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A small comma of everyday life drawn with French embroidery, one sweat, one sweat



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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of French embroidery

Learn the materials and tools required for French embroidery, and learn the basics.

Learn French embroidery techniques and make a stitch sampler

Learn basic techniques and complete a total of 16 mini pattern stitch samplers.

Use the stitch techniques you've learned to make various props

Based on the stitching techniques I have learned, I will embroider on various everyday items.

Making pouches and eco bags with lining

We make lined accessories with minimal stitching to enhance their completeness.

Improve your skills even for beginners! Using it as three-dimensional embroidery

We expand our field with three-dimensional embroidery and create more luxurious works.

Learn how to apply Vinzcic's designs

We'll show you how to apply patterns and tips for making rich props.

With a blue sensibility, cock a needle on top of the frame,

Let's put a comma in our daily lives.

Hello, I'm Vinzcic, a French embroidery creator. I enjoy embellishing botanical embroidery where the freshness of the green leaves brings a small break. Embroidering calms my mind, and when I enjoy that relaxation, my work is completely finished.

I would like to invite everyone who fits me and my emotional code to this class. Follow Binzcic to learn French embroidery from the basics and make embroidery accessories that you can use right away.

With a total of 24 stitching techniques

I'll express it vividly over a few days.

The first work to be completed 16 stitching techniquesIt is a stitch sampler containing. The process of embroidering each technique on a stitch sampler can not only establish a solid foundation, but the process is fun, and after completion, it can also be used as a garland, hanging poster, etc., depending on how the post-processing is done.

After learning the basic 16 techniques, let's learn 8 more ways to use them. With a total of 24 techniques, you'll be able to embroider the desired shape more vividly.

You will learn how to use each tool and material, and then practice enough while learning each technique so that even beginners don't have to worry. Start French embroidery without worry and improve your skills with Vinzcic's kind explanations.

Even if you make one, you will be more satisfied,

We have prepared high-quality auxiliary materials.

We will send you fabrics and materials that have been selected and carefully checked by ourselves. I devised a way to improve the quality of the finished product so that even if I made one small item, I would be more satisfied with the result. You can choose with confidence!

Also, there is no need for a complicated finishing process minimal stitching I took care to be able to complete the work by myself. If you have to go through complicated finishing steps to embroider what you've learned to embroider on a ready-to-use accessory, you're already tired just thinking about it. Use the kit and curriculum prepared by Binzcic to easily and comfortably complete high-quality props!

Make full use of what you've learned,

Challenge yourself with three-dimensional embroidery and advanced techniques.

After you've passed all the basic courses, you should improve your skills a little bit, right? How to use basic techniques, Three-dimensional embroidery techniquesLearn to create more complex and complete works. The finished work is beautiful even if you make a frame frame where the frame immediately becomes a frame and hang it.

With Vinzcic, enjoy a fun pastime with French embroidery one by one. Give me a comma in my everyday life with beautiful finished works!



Let's start a French embroidery class in Binzcic?


Learn how to use French embroidery tools and learn the basics


How to make a French embroidery stitch sampler STEP 1.


How to make a French embroidery stitch sampler STEP 2.


Make a round pumpkin-shaped pin cushion


Making a hanging plant pouch full of spring atmosphere


Making a fresh garden eco bag


“La belle fleur” wreath frame making


Learn how to use Binzcic's designs in a variety of ways


For the time spent with French embroidery...


Congratulations on class stubbornness!




A warm and comfortable French embroidery artist,

It's Binzuchi~

He runs a French embroidery workshop under the name Vinzcichi

A French embroidery artist full of emotion.

In order to have a comma time to take a break from a busy and fast-paced daily life

I'm decorating my time of rest by drawing pictures with a needle and thread.

Vinzcic's French embroidery, designed with the concept of comfort and warmth

You can feel comfortable and warm from the moment of sewing to every moment of finishing~

Slowly, the time spent embroidering piled up

I'll help you create beautiful arts~

I hope you enjoy a healing hobby with me.




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