9 chapters · 7 hours 47 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Skills You’ll Learn

The Basics of Procreate

Learn about the basic functions of Procreate.

Brushes and Sources

Get 40 different brushes and 60 different gradient sources.

Adding Effects

Learn how to create and add effects on your design.

Design Techniques

Learn hidden functions in Procreate to design your products.

Callis Mind's Tips

Learn how to create beautiful layouts and letterings with ease.

Newly Updated Brush Studio

Learn about the new and useful functions that came with the new update.

How to Use Color

Learn how to apply color theory to make your design colorful and appealing.

Classmate Artworks & Reviews

See for yourself to the improvements our classmates have made in this course!

200+ students enrolled and 98% said they were satisfied with this course.

-by Bbongseu

It’s the technique for creating a neon effect, haha. It’s super fun because you teach all the effects I was curious about in detail. I want to be able to write in English quickly and with ease, but it’s really difficult. I’m going to try this again in a different color!

-by Kim Minjeong

It was nice because I could learn a bunch of different effects easily.

-by Song Chaewon

I tried copying your writing! The palette colors are so pretty. Until now, I’ve been using my own color palettes, but it’s a whole new feeling using yours! There are so many useful brushes, so I’ve been using all these different brushes! Thank you!

Spectacular Digital Design with Procreate

Create captivating lettering that captures the eyes of people who see your designs! This class is designed for beginners and experienced designers alike! Try something new by designing on Procreate!

Hello, I’m Calli’s Mind! I'm a professional designer who creates lettering designs using the iPad. We do everything from screen design to print design, including apps and the web.

Take a look at some of my work

SM Entertainment, station x "Wow Thing" single Cover Lettering works

Starbucks korea, 2019 frequency season store poster & vmd Lettering works

Designing on the iPad with Procreate

Have you ever seen a designer use the iPad app Procreate rather than Photoshop and Illustrator? In this class, I'm going to show you how you can do a variety of design work using a much more portable iPad, not a heavy computer.

I can say with confidence that the reason I use Procreate among other iPad apps is that it's the only app that covers pictorial drawing, casual drawing, calligraphy, lettering and design. Also, you just can’t beat the price. No other app can keep up with Procreate’s price and quality!

Expand what you can do with your iPad!

A Whole New Experience

In this class, you'll be challenged with designs ranging from profile image designs that can be uploaded to your homepage, blog, or SNS account, as well as banner ads, card news, and YouTube thumbnails that can be used as creatives.

This class is perfect for those who want to be a designer and for those who have difficulty using designing tools like Photoshop. And it's going to be a great opportunity to experience design with a device other than a laptop or PC.

Using 100% of Procreate’s Potential

First and foremost, I’ll give you time to get to know Procreate. To be able to design well, you need to be able to use all of the creation tools. Next, I will provide you with my own custom brushes to create a variety of effects. Follow me to see what beautiful lettering you can design with different brushes and fonts!

Once you have completed the lettering, you will follow along with the examples to create designs with various effects. You will learn how various effects are made on Procreate! And I will give you all the secret design tips that no one else will be able to teach you. There are lots of tips and tricks that designers need to know, with pretty looking typography hands-on tips, how to use beautiful colors, and how to create a layout that's splendid.

No Heavy Laptops!

Make More With Your Handy iPad!

Wouldn't it be fun to design with an iPad instead of laptops and Photoshop? The obstacle of carrying a mouse and monitor is gone. You can create handmade designs made with your own hands! I’ll show you how!

This is not just a tutorial class where I say "Just copy what I do," but a class that explains how each effect works and what the concepts of the effects are. That way you can really apply it when creating your own designs after taking the class! Learn how to create mind-blowing effects, learn concepts, and then complete your own artwork!

Get Custom Brushes + Gradient Sources

Up to 40 brushes created by Callis Mind and 60 gradient sources (maps) with different colors, tones and moods! A total of 100 unique sources are provided free of charge to those who purchase a class ticket. With all these sources, you’ll be able to create any atmosphere or mood you want!



Callis Mind

Callis Mind

I'm Callis Mind, a hand lettering designer that creates lettering with a pen and paper, iPad, and sometimes even 3D tools! Hand lettering is a very unfamiliar word to most, but I’m working hard to teach and spread the beautiful art form all across the world! Immerse yourself in the appeal of hand-lettering, with the same feeling as painting with your hands!!

Hand Type Designer "Member of #3Hands"


LG Healthy & Beautiful "millionbeauty" product cover letterinig

SM Entertainment(Station) "Wowthing" cover lettering

SM Entertainment(Station) "Longflight" cover lettering

Starbucks "2019 frequency season" VMD lettering

Hugoboss, Bobbi Brown "Product promotion" event lettering



Callis Mind

Callis Mind

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