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Understanding the principles of patterns
7 Class Projects

It takes about 5 to 8 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • tassel

  • card wallet

  • trays

  • My own flat bag

  • My own cylindrical bucket bag

  • My own square bag

  • A leather bag designed by yourself

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the basic principles of making small leather goods

Learn the most basic principles by making small items by cutting directly from a sheet of leather.

Technology that makes it possible to complete a variety of bags just by sewing

We will show you how to complete a variety of small items just by hand sewing.

Draw a pattern that fits the intended purpose and design

Arrange and calculate your own items and draw the necessary patterns.

The process of creating an actual shape using non-woven fabric

Let's make a simple design to see what the drawn pattern would look like if it were made in its actual size and shape.

How to give details and small variations

Create 3 basic bag patterns and learn how to add details and variations.

Make a bag with your own pattern

Create your own bag based on what you've learned and expert tips.

Finishing methods that enhance completeness

We will show you a variety of finishing methods that can easily improve the finish.

How to use auxiliary materials to add detail

It is a method that makes it easy to apply details using holes and auxiliary materials.

This is not a leather craft class.

It's a process of understanding the principles of design and making your own bag.

Hallo I am an HXXX brand Founder and designerIt was Lee Ho-jaeIt's called. Right now, I'm working hard to launch a new brand, LEEHO. This year is already the 17th year of my relationship with Leather, which began a long time ago when I started repairing shoes as a part-time job.

Over 1,000 bags designed over 17 years

I'll show you the know-how to create the desired shape.

The more I learned, the more difficult it was to design. But steadily Over 1,000 bagsBy designing and introducing, we have made bags that do not overdo it, protect goodness, and are not greedy. How the design I thought of is implemented into a real bag, how should I calculate it to create a more ideal shape, Senses through trial and errorI have built up. Like that My know-how developed in the fieldI would like to share it with all of you.

Various small items made by cutting a sheet of leather,

Learn intensive know-how along the way.

How do I find a way to realize the design in my head? We'll send you a piece of leather, some tools, and a prepared pattern in the kit. In the process of drawing patterns and making them in a simple way, I can learn the intensive know-how I have built up over time.

Learn the principles of how patterns are structured and how they are woven together to create a specific shape.

Patterning the design you have thought of yourself,

Practice with designer Ho-jae

If you want to continue leather crafting for a longer time, this is The process of understanding patterningYou know why this matters. Whether you are new to leather crafts or those who have experienced leather crafts at least once, you can take this class How to structure and pattern the design in your headWe have prepared a course so that you can learn more about.

3 most useful bag pattern lessons,

Direct from design to production of leather bags!

Flat square, round, and wide square column bags. Most useful and useful 3 types of leather bag patternsLet's create it together in class. Whether you're a beginner who doesn't know anything, or someone who doesn't think you have any dexterity, I'll let you know that it's possible. Basic pattern work skillsWhile learning, in the middle of the middle, I Apply desired details and transformationsI'll also show you the know-how to do it. Let's take a quick look at the process below to learn the pattern.

I'll start by measuring the size of the bag I need with my everyday items. It's a task to check what shape and size a bag that I can wear with as a habit should be made.

This computational task can be a bit tricky. If it's a square bag, it's a process where you can understand how to draw the necessary part according to the size each side occupies, and if it's a cylindrical bag, how to draw the part of the side that fits perfectly to calculate the circumference ratio.

First, draw the created pattern on a non-woven fabric. Before making an actual bag out of leather, Simply pick it up with a stapler and make it into a real shape This is a process to see with your hands and eyes how the patterns fit together in a three-dimensional shape.

I draw a pattern and make a shape to the actual size with a non-woven fabric, and check more vividly whether it fits the purpose I want to use and whether it is the shape I imagined. The more you practice, the more you'll understand the principles of drawing patterns with your hands and eyes, right?

Once you've created a shape, it's time to experience various transformations. What kind of laces are there, and how should I attach them? What auxiliary materials should we use to make the most of the details? It's a job to add imagination and detail to a sample made of nonwoven fabric. We will help you create a pattern with your own sense of design for each of the 3 types of patterns.

Of course, try making it yourself!

In order to understand the principles of design, it is also essential to learn your own production techniques and create a craft process.

  • Basics of knife work and hand sewing
  • How to finish details with metal decorations
  • How to handle leather, how to finish it
  • How to adjust the thickness of leather

After learning the basic skills in the above course, if you gradually enter the pattern making course, you will be able to understand and learn patterns more quickly. From the bag I want to make, the size bag I need, and how to express the details I want to give in a pattern.

Learn techniques to use like an expert

Let's complete a single leather bag.

Once you've done all the exercises, I'll show you how to draw a pattern of the design you think of with all the know-how that only an expert can pass on, and then complete the pattern with leather. Try drawing your own bag design by patterning it in this class. To accompany this process, we have provided an option to choose additional leather and auxiliary materials in the kit.

Once you know the pattern, there's no limit to the design you can express.

Nowadays, leather crafts are enjoying a variety of hobbies, and it is probably the easiest hobby to learn. As a designer, I'd like to talk with you not only about leather handling and finishing techniques, but also about patterns and details.

By the end of this class, you'll be able to make your own bag of what you need and the shape you want. Now let's make your own bag. I'm here to help.





Hallo I'm Lee Ho-jae, a bag designer.

I would like to share with you the story of my bag, which began with Alba, a repair shop.

I want to share and share my thoughts and philosophy after making and tearing many bags through brands for over 20 years with a dream, and I hope it will be a class where I can show them that bags are not that difficult.



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