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With mobile drawing
6 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • A variety of features and a human body

  • Textured clothing and hair

  • Design your own creative characters

  • The four different appearances of the characters

  • Illustrations that look like they've captured an animation

  • Storytelling character sheet

Skills You’ll Learn

How to Use ibisPaint

ibisPaint is the free application used in this class. I will walk you through frequently used tools as well as the tools I use when creating characters. Learn and master the tools of ibisPaint.

How to Draw Characters

First, I’ll cover the structure of human characters. Set a strong foundation for drawing characters by learning about how to create graceful and likeable characters.

How to Color and Add Contrast

Colors and contrast give life to your characters. Learn how to color cleanly and create different atmospheres with different types of contrast.

How to Draw a Scene from an Animation

Scenes give your characters a purpose, a story. Learn how to create a scene for characters that make it seem as though they come straight out of an anime!

How to Draw Unique Characters

Special characters have to have your own style. Learn how to find inspiration for your characters and turn that inspiration into a unique character of your own!

How to Create a Character Sheet

What are character sheets? How do I make one? Learn how to conceptualize your character into a character sheet.

Did you even know you can draw on your phone? A lot of people are surprised when they hear this, but I want you to know that you can draw amazing drawings on your phone. Let's share how easy and fun drawing is, and the joyful feelings you can feel with all the powers of digital creation in the palm of your hand.

Create a Family of Characters

You have the power to bring characters to life! In this class, you will learn how to transform the people of your imagination, and even real life, into characters on paper. Your characters will have emotions and physical features, as if they were real! From concept design to the actual drawing process, I'll tell you all the steps to creating characters.

Worried about the technical aspects? Don’t be! It's never difficult! You can draw characters with really light lines like in my drawings. I will teach you how to draw and catch the key points so that you can freely express figures without complicated details or techniques. Also, I will point out the parts that are easy to mess up so you get a perfect sketch every time.

Drawing Clothes and Hair

Vintage food illustrations emphasized the texture and appearance of food by exaggerating the crunchiness of bread or the glistening of ice cubes. You will learn to capture the same feeling in your own drawings by the end of this course.

Adding Vivid Colors

There are two main ways to color a character. There is the basic method of drawing an outline and filling in colors, and the method of drawing smoothly with only colors without any lines. The feelings of the two methods are completely different, and they can be applied in a variety of ways. I will tell you how to choose colors and color neatly and cleanly.

Also, depending on how you use light and shadow, you can express the atmosphere of the picture in many different ways. Let's gradually learn how to use the contrast in the simplest and coolest way to match cartoon drawings.

Drawing the Scene

Give your characters a story. What if your character was a main character in an animation? Imagine the specific situations your character faces and draw scenes as if they are a still cut of a movie or animation! In fact, you can capture the character as if they were moving and alive. You can tell stories through your illustrations!

A Character Sheet? What’s That?

I’ll teach you to organize your characters into one sheet? A character sheet explains everything about a character's appearance, clothing, personality, and rough story. After finishing with a completed sheet, your character will be complete! Character sheets are also great as an addition to your portfolio.





Hello! I'm Kim Myway, an artist who likes to create various characters from my phone!

I like to tell stories through my own characters. The process of making characters more and more three-dimensional is also very enjoyable, and when I meet people who like my pictures and characters, I feel the greatest happiness!

The reason I started drawing on my phone is because I couldn’t afford more expensive devices like tablets. As it was my last resort, I didn't expect much from drawing on my phone.

But as I continued exploring and trying, I found my rhythm, and now I can draw great pictures without a tablet or iPad! And now I want to share with you what I've been working on with mobile drawing.

Through my class, you will learn how to draw pictures easily and happily on your smartphone, and create your own lifelike characters!



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