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Using Spine
11 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Motion production using animation principles 1

  • Motion production using animation principles 2

  • Huuling animation

  • flag animation

  • slime animation

  • mirror ball animation

  • walking/running animation

  • bike riding animation

  • sniper animation

  • 3D windmill animation

  • Animation using various effects

Skills You’ll Learn

Spine installation and foundation usage

Install Spine and learn how to use basic tools within the program.

Animation laws that make you breathe

Learn the principles of animation and learn various functions that can give movement.

How to create live animation

Learn how to set up characters and apply skeletons to bring them to life.

How to create a 3D animation

Learn how to create 3D animations instead of 2D.

How to create animations with various effects

Learn how to create various effects such as snow, rain, and fireworks.

Tips frequently used in practice

If you know them, you'll learn tips and know-how that will come in handy someday.

Hallo I'm Hong Maru, an animator.

I am running the Naver Cafe 'Spine 2D Forum' HongmaruIt's called. Along with cafe management A game company uses the “Spine” program to produce animations.

Do you want to animate the pictures you've drawn, or do you want to get a job as an animator at a game company? Then learn about Spine!

Q. What kind of program is Spine?

Spineis a simple but very useful animation program that allows you to easily create animations with a variety of powerful features.

Drawing one by one as a method of creating animation by implanting bones in a picture has many advantages over a frame-by-frame structure. You can add movement to a picture with just one spine!

Q. How does it work?

First, I'll set it up by planting a crackling bone in the picture.

And if you make an animation! Voila, the picture I drew is moving!

Seems difficult? Spines are very Intuitive user interfaceBecause I have Easy even for beginners It's accessible.

Q. How can I use Spine?

There are people who misunderstand that Spine is a program that can only be used in games! Spine allows you to watch animations not only in games but also on the web through runtime. You can also create videos or GIFs through export.

Not just games Abundant in various fields such as various apps, commercials, and TV animation production You can use it.

Q. What are the benefits of Spine?

Benefits of SpinesThere are many kinds of!

  • You can create vivid animations, and it supports a powerful and great workflow.
  • Drawing one by one has many advantages over a frame-by-frame structure.
  • It supports multiple platforms.
  • It only stores bone data, which can easily be used to create games with a lot of unique animations.
  • Since there are not many requirements for image files, it is possible to reduce the time and cost involved in animation production.
  • With the attachment/skin function, you can apply different images to give the same animation to characters that look different.

Of course, in addition to the above advantages, there are also disadvantages. If you want to create a high-quality animation, the production difficulty level will increase slightly. And without know-how, you can get lost a lot.

So, don't get lost!
I'm going to share all of my know-how!

For those just starting out!

For all users who are new to Spine, I will focus on the functions used in practice, such as how to access Spine, what functions are mainly used, various application methods, etc.

Let me tell you everything about Spines!

The animation tool called Spine isn't as difficult as you might think.

In my class, after learning the basic features of Spine, I'll create a simple animation based on animation laws. Move away from simply moving pictures Various laws required for animationThey will learn together.

After this process, we will proceed with actual animation production.

애니메이션 법칙을 이용한 공튀기기 애니[Bouncing anime using animation laws]

그래프에 따른 모션변화

[Motion changes according to the graph]

[Box rotation using animation laws]

In addition to various applications, you will also learn how to create various animations using spine features other than basic functions!

[Coin spinning animation using various applications]

Spine is basically a 2D animation program, but 3D representation is also possible to a limited extent depending on the application.

Even live animation!

First, after understanding the basic functions of Spine and the laws of animation, we will learn how to create animation in action through examples.

If you set one character, you can create a variety of animations. Both walking and running can be moved using only one character setting. How is this course also I'll explain the whole process slowly, starting with how it goes It's planned. Even if there are many files, you can set up many characters and show animations by importing a project.

Depending on the file settings, it is also possible to create animations that can interact with other objects.

To be able to easily create animations with Spine
I'll build up your skills.





Hello, I'm Hongmaru working for a game company as a 2D game animator.

Before the introduction of a program called Spine, it was not easy to create 2D animations. However, with the introduction of a program called Spine, many game companies and various fields are currently using Spine.

When there was no information about Spines, I learned information and knowledge while rummaging through foreign forums, and gained knowledge about Spines.

Also, since the program called Spine is very attractive, there was a desire that many game companies in Japan would like to use Spine. Therefore, I created a cafe called Spine 2D Forum on Naver to share information, and created a course on YouTube on how to use Spine in basic ways to share knowledge about Spine.

Over time, as I hope, Spine programs are being used a lot in the game industry:)

Also, I applied for this class to share my own know-how that I couldn't share through this class 101.

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