11 chapters · 6 hours 37 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding Croquis

Learn how to quickly sketch a live model in few minutes.

Immediate Croquis Practice

Learn how to complete your croquis within a few minutes.

Drawing the Human Body

Learn how to draw the basics of human body and different poses.

Adding Details

Learn how to add details to the rough sketches.

Pencil Drawing Techniques

Learn how to use thick and thin lines with a pencil.

Finding Your Own Style

Learn how to find and develop your own drawing style.

The Art of Drawing

It is very difficult to learn how to in a short time. But if you have a passion for drawing and know the basic drawing techniques, you will draw for a long time.

Croquis, Quick Sketches

Croquis are sketches that are usually completed with line drawings in a short amount of time, and can be considered as the most direct sketches for an artist.

The art technique seems to be known in a variety of ways, such as nude croquis in human drawing, subway and bus croquis in everyday life, and croquis for studying the body.

Although croquis is divided for a variety of purposes and methods, the common theme is that the drawings are drawn in a relatively quick time.

Find Your Own Style

The appeal of croquis is related to how fast sketches are made. You have to learn how to observe and figure out the big flows, trends, and important features of your subject. So I draw a simplified and summarized form, in which the emotion or meaning of your subject is expressed.

I am not talking about the feeling of a complete illustration. It's about the feeling of your hand flying across the paper. If you drew your famous artist's drawing in exactly the same way, the drawing would just be a well-drawn picture, but if you draw with your own lines, you will be able to add your own feelings to the original artist’s style.

Draw the human Body Naturally

Croquis also help to draw the human body naturally. If a person who studied only anatomy draws a person who crosses his legs, can he draw it? You can't just draw by knowing the anatomical structure.

If you look at a person crossing your legs, you can draw them by taking what you see and moving it onto paper. You have to see what you want to create. You need to have enough experience and additional understanding of the anatomical structure to draw the human body naturally.

Drawing Faces in a Simple Way

Unfortunately, if the face looks weird even if you draw it in your own style, the whole picture often looks strange. I will also tell you how to draw a face in a really simple way.

I'll give you a lot of homework that you can enjoy as a simple, everyday routine! I'll help you to draw as much as you can on your own during the class, instead of just saying, "You just need to learn it now."

Fill in Your Sketchbook

It is difficult to learn how to draw the human body in a short period of time. Like a one-day class, you won’t get the process of slowly learning to draw a complete illustration. It is difficult to fill up a whole page, let alone an entire sketchbook.

So we're going to start filling up your sketchbook with croquis. You will fill out 4 sketchbooks (70 pages per book) during this class. That’s 280 pages!

Just start to draw the first page of your sketchbook. As the sketches start to pile up, you will start to see your self-development. Finishing the last chapter, the last page of your sketchbook, aren’t you curious to see how far you will have come!

Once you have filled several sketchbooks with this class, you will be able to continue drawing after class. Because you've already filled in your sketchbook a few times, you’ll know that drawing is fun, and you’ll know that you will continue to improve.

I hope that by the end of this class, you're not just completing a croquis book, but you are also completing a croquis book with your story in it.






I'm Chommang, an artist who had given up drawing for a long time but started drawing again :)

Although I majored in art, my life led me to a different career with my desire for painting only in my mind.

Then, while beginning to draw a little bit again, and found again my passion for art.

For those who have strayed far from art, or those who feel as though drawing is painting, I would like to help you fix your mindset on painting and teach you easy techniques that will help you fall in love with drawing.😀

After this class, you will be able to draw yourself and draw your own story.

Also, I would like to teach you how to draw, share, and be happy not just ending with this class, but forever, like a friend who is always by your side.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in class! :)





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