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Using thread, needle, and famous paintings by Henri Matisse
6 Class Projects

It takes about Each work is 1-2 hours for a tea coaster, 2-3 hours for a hand mirror, 3-4 hours for a pouch, and 6 hours or more for a frame frame hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Nadia with Smooth Hair, 1948 (tea coaster or bookmark)

  • Blue Nude, 1952 (Hand mirror)

  • Ivy in Flower, 1941 (pouch)

  • The Music, 1939 (frame frame)

  • [Practice] Dance, 1910 (frame frame)

  • Practice stitches (bookmarks)

Skills You’ll Learn

How to handle materials for French embroidery

Learn basic embroidery supplies, how to use them, and show you how to use them.

How to portray using basic stitches

I'll show you how to embroider and draw according to the theme and pattern.

How to use it as a prop

I'll show you how to complete and use the finished embroidery as a small item.

How to draw a pattern and tips for choosing colors

Here are some tips for sketching a pattern and choosing the right color for that pattern.

That scene that seeped into my heart,

I keep it embroidered with embroidery.

Hello, I'm an idiot who embellishes various famous paintings, photographs, and scenes from movies with French embroidery. Among my works, I can see a variety of props using masterpiece embroidery, so masterpieces are my favorite material and I can embellish them with a relaxed mind.

Don't just focus on stitching techniques Like drawing a pictureIf you add this line by line, you can create an embroidery with a new and attractive atmosphere. And the process will fill your free time in a relaxed and comfortable way. In this class, I would like to share the appeal of embroidery with many people through masterpieces.

A variety of expressions are possible with just the basic stitching.

You don't have to learn a lot of stitching techniques to try embroidery. Basic stitchingJust by itself Various expressionsIf you learn, you will be able to recreate all the pictures you want through embroidery.

It will be shipped in a fabric with a pattern printed on it so that it is easier to embroider a masterpiece. Also, for those who are worried about sketching a pattern right away, I'll also show you a simple way to draw a pattern using food paper and a small tip for sketching.

Let's embroider it together, fill it with thread, and use the vague know-how to describe it.

A method that can be used to capture the details at your fingertips, rich in the atmosphere of the scene, even with embroidery. I'll give you the know-how unique to Moho. After learning how to embroider a masterpiece, once you learn how to embroider a masterpiece, a photo with precious memories, a scene from your favorite movie, etc. Any picture on top of a few frames You'll be able to express it.

Embroidered works embellished with masterpieces become objects that can be placed anywhere.

Perhaps because of the different charms of famous paintings, masterpiece embroidery can be used as a nice interior accessory even if you finish it with just a few frames. I'll also show you how to finish the day neatly at the end of the class and various usage examples. I hope you can experience the charm of the frame itself just by placing it everywhere in your daily life as an object.

A simple work to embellish while learning basic techniques and ways to describe coasters, if we develop a little more Hand mirror, in the next step cloth pouchwith Frame frameWe'll try to complete it together. After the class is over, charming props will be with you.

Through embroidery
Collect valuable scenes.





Hello, I am artist Yoon Jeong-hwa of Moho who is doing private work and conducting embroidery classes. I went to art college and enjoyed taking notes and drawing in a small notebook, and these small drawings are being finished more delicately and warmly through embroidery.

If you fill your favorite pattern with your favorite colors step by step, your mind will calm down and you will be able to spend time focusing entirely on yourself.

I hope you will share the delicate and warm feeling of threads and needles as you come into contact with the class.



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