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Gothic English Calligraphy: Create Beautiful English Letters



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Using a dip pen
4 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 40 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Write short words

  • Write a sentence

  • Write multiple sentences

  • Create works with your own quotes

Skills You’ll Learn

Forms of Gothic Small Letters

You'll learn how to write alphabet, which consists of a combination of basic strokes, by groups

Forms of Gothic Capital Letters

You'll learn how to write capital letters, the beauty of sentences.

How to Use the Tools

Learn what a dip pen is and what types of dip pens there are

Correct Posture and How to Grip

I will teach you how to use the tools and the posture for writing

History and Types of Typefaces

A quick look at the background and various styles of Gothic typeface

Spacing and Composition

Learn about the concept of spacing and the overall composition and layout.

Rules and Variations

Learn the variants that can be used while following the rules of the letters

Pleased to meet you!

Hello, this is type artist Jyang Mong. My works are mainly but not limited to English calligraphy:-). I also do Korean calligraphy, calligraffiti, lettering design, and others. I wasn't a design or art major, but I started calligraphy as a hobby. As I continue to write, I was so fascinated by English calligraphy that I couldn't stop. That's how I went so far as to study design and move forward professionally.

Have You Ever Been to Insadong Street Where You can find Korean Signboards?

Since there are many galleries in Insadong, calligraphy exhibitions are often held. I also visited a lot of shops in Insadong to see the exhibition. The signs of famous coffee chains that we are used to are written in Korean instead of English, so it's unique but it feels unnatural. Since we are quite familiar with English, it's funny that it can feel weird to see Korean instead of English.

Gothic font seems foreign to both Koreans and English speakers. You might feel familiar with the letters that look like the title of the New York Times, but you may find it difficult to write them with a pen for calligraphy. Many people want to give it a try when seeing a great calligraphy, but it takes a long time to grab a pen and write it. That's because they feel awkward. If you are one of them, this is the right class for you.

A New Look for a Strange But Charming Alphabet

People think of the gothic typeface as hard or square. Take an example of "Malgun Gothic". It is true that it is very regular as if the letters are in a box. The gothic typeface, often referred to as 'Black Letter', has been used in Europe since about the 12th century. As letterpress printing became popular, Gothic was designed to put as many characters as possible on a certain sheet of paper, and developed in many styles over a long period of time. In my class, I'll show you Fraktur, which is the most beautiful and curved Gothic style. Fraktur is a typeface created in Germany, and it is one of the typefaces that have been refined and spread a lot in modern times.

It's much more sophisticated than the most commonly compared typeface, 'Textura'. While the end of a stroke for Textura ends hard in the shape of a diamond, Fraktur looks flexible with a curve. As architect Gaudi put it, curves are the realm of God, I would like to share with you the beauty of Fraktur.

Starting With the Most Basic Shape of the Alphabet!

I'll start with how to grab a pencil to write the gothic alphabet, and then you'll learn the components of the alphabet and strokes. Through the combination of the strokes, you'll learn a total of 28 lowercase alphabets. from a to z. You'll not learn them in order just like you did as a kid. You'll learn them by groups with the same rule.

Similarly, you'll learn 26 capital letters in detail and practice them one by one. Before you even realize it, you'll find yourself being familiar with the alphabet! Plus, you'll learn to write numbers, from zero to nine!

There's More to Learn Than the Alphabet.

Learning only the alphabet is like learning what consonants and vowels look like in Korean. In order to write, you should connect multiple alphabets or keep spaces. You will learn the most important concept in English calligraphy, spacing. You will also learn various variations according to composition.

After learning the shape of the alphabet and how to connect them, you'll get to know how to place words and sentences on a single piece of paper. This is an essential part because how to use and decorate the space will determine the quality of your work.

Does it Look Finished? Not Yet!

The best way to write beautiful letters for gothic calligraphy is to be precise. Therefore, throughout the class, I will continue to guide and remind you how to practice correct writing so that you will be ready. I will also cover what kind of work you can do with gothic calligraphy, and I will present a checklist so that you can write and check the whole process. I will help you improve your skill.

In addition, there is a part where I give feedback to all of you during the class. There is a Q&A session in class where I answer the commonly asked question.

I Packed a Little More Than the Regular Amount

This is something I always hear when I go to an ice cream shop. They say "I packed a little more than the amount". It's probably about a spoonful of difference, but it feels better when you get more. I want to give you as much as I can in this class. Please enjoy and savor this class, and you'll find yourself completing great calligraphy.

Class, I've included a little more



Hello, Nice to Meet You!


Let's Learn about the Tools!


Let's Dig into Lowercase Letters Together!


Now That You've Learned the Letters, Let's Write Words


Learn About Capital Letters, the Stars of the Sentence


The Basics Are Over! Let's Write a Sentence Now


Details Are the Key! You're Almost Done


Congratulations on Completing the Course!


Jyang Mong

Jyang Mong

Hello, This is type artist Jyang Mong. I like to express myself with a line called type, and I blend those strokes through English and Korean calligraphy.

Since I was in elementary school, I loved imitating adult writing, and I started calligraphy out of curiosity. I felt even more attracted by writing with people who I love, and now I am doing various activities about English calligraphy. Among the various typefaces in English calligraphy, I like the Tothic typeface the most. I fell in love with the beauty of the Gothic typeface, simple and angled strokes. cleanness of the Gothic typeface and the unique beauty that can be found in angled strokes. I am trying to write Gothic, which has its origin in a letter form that can be written as many times as possible within a set standard, so that my writing can be a record in my life.

I'm really lucky enough to have people when I'm dedicated with my work that I love. While I studied and wrote the Gothic typeface, I realized the importance of people. I will be that person for all of you, so I hope to move forward together.


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