10 chapters · 8 hours 52 minutes
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Learn 23 different stitching techniques
6 Class Projects

It takes about 10-12 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Practice stitch sampler

  • Flower 24 kinds of Hangul consonant/vowel embroidery

  • Imaginary fairy tale embroidery

  • Independent three-dimensional embroidery pincushions

  • Self-embroidered canvas frames with your desired design (3 default)

  • Self-embroidered linen pouches with the desired design (3 basic ones)

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn what to prepare for French embroidery and how to use it

I'll introduce the most basic preparations and show you how to use them.

Learn 23 types of stitches

You will learn and use many stitches step by step, from basic to three-dimensional.

Learn how to embroider by applying stitches to a pattern

Use the techniques you've learned to create samplers with a variety of designs.

Learn independent three-dimensional stitching

I learned the independent three-dimensional technique of embroidering while separated from the cloth and made a pincushion.

Step into the world of French embroidery by following Sunota embroidery.

Hello, French embroidery creator SunotaIt's. I am Collect cute little objects with themes Illustrated design composed like a pictureI'm mainly working on. In order to complete embroidery according to a single pattern, it is necessary to learn various stitching techniques and a lot of know-how.

A honey benefit class consisting of more than 50 kinds of object design!

In this class The unique know-how of SunotajisuWhile learning various techniques with added step by step, it is composed of flowers, animals, etc. Over 50 object designsI'll embellishe them together. So that you don't run out, so that you can enjoy it for a long time Sufficient techniques and designsI've prepared it!

If you like the atmosphere of sunotajisu, this lesson is Definitely, honey benefits!I'm confident that :-)

French embroidery that looks like a picture, doesn't have to be the same!

The process of embroidering is like painting, so the work I completed and the work completed by my classmates will all have different charms. Fill in a variety of designs using techniques you've learned in your favorite colors!

Sunota French embroidery signature!! Exercise sampler

23 stitchesSo that one work can be completed even when practicing while learning Exercise samplerI prepared it. My embroidery dictionaryWhen you embroider by yourself after finishing it like this, when you can't think of the name of the technique, or when the order of embroidering is confusing, take it out and use it in a useful way!

Also, the sampler that has been practiced with stitches is a beautiful decoration on its own, and it can also be used as an eco bag like this! Even the stitch sampler is beautiful and useful You can experience fun embroidery as you complete it.

Discover Sunota's embroidery know-how in one class.

Basic tools required for French embroidery, how to sew, thread knot method, etc. Basic contentSince then, I use it the most From highly versatile basic stitching to convex three-dimensional embroidery, I'm going to learn the various French embroidery techniques step by step.

Also, Sunota applied 3 independent three-dimensional embroidery techniquesI'm also going to make a cute palm tree pin cushion through. After the course, it will be a great opportunity to make your own embroidery using all kinds of brooches, key rings, etc.

The fun of embroidering with beads and sequins is up!!

It will enhance the fun of embroidering even more Bead embroidery and sequin embroideryI'm also going to learn it together in this class. sparkly, The shiny beads and sequins will make the work more vibrant and beautiful.

Express a variety of textures with a variety of threads

Did you know that there is a huge variety of French embroidery threads? In addition to the most commonly used embroidery thread Metal yarn that will give you a point, and wool yarn made of fluffy woolBy using them together Various texturesI'm going to try to express. For those who purchased the deluxe kit, thick cotton yarn is also included, so please decorate your work in a variety of ways.

Choose only the objects you like the most from the pattern and make your own embroidery props.

What are all the designs of Sunotajisu So that each object can be used It's drawn. Use the techniques and designs you've learned to make your own one-of-a-kind props.

3 as standard, more included if purchased as a deluxe canvas picture frame and string pouchChoose the object you liked the most and embellished it. It would be too boring to simply learn techniques and embroider the same pattern, right? There is no right answer. Have fun expressing your favorite pattern with your favorite color.

Your own unique props, gifts for someone It will be born at my fingertips :)

Enjoy it more comfortably with the pattern printed on the fabric.

This class, which was prepared with the desire to tell you more and more diverse, was carefully selected and composed of works that have been popular in offline classes. Then it turned out There are only about 50 types of each pattern It became more than enough. It would be too hard to move all of these patterns one by one, right? To save you the trouble of moving and drawing Print all samplers on the fabricI'll send it to you. The large area is printed in color, so you don't have to embroider everything: ->

For those of you who are stubborn in class and are used to embroidery, all the small items in the world can become a handbag. Expand your embroidery world by embroidering various designs on various accessories.

Learn the stitches step by step, More than 50 kinds of designsThis is drawn 3 types of samplers and 1 type of independent stereoOnce you have completed, you will be an extremely talented person who can apply and embroider on your own.

I'll make it a fun time to work without any worries.

Sunota Embroiders will take care of all the preparations. Please just have fun and be happy. I hope that the time spent embroidering will be full of relaxation and fun without any worries.





Hallo I'm Sunota, an embroidery artist who draws and embroiders cute and pretty things

A long time ago, when I didn't even know there was something called French embroidery, I happened to see an embroidery book in a bookstore, and that's how I started embroidering.

I was fascinated by the charm of being able to draw with thread and needle, write a letter, and convey my heart, so I embroidered it very hard.

There's nothing more mysterious than coloring things you think of with threads other than pictures.

I've been working with French embroidery for 8 years, holding classes and teaching embroidery in Seoul and Ilsan, and working as an embroidery artist by publishing 2 related books.



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