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Ordinary people, writing copy that started with me

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Currently, there are so many writing-related books in bookstores that it is said to be the largest in history. It is said that the number of people reading books has decreased, but we read something almost all day long. In other words, even if it's not a book The number of things I can read has increasedThat's it.

As the influence of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter grew Short writingThe desire for is also growing. Among them copyYou can't miss it.

We One-line copyBecause they also buy goods and choose travel destinations. Now, is copywriting that has succeeded in convincing me a job that can only be done by people majoring in advertising or from related departments?

That's not the case. I wasn't a major either.

Understanding the minds of ordinary people is not something a specific group of people can do. Like me People who have had similar experiencesThis is the best way to do it. Just like me and all of you.

I'm not a person who majored in advertising. At university furniture designWhen I majored in and came out into society Art school lecturerI've been working for a long time. In a serious work life Editorial designI did it.

However, in the future, 29CM head copywriterI gave copywriting lectures and lectures in various media, and published books. Because I didn't follow the proper procedures and became a copywriter A method of its ownIt was the reason for all of these results that I began to search for. I can't be on the same level as an official copywriter who majored in advertising unrestRather, this motivated me to use it better.

Put a “story” in the title instead of a discount rate or a special price

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What is copy in an online shopping mall Arrange to be forgotten quicklyIt's. Because there are so many things to show. Nevertheless, how can I do it to people like a copy of a magazine or TV commercial Copy that can be read and rememberedI was thinking about using.

After worrying about that, I found my own way to copy 'Story'It was about putting in. People love stories. The reason we go into a dark theater, watch a movie for 2 or 3 hours, and finish a novel all night long is because humans love stories. Also, it is said that they remember story formats better than information.

If the copy also has a story Don't people read and remember? I think customers read the copy and this is my story, right? Lago empathyI told a story about doing it.

Thanks to this unusual copy, I visited the site to see the emotional copy of 29CM pansThis is what happened, and the color of the 29CM only became more distinct.

Now, if it's the first method I've experienced, it's a copy that resonates with me by writing it differently, You can use it too.

Would you like to see how I wrote the copy that tells the story?

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If you look at Hong Hee-jeong's <Like Me a Little Bit If You Have Time>, there's a sentence like this.

Cleaning is best when it's complicated with this or that kind of thinking.
In particular, cleaning the refrigerator is a special place.

Someone cleans the refrigerator while doing a general cleaning, but they can also clean the refrigerator when cleaning their thoughts inspiringI received and wrote a copy.

How about cleaning the refrigerator refreshingly these days when you're thinking a lot about this or that?
[Product name] will help you organize complex thoughts.

Actually with this copy Items related to tidying upI sold it. If you apply it to a novel sentence like this and write a copy, it will be more sympathetic and will be a well-read copy.

Learn what sentences to collect and how to apply them. You can find these sources not only in novel books, but also in various places to read. Also in science books, poetry collections, and essays. The materials were wide and varied. We are that waysI have to learn.

Start by writing a “story” or something you like.

“How do you write this kind of copy?” To the question
I always said, “Start with what you like.”

As I continued to write the copy without shaking, maintaining the tone and manners of the site, customers began to notice that the 29CM copy was slightly different from other places. The question I hear every time I do that is copy like this how Do you use it, this kind of idea whence It was about to come out.

I was able to answer without hesitation. Favorite thingI found it in. The only thing I liked booksIt was. I read Apply the text of an underlined novel to the copyI started trying it.

I used to be a book, but each of you taking this class is Something else you likeYou can find that know-how in The way I write it isn't the right answer. When it comes to writing There is no right answer. The same goes for copy.

If you like movies Movie dialogueIn, if you like dramas Drama linesIf you like entertainment programs at Witty subtitlesIf you like K-pop in Song lyricsThe idea will come from Start with something you love

From what I like How to collect sentences If you learn step by step Your own weapons warehouseYou'll be able to take it out and use it at any time as if it were.

How to process sentences found in favorite things

The hardest thing to do when writing a copy The feeling of a normal personIt's about putting in. The sentences I collected to an ordinary person How can I sellYou have to think about. The purpose of applying a novel to copy is to gather situations that resonate with you, not to take words or sentences as they are.

Learn how to process sentences collected through classes into cool copy with your own sensibility.

  • What kind of sentences should I collect, how to collect sentences
  • How to express with a nice twist
  • How to write clearly and accurately
  • How to borrow money well
  • How to change your usual words
  • How to write customer-conscious copy

Develop your own strength through the process of reading actual short novels and inscriptions, searching for copy phrases, and writing them yourself. If you try to write a copy using phrases you find in your favorite things, you'll find yourself enjoying it.

“It's not where you get it, it matters where you take it.”

French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard's words. Don't try to start with something that's not in the world. You can gather materials, collect sentences, create a foothold, and then create your own. Rather than giving up writing and copywriting to find something that isn't in the world, experience the fun of finding a flow from the things you've collected and rearranged them to draw your own copy. Just like I did.

Now, I'm going to teach you all the steps in more detail in this class.

Thank you.

Creator Yumi Yumi Dream.

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Copywriter Lee

Copywriter Lee

Hello, I'm Yummi, the underlining copywriter:)

I worked as a head copywriter and editor at the online editing shop 29CM. I came back a little far before writing in earnest became my job as an art school lecturer, editorial designer, etc., but I was only happy to be able to do what I liked as a job. I love books so much that I am now the owner of a small bookstore that I had always dreamed of. I constantly meet people in a small space and run classes related to writing, copying, and reading. Through this class, I would like to communicate with more people and share the various know-how I have learned while working. I will try to make the lessons easy, fun, and quick to apply!



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