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Using herbs with various benefits
8 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Blending tea that is good for insomnia

  • A sweet tea made with fruit juice

  • A blending tea that is good for diets

  • Cold soaking tea to drink as a detox drink instead of water

  • Tasty tea for dessert

  • Enjoying milk tea as afternoon tea

  • Tea cocktails suitable for parties

  • Customized black tea blending tea (decaf, sweet tea)

Skills You’ll Learn

The most delicious way to drink tea

We'll learn the golden rules for drinking delicious tea, how to taste like an expert, and how to follow the different types of tea.

Easy to learn tea

Learn interesting and interesting tea theories, how to use various tea tools, and how to buy ingredients.

Tea Blender's Blending Tea Recipe

Anyone can easily make blended tea according to an expert's recipe.

How to make blended teas with various benefits

Let's make your own tea using herbs that are good for insomnia and diet.

application! How to make your own custom blended tea

Let's make the perfect blending tea for me using the blending tea skills I've learned so far.

Enjoying afternoon tea

Learn how to blend afternoon tea and learn how to set milk tea and desserts.

How to make a tea cocktail suitable for a party

Let's make a tea cocktail to enjoy with finger food at a party or gathering.

How to store tea and enjoy it easily

Learn how to store tea and how to enjoy tea easily without having to use tea

Those of you who need rest and relaxation

A new tea life unfolds in ordinary everyday life

Are you tired of all kinds of stress, such as a complicated social life, relationships, etc.? All the time we drink teaLet's hear your heart healsTo be able to do it, everything about tea life! I'll let you know.

On a weekend morning, in a futon before going to sleep, on the table after work...
If the small world of drinking tea comes into my space
Your tomorrow will be happier than today.

Tea sommelier/tea blender

This is Tiana

Hallo A unique job that comes to mind Tea sommelierpancreas tea blenderThis is Intiana! I usually have a keen sense of taste and smell, so I only thought of myself as a foodie, but by chance I found a new job that was perfect for my aptitude and became a tea expert.

I used to look for things like ghosts, such as the smell of meat, the fishy smell of fish, and food that wasn't fresh. When I accidentally felt the pleasant floral and fruity aromas of tea I drank for the first time, I became curious. What kind of tea is it, and how is it made I started studying tea to find answers to many questions, and became a tea sommelier.

After that, I wanted to make my own tea and eat it, Use your favorite ingredients for the desired purpose Your own blending teaI became a tea blender to make. Now I'm inseparably in love with tea.

Perfect for your purpose and your own taste!

Making blended tea

Blending tea is a mixture of ingredients Creating new flavors and aromasIt's a kind of creative work! The main ingredients and auxiliary ingredients, which are the main base of the tea, are properly mixed to achieve harmony. According to purpose and preference The biggest appeal of blending tea is that it can be blended in a variety of ways!

You're suffering from insomnia, or you want to feel lighter. There's a tee that's perfect for that situation. Benefits of teaet Blending techniquesI want to let you know all about and give you a peaceful tea life.

yet Enjoying teaIf you're not used to it, how about milk tea? Maybe there's a milk tea that suits my taste better than the milk tea I used to eat every day! Tee More delicious, longer I'm going to teach you all about tea in this class so you can enjoy it.

The life of drinking tea,

Let's get to know them one by one?

One. Learn about the tea theory that tastes better if you know it and drink it

Are you curious about the many cars in the world? Curious and interesting tea stories Let's share it together.

two. Would you like to create your own tea drinking space?

Golden rules for drinking teaet How to use tea utensilsI can learn. The world of tea is as diverse as coffee! Now, enjoy a variety of teas at home and in cafes.

Personalized prescriptions just for you!

three. Making tea that is good for insomnia

How about a cup of tea for me when I'm tired after work? Sleepless nights, It will soothe the mind and body A cup of warm tea Let's drink together.

four. Making tea that is good for dieting

Also in our body PauseDo you know I need this? For those of you who have been exposed to irritating foods Detox tea Let's make it.

More enjoyable teatime together

Enjoy it properly!

five. A hotel lounge home?! Afternoon tea to enjoy at home

Starting with a 3-tier tray setting Tea suitable for dessert referreduntil! Now I can enjoy afternoon tea at home with my friends comfortably

six. How to enjoy tea at a party in style

Tea for parties such as bridal showers, pajama parties, and home parties. Champagne-like tea that goes well with finger foodLet's make it together.

The heart of gifting customized TEA

seven. Making blended teas that take into account tastes and tendencies

Let's make a blended tea using what we've learned so far. Decaffeinated tea for people who don't eat caffeine, sweet tea for lovers, etc. Tea that looks like a gift-giverLet's make it.

eight. Wrapping blended tea for gifts

You can enjoy it easily without having to worry about anything How to wrap blended tea for giftsI can learn.

A life with tea time and

Life without tea time

A serene time while smelling the scent of tea. Your life before you meet Tea Life will be noticeably different from your life after. Relaxation not to be missed even in the midst of a busy life Physical and mental health The one that can take care of everyone A life where tea time existsI hope this will be the case and I will prepare for the class:)





I'm Teanna, a tea sommelier and tea blender, who offers a break from everyday life.

Targeting individuals and businesses across the country, including Seoul, Gyeonggi, and Busan, after completing the T-Expert Course Tea class It's in progress. Also, Tea product consulting, tea menu direction We are engaged in various activities such as. T-blending contestable Korea Tea Championshipin targetedAwarded T-blending expertThat's right.

Recently, due to the influence of well-being, more and more people are interested in tea, which is a healthy drink. Relaxation and charm of teaLet's feel it with me.





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