep in the woods

  • My own famous fairy tale

Skills You’ll Learn

Getting to know the Procreate App

Let’s learn how to use Procreate and learn about its various features

Thinking like a fairy tale writer

Let’s learn some tips on inspiration and imagination

Choosing a color theme to match

Let’s learn how to choose colors based on mood and atmosphere

Framing a fairy tale illustration

Let’s learn how to plot and compose an illustration

Methods of fairy tale illustration

Let’s learn how to add details to objects that make up fairy tale illustrations

Creating a fairy tale hero

Let’s create a fairy tale hero using basic shapes

Representing real objects

Let’s refer to real objects and photos and add them to our illustration

Buildings, objects, and plants

Let’s learn to draw buildings, objects and plants that make up fairy tale illustrations





Hello! I am Daya, an illustrator who uses an iPad to create lush and dreamy illustrations. I like to stack multiple colors to create weight and warmth in my illustrations. I wish to teach you how to express these fairy tale colors and textures!

Drawing a scene from a fairy tale is done in several stages! My class will cover everything from drawing simple objects, plants, animals, and buildings to drawing your very own fairy tales.

I would recommend this class to anyone who would like to draw fairy tales with me.



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