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At the end of the day, every product is bought by looking at the language.

▶ ︎ Cheap doesn't mean selling well

Hello, Jang Mun-jeong, the man who sold 21 billion in an hourIt's. It is now an age where all products are viewed and ordered online. It is not bought by the clerk's persuasion or sales, langueIt's about watching and living.

For example, in the 1980s, the beer market was unrivaled, and OBs took it all. However, when Hite appeared in 1993, it lost the first place after only 3 years. Success is just one line of copy. 'Beer made from 150M natural bedrock water“It was. It took 15 years for OB to find the first place again. What's interesting is that the OB was also bedrock water. I was hit by a line of phrases.

The product is like this What language is the package inConsumers will be attracted depending on whether they do it. There is no such thing as a good product. 'Product language that makes money right away“It's about making good products.

Thinking about what products to sell? That product What modifier to sellPlease think about. It's not about hitting the jackpot with prizes. Big hit in product languageIt's about putting out.

“If you are confident that you will never do an illegal U-turn in your life, you don't need to sign up.”
As a result of my coaching, an insurance agent reader sold hundreds of driver insurances.

“Kimchi stew 8,000 won”
I changed it to “Pork kimchi hot pot 8,000 won per person (1 serving is also ordered)”
Readers who run restaurants saw an instant increase in sales.

If you proceed alone without principles, techniques, or formulae, there is a high risk that you will be subject to ad deliberation rules. So I'm each in the field of business Product name, product concept, copy text, one-line phrase to attract customers, practical persuasive speech techniques to use in consultation, sales techniques, marketing strategiesWe will provide.

  • Are you good at selling?

It sold 12.5 billion an hour online. My next record is 10.5 billion, followed by 8.6 billion.

부동산 투자설명회에서 한 시간에 210억을 팔았습니다

Offline, they sold 21 billion dollars an hour at an overseas profitable real estate investment briefing session.

Since it is an age where sales are personal, these are photos that can be shown as a quantitative evaluation, and in addition to this, in terms of qualitative evaluation, we have supported tens of billions of dollars in sales over 25 years.

I paid for my meal because I earned tens of billions of won in foreign currency by breaking through overseas sales channels and helping export products.

  • Aren't selling well different from teaching well?

마케팅 코칭을 하여 50억원을 따내게도 했습니다

As an official confidential statement, I have been teaching 17 bank branch managers from all over the country for years at the Korea Finance Training Center, where they won 5 billion won by coaching them in marketing.

Most of the things I can't introduce due to strong confidential expenses, but I also generated 100 billion in annual sales through corporate marketing & sales coaching.

It's an age where we see languages without listening to them.

Now I look for it on the internet in one corner of the room, and I'm drawn to a few words to buy it. Also, even if I enter a cosmetics or clothing store, I don't listen to the clerk. Of the product Advertisements or promotional postsI'm trying to make my own judgment by reading. So now I'm not talking about sales Sales writingYou have to watch the match with.

The same goes for selling products online.

It's not just about making a bunch of products, but there langueIt is only when you wear clothes called that you will be loved by consumers. Of your product unique identityWhat is the concept language that shows in a nutshell?

You'll be able to gain insight into persuasive language, such as one-line copy, brand name, persuasive comments, and even leading phrases you want to post on online shopping malls. You can get direct answers to your concerns about consumer goods in general, such as lifestyle, miscellaneous goods, fashion, beauty, health food, home appliances, insurance, finance, education, and food.

*There are two things I feel strongly about after months of coaching in Class 101.

First, you're surprisingly unaware of ad deliberation. There are quite a few law-breaking statements in the materials you sent me. Advertising legislation and regulatory guidelines are constantly changing, so be sure to have the latest text checked by an expert. As sales rise and become an issue, you may not be able to sleep at night due to complaints and accusations from competitors, and even go to a crisis of business survival. Please be sure to have the advertisement review reviewed by business expert Jang Mun-jeong.

Second, the sales channels are very localized. Most of them risked their lives at Naver Smart Store. But revenue isn't a trophy. Margin is the winner. There are already people who have requested coaching to generate fixed sales by introducing endless markets such as welfare malls for large companies, closed malls, special sales, and defense markets.

If the teacher's vision is narrow, I know that's all there is to the world. I have been working in the distribution and marketing business for the 25th year since before the IMF, and I have a network of contacts and distribution networks that I have established by lecturing at a total of 360 companies, including organizations and associations such as the Productivity Center and Korea Management Association.

In addition, we are operating a marketing consulting total solution company that provides marketing advice and consulting for more than 60 companies.

I now want to have the opportunity to share practical marketing strategies and know-how to increase sales to small business owners.

How to find high-exposure keywords and keywords that sell well

Every shopping mall operator's dream is to get their shopping mall to the top when searching for keywords. If there was even a way to get my shopping mall to be listed exclusively, would you believe it? The answer lies in competing with detailed keywords rather than representative keywords. I'll kindly teach you how to do all of these in class.

  • How to cut out the clichés of language and express them clearly
  • How to name and nickname a product to make people want to buy it
  • Hot trend product language that creates trends
  • Language packaging technology plugged in all at once
  • How to express in intuitive language that can be understood by looking down
  • Marketing strategies that respond to consumer sentiment
  • Niche Market Strategy
  • How to run a safe business after being examined for the latest advertising reviews

I share all the know-how I've been consulting and have accumulated throughout my life. Your product A wordYou can sell it better with.

After taking the class
You can determine the direction of sales techniques and marketing strategies for your business and products,
You'll be able to create words and texts that make consumers pretend to look down.
Let's work together on product naming, packaging, advertising and promotional text, and success stories.
Various missions and assignments are given throughout the course of over 60 lessons. If you leave a meaningful comment, we will give you thought-provoking feedback. Also, if you leave questions or concerns that reflect your deep thoughts in each lecture, we will answer more than those concerns. I will take responsibility and lead you with such stubbornness.
(FYI) I've been writing marketing columns for 5 books, major daily newspapers, and monthly magazines for 15 years, and I'm still contributing columns to Korean newspapers in Los Angeles, USA. Thanks to this, it has 300,000 readers. I'm really happy and happy to be able to communicate with my readers without a circle only here. I express my sincere gratitude.



Marketer Jang

Marketer Jang

Strong marketing trend new edition by writer Jang Mun-jeong

“A one-second phrase you buy the moment you see it”

  • Product language that makes money right away,
  • Intuitive phrases that make you pretend to look at it,
  • An opening phrase that makes you want to click crazy,
  • Product phrases that call for a purchase,
  • instant selling phrases,
  • Sales phrases that read the latest consumer psychology,
  • Currently popular detailed page phrases,

We will reveal all the marketing techniques, examples, and secrets that have led to 20 times the actual sales.

<Jang Moon-jeong, the man who sold 21 billion in an hour >

prefecture. Marketing consulting firm & US branch & manufacturing and sales corporation management

prefecture. Korea Sunday News (Los Angeles Korean Newspaper) columnist

I Digital Times Grassroots Commercial Marketing Advisor

I CJ O Shopping Show Host, working in the marketing department of Walmart in the US, JVC in Japan, and LG Co., Ltd.

I Marketing columnist for daily newspapers, monthly magazines, companies, and associations such as Chosun Ilbo and FP Journal

Appeared on airwaves, longitudinal editions, EBS, etc.

[What I do]

1. Product marketing consulting from market development, marketing advice, sales strategy formulation, product planning, concept, and promotion.

2. Development of all product languages involved in the product, such as advertising text, description text, packaging text, detailed page text, sales speech script, sales manual development, etc.

3. We provide total marketing solutions including educational videos, promotional videos, exhibition videos, sales video production for large customers, exhibition management, and briefing session agency.


Online record: 12.5 billion home shopping sales per hour

Offline record: 21 billion sales per hour of business briefing

Consulting records: Contribution to the industry's 3rd largest IT company to become No. 1 in each category

Contributing to becoming No. 1 in the industry's 5th largest financial company

400,000 best-selling author in the field of economics and management

[Contact us]


  • A one-second phrase you buy the moment you see it (BLACKFISH)
  • Don't Sell, Let Me Buy (Sam & Parkers)
  • One word is enough (Sam & Parkers)
  • Why would I want to buy it if that person told me (21st Century Books)
  • Go Back to People (Sam & Parkers)
  • Economic management artist with a total sales of 400,000 copies

I hope to communicate with you who are interested in my work. ^^





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