10 chapters · 8 hours 25 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

The Structure of SD Characters

Learn how to draw the body of the characters including the face, body, hands, and feet.

Drawing Neatly

I’ll show you how to rearrange your sketch into clean, neat lines.

Expressing Light and Shadow

Learn how to express the lights and environment surrounding of the character.

Drawing Characters Using Emphasis

Learn how to look at photos or characters and grasp features to express them as SD characters.

Drawing in a Background

Visualize and form a background around your character that captures the character’s personality.

Using Photoshop and a Tablet to Draw

Learn the basic functions of Photoshop and Wacom Tablets and build a strong foundation.

Hello! I'm Unoh, a YouTube creator & your instructor.

I mainly draw characters in my unique style and warm atmosphere, and I often show off my favorite anime or game character fan art. Here’s one I did of a popular anime movie, “Your Name.”

I saw a lot of comments from people watching my videos telling me that they would like to try character drawing. So, I want to cover everything about SD character drawing that anyone can easily follow!

Character Illustrations that Anyone can Create

If you had the courage to draw a picture, and you are disappointed because it is not the same as the object, try drawing the SD character! With bold omission and exaggeration, you can liven up and increase cuteness. Even if it's your first time, you can do it enough. Then, shall we start together?

What is an SD Character?

SD stands for 'Super Deformed', and 'Deforme' is a painting technique that expresses by applying transformation, reduction, and distortion without realistically depicting the object. I usually emphasize the head rather than the actual human body proportions and highlight unique features. I’ll show you how you can identify the unique characteristics you can use to create your characters.

An Easy Start for Beginners

I majored in art, but I felt it was really difficult to paint the human body. So I started drawing characters, and I found that I could draw them better than realistic drawings! It's one of the easiest styles to get started in when drawing people.

I’ll teach you to draw with a tablet and photoshop. Photoshop is particularly convenient because it allows you to make various corrections, so you can easily increase the quality of the picture!

I will tell you everything I use, from my usual interface settings to my favorite brush settings. And if you are interested in SD characters, the main theme of the class, you can use other programs or devices, and you will enjoy it with a similar effect. :)

Drawing Cute Characters

Let's learn the basic proportions of character drawing and learn the overall framework. You don't need knowledge about human anatomy! I will show you the basics of face and body proportions, various expressions, and hands and feet. After sketching, I will teach you how to clean up your lines, then add color, clothes, and other smaller details to complete your drawing!

Transforming Real People into Characters

Do you want to draw a character from your favorite game or cartoon, a celebrity or someone around you as a character? To do this, you first need to closely observe and analyze your subject. Choose photos of the people I want to draw, and then I will help you draw out the unique characteristics of the people. I will tell you how to choose the colors that help show personality and accessories you can decorate your characters with!

Expressing Light and Shadow

The difficulty that many people encounter when drawing is the use of contrast, so I’ll teach you an easy way to learn the basics of light and shadow. Then, I’ll help you divide the illustration into zones to easily portray contrast. I'll give you my own tips to help everyone follow.

Adding a Background

Once you master drawing characters, I’ll show you how to complete a single illustration with a background that matches the character. You’ll be able to express your favorite moments and space and record the warm feelings of that time with illustrations.





Drawing a character is easy, isn't it?

Hello, I’m Unoh, a YouTube creator. I had wanted to build a class that will help those who like to draw, draw their own character, and give useful tips I’ve discovered to all of you who want to draw your own. I would like to create a class that many people find useful and fun :)







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