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Skills You’ll Learn

character design

Get a character concept and create a character file that can be commercialized as an illustrator

Character Branding Basics

Learn how to introduce character brands with logos, business cards, and homepages

Making character goods

Learn how to make goods using prepared sources

Domestic and international exhibitions, monetization methods

Learn the basic knowledge needed to promote and monetize a brand.

클래스101 커리어 설명

▶ Class 101 career explanation

Can a quiet painting of my own become a brand?

Easy for everyone personageMake Merchandise productionDo you want to develop from a hobby to a full-scale character business in an age where you can do it?

I'm taking drawing lessons and drawing my own characters, If you stopped uploading to SNS Now with me brandsLet's make it with!

When it comes to character brands, it seems like a huge business run by a big company, but if you just bump into it and experience it, if you can draw whosoever It's possible, and if you upgrade a little using your own pictures, you can become a character brand with potential.

Let's create a character with a concept and story

I'm Hyosha, a designer who launched and runs a character brand called “ABOFRIENDS.” From art toys to character goods, licensing business, corporate collaborations, etc. Various fieldsI am doing work activities with.

In the 8th year, I changed from a UI/UX designer for a large company to a character designer, even if I didn't draw well personageIf you know how to express with your own sensibility, anyone can create an attractive character, and just a little brandingI experienced firsthand that there are a lot more diverse opportunities when I do.

I'll also give a lot of tips as a designer to marketers and brand managers who want to renew their characters and brand them.

character branding,

We'll take your work to the next level.

  • I'm good at drawing, but Uploading to SNSIf it stopped at,
  • My character monetization If you're looking for a way to do it,
  • I'm working in a completely unrelated job Character related businessIf you want to do it,
  • Not a character, but my work brandingDo it monetization If you want to know how to do it!

I'll show you everything from character drawing to merchandise production, branding, and monetization.

Also, if you're not good at designing Collaborate with expertsI'll also give you some tips you can do:)

I actually used it by ABOFRIENDS and designed it myself
Business card template ai file, brand introduction template ai file, quotation form excel file
All provided in class

From the basics of character creation to monetization,

We will tell you from the perspective of an artist who has experienced it firsthand.

1. Before getting into character branding!

I'll try everything delicious in the world! Why does Curious Captain Avo go on an adventure?

  • Finding materials and personalising my character: Creating a concept
  • What if I don't like the existing characters? Tips for doing CPR for characters!

2. Create a character

Use Adobe Illustrator to refine shapes and create basic shapes and representative poses

  • Highly used as an Adobe illustrator Character creationdoing
  • Fits the concept Expressions and poses Directing
  • Choose a representative pose Main imageUsing it as
  • Corporate characters Production example (Elpoint character Elfoy maker)

3. Branding with characters

  • The basics of branding! I chose a good font logos Easy to make
  • It “looks” like a brand business cardThe layout of
  • Simple with the source created in the character creation sequence Character introduction How to make
  • At 10,000 won Official website Easy way to make

4. Making various products using characters

  • Appropriate to my character, such as stickers, badges, phone cases, etc. Goodies Try crafting
  • How to make figures! (Complete self vs half self)
  • How to make 3D without knowing how to do it? Learn them all!

5. Promote your brand

  • What are the differences and precautions in domestic and overseas markets?
  • Why you should participate in domestic and international exhibitions & how to use social media
  • How to protect my character! Copyrights and trademarks

6. Turn your brand into profit

  • Selling Online - Tips for Using the Official Website
  • Understanding the complicated and difficult structure of license agreements
  • Examples of collaborations with large companies
A courier job where the navel is bigger than the belly! What if I don't have to do it myself?
I'll also tell you about a contract and collaboration that began as an individual artist.

I'll share with you all the know-how I've experienced and learned firsthand. Make your dreams come true through the process of building and monetizing your brand step by step, starting with the first painting method.





I'm Lee Hyo-suk, the art director who runs Avo Friends.

Using Avo-Friends characters, he is developing brands by collaborating with companies such as Elpoint and Rob's in Korea, and is working as an art toy artist in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong overseas.

Every designer wants to have their own brand.

I started Avofrands when I started creating a brand for character work that was my hobby as a UI/UX designer at an IT company.

When it comes to service design, it's not just important to be good at design, but I also had to understand communication with developers and planners, and the direction of the business to actually implement and service the results I designed and designed. This experience helped me a lot in branding and commercializing characters.

It's a new field since I just started, and there are many difficult things, but being able to work for me while doing what I love is a big driving force.

Even if it's not necessarily in the character field, I would like to share with you a story where many artists can approach branding a little easier with me.



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