11 chapters · 10 hours 39 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Using iPad Pro Create
7 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Create your own avatar

  • My cute pets and plants

  • The secret of warm colors

  • Efficient use of layers

  • My avatar drawn on a real photo

  • Same place different feeling illustration

  • Illustrations that capture everyday fantasies

Skills You’ll Learn

Getting to know the Procreate App

Let’s learn how to use the Procreate app and different tools

Creating my own character - Face

Let’s learn about facial proportions and shapes

Creating my own character - Body

Let’s learn about body proportions and shapes

Drawing Fauna and Flora

Let’s learn how to draw cute animals and green nature

Making mundane background to look more magical

Let’s add in some fauna and flora to make your look more unique

Coloring with Vivid Colors

Coloring 101 & Coming up with Vivid, Bold and Bright Colors

Illustrating Familiar Landscapes/Scenes

Let’s add in a character to familiar landscapes/scenes

I actually wanted to sign up for Indigo’s offline drawing class but I couldn’t at the time. Then when I found out that he was opening up a class at Class101, I got very happy and immediately signed up! Indigo’s works make me feel very warm😀I’m still an amateur but I sincerely hope my drawings can also retain similar heartwarming ambience after I finish this course.

-by Kang Ha-neul

Turn your life into a dreamy drawing.

Hello, I'm Indigo, an artist that creates illustrations that fluctuate between fantasy and reality.

When I first started making illustrations, I had thought art related more to the technical aspects. So I focused more and more on theory and the technical aspects.

But the more I drew it, the more I felt my art lacked something.

After that, I began to focus more on drawing my everyday feelings. To create pictures that felt different than before.

When I first started to learn about paintings, I was trapped in fear that I shouldn't have any mistakes concerning 'the proportion of the human body' and 'perspective.' Then, eventually, I started to realize I forgot something important.

Let's draw pictures with comfort and ease.

There are many people who think that they won’t be able to follow along and draw the same things I do. It looks complicated, but if you draw along with me, one element at a time, you will have yourself a finished drawing!

Instead of teaching you to “draw well,” I will teach you how to portray your precious daily lives and emotions "warmly". I will tell you everything you need to know, so that you can freely express your feelings through your drawings.





Hello, I'm Indigo, an animator & illustrator. My illustration works tend to preserve memories and feelings of my everyday. My everyday, like everyone else’s, can feel very mundane and ordinary but if I look very closely, I can capture so many different emotions and memories. And I felt like these memories were just too precious to ignore and let them pass by. So I started to wonder about how can I remember my everyday in a more beautiful and cozy way.

Then I decided to draw my daily life with my iPad. I hope the people who see my drawings can equally reciprocate my heartwarming and beautiful memories. And I also hope that my students can preserve their precious memories in more touching and beautiful ways.



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