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Skills You’ll Learn

Basic theory and principles of steering

Start by understanding everything from the history and types of incense to the principles and concepts of fragrance.

The language that expresses fragrance and how to distinguish notes

Learn how to carefully classify scents and learn various languages of expression.

Accurate understanding of scent through olfactory training

Understand fragrance and learn basic steering methods through all factions (olfactory training).

The process of visualizing my emotions and senses

Learn how to visualize emotions and interpret and express them in olfactory language.

Create a scent that contains your own sensibility

I try to turn my emotions interpreted in olfactory language into actual incense through a steering method.

Making a variety of products that allow you to enjoy scents

We make 7 kinds of fragrance products ourselves and search for scents that match each characteristic.

Fragrance products that suit me and how to use them correctly

Among the many ways to enjoy scents, find out what products and how to use them that suit your taste.

The scent I like, the scent that suits the space.

How can I find it?

Hello, we're Monoroom, living fragrance brand. The habit of ending a day in a space full of fragrance permeates my daily life and makes me remember the day as “my scent.” Monoroom strives to find the most suitable scent for a single space, the scene of a moment's memory, and the scent that best expresses my feelings.

How can you find the perfect scent for your taste and the right scent for your space? In this class composed by the living fragrance brand Monoroom Start with understanding incenseEveryone's favorite sun Looking for incense, so that you can stay with a scent that suits the space Fragrance productsI'm even going to make it. Let's begin our journey to find the right scent for the space.

Where is the starting point of this journey

It's what you feel.

Among the fragrances of the monoroom Copacabana BeachLet me briefly introduce the process of making this fragrance. It's a scent that transposes the scene I saw while walking on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. People urging them to walk to work next to the sparkling sea in the sun, dogs lying down, people eating sandwiches, playful children,... I remember their slow, relaxed, and diverse lives of freedom. those Add fragrance to each element that makes up the sceneI did. The smell of water in the sea, where you can feel the vitality, and the scent of fresh roses and herbs in the gestures of free people, has become the Copacabana Beach fragrance.

In class, we participate in the process so that we can express abstract senses with incense, such as emotions that come to mind, scenery we have seen for a moment, and a scene from a favorite movie. First, I'm going to start by visualizing the elements of an emotion.

Also, I'll try to express each image in an “olfactory language” that has a scent. Let's take the Copacabana Beach scent I introduced earlier as an example. The sparkling waves of the sea have a cool herbal scent that retains the smell of the sea, and the vibrant appearance of people walking by the sea can be expressed by the scent of living roses.

If you organize the emotions, sensations, and images that come to your mind and express them one by one in olfactory language, it will be more vivid and memorable. Experience this new fun that no one else has told you about in a class with Monoroom.

Learn the theory of dealing with incense and the basics of fragrance

I will try to make at least 9 different scents.

Of course the class Start with the history and types of incenseI'll try it. After going through an 'olfactory training' process of smelling, recognizing, and understanding scents, each Understand and combine the characteristics of fragrancesYou'll also learn how to do it.

The scent that comes to mind in your head, the scent that makes you feel good when you smell it. What should I do to mix and implement fragrances with my own hands Basic theoryPlease enjoy it thoroughly. In the process of following the class curriculum 9 steersYou will experience it. Basic steeringThey also use, To incense my feelings Try to capture it, and try to make it Fragrance that matches the characteristics of the fragrance productThey also make

The process of naming a suitable name for the fragrance I made, writing it on the label, and finishing it with a clean package will be a special pleasure. At the end of the class, find yourself without hesitation in expressing and creating the desired fragrance.

Tailored to the desired function, situation, and space

Complete with 7 fragrance products.

There are as many ways to enjoy scents as our tastes. In addition to the basic method of dissolving a fragrance in alcohol and spraying it, such as perfume or room spray, you can enjoy the scent by making various shapes or uses according to various materials and production methods.

You will learn how to create a fragrance that suits the purpose and characteristics of each fragrance product one by one. The fragrances created in this way can easily recreate 7 types of products without using complicated machines or tools using Monoroom's well-structured fragrance product production kit.

The finished fragrance product is packaged in a neat package, and all components are included in the kit so that it can be labeled and managed.

We will also guide you on how to properly and safely use and store the finished fragrance product. Let's meet together about how to spread the scent for this space and how to use it according to the space.

Safe for a long time with carefully selected natural ingredients

As much as it is a fragrance product that is inhaled through the nose and comes into direct contact with the inner body Only safe and healthy ingredients are carefully selected I did. Look carefully at each ingredient, even the ingredients, and make it with peace of mind using selected natural ingredients. All the fragrances used in the steering Safety verification by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)This is the cosmetic grade received.

It's not a cheap paraffin wax extracted from petroleum, but a natural wax made from pure vegetable oil extracted from plants, and when the fragrance is burned, there is little soot, and there is no mass even if you smell it for a long time.

Incense Natural materials made from natureYou will make it by kneading it yourself. I researched and found the aroma of ingredients that can be combined into incense, such as various spices, herbs, resins, and herbal medicines. The ingredients found in this way are received by domestic scents that have carefully selected fragrance ingredients and domestic producers who have grown the ingredients with pride.

In addition to this, try making your own fragrance products with the best ingredients that are healthy and functional, such as soap bases made from organic vegetable oils and shea butter, and diffuser bases based on natural fermented alcohol.

A fragrance that is honest with your feelings,

I'll help you find it.

Take a close look at your favorite scenes and unforgettable memories. I'll kindly explain the process of adding fragrance to each of the elements that make up the scene and combining them naturally. I hope all of you can also experience the experience when the feeling of trembling and excitement is expressed in incense just by thinking.





Hi, this is Monoroom.

We think that the series of experiences of finding a way to suit one's taste and feeling the scent will be remembered as “my scent,” and these habits will build up to create a better lifestyle. I hope you can spend time making and enjoying your own fragrance with us.






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