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What's the difference between a “best-selling” character?

Hello, 10th year character designer Yoon Hye-jiIt's.

Did you know that “best-selling” characters have specific characteristics? My character I don't knowIn the process of making, I thought about how to make mass production easier, and as a result, the current character was born.

Through this class, I'm going to teach you everything from drawing know-how to “designing a character that sells well” to “making a character design manual like a pro.”

Step by step with me 'Making Money' Character DesignLet's get started?

Characters you love and are memorable

How to create it!

It sounds cute to me, but is it too obvious and childish for others to see?

Anyone can just draw cute graffiti, but the characters drawn by experts are something different. Why it's different, and how to draw it, it's not just graffiti Designs I want to own and look forIf you actually draw and compare it, it's easy to see if this is the case.

Work with me to create new characters and create designs that people can easily remember and love.

repeatedly Existing charactersWhat do you do when it's drawn to look like a field? The final form of character design is so simple that all of the 'cute' images we usually think of have appeared all over the world.

Cats, rabbits, puppies, bears... Someone has already drawn all the animals I'm referring to as motifs. Obviously, I've drawn a new one with my own hands, but if it keeps looking similar to the character designs that have already been shown, I'll show you various ways to combine new character designs.

How can I monetize my drawn characters?

The direction of character design varies a lot depending on the character's purpose.

  1. Characters for content creation : Emoticons, webtoons, etc.
  2. Goods design : Printing goods, figurines, sewing, embroidery, etc.
  3. brand design : Starting a cafe, YouTube channel characters, signage, packages, etc.
  4. Public service campaigns : Local mascots, agency mascots, etc.

Depending on the purpose of drawing, I may have to draw more than 20 application poses, or I draw just one and use it in multiple places. Design will be easier if you know what points to pay attention to and what expressions to avoid depending on the character's usage. with me Purpose-specific character designPlease learn!

Create your own character and design guide!

Did you save the character you drew by just clicking Save? How to apply and use characters design guideI'll show you how to create and save.

In this way, you can easily pick it up and use it according to your needs. Let's make a design manual book together on how to store character sources by referring to Morangi's manual book!

Even if the characters are well-made, the first impression of the characters will also be flimsy if they are clumped together. A manual book is a must for commercial characters. When I sign a formal contract with a company that uses characters, the first design source I get requested is a “manual (guide)” file, but if there are only files that cannot be used as a design, they lose trust and become a business partner they don't want to work with.

I don't know the manual, which has received a lot of reviews for being rich and useful from beginning to end I'll reveal the reason why products have been produced steadily for 10 years and dozens of partners haven't terminated their contracts Thanks to Morangi's design manualIt's no exaggeration to say that.

Create a manual book with goods, emoticons, social media images, etc.!

Let's monetize in a variety of ways.

I'll show you how to use and apply my character image sources included in the manual book. You'll be able to learn how to draw and store your own characters through processes that are actually used in mass production and content services.

How to design characters that will survive for a long time!

The process of individuals commercializing goods and emoticons using characters has already become quite popular. However, even if you know the process, it's hard to survive for a long time without a beautiful and unique character design. I am confident that after taking this class, I will develop a sense of design that sells well and is easy to commercialize for a long time.

Why don't you join me and start making money with my characters?





Draw cute things and do virtues

This is Yoon Hye-ji, a character designer in the 10th year.

Along with Morangi, who started with his first rabbit graffiti on May 11, 2010, he has been working for a long time, from emoticons to mass-produced character businesses.

Don't be in too much of a hurry, and let's work together calmly and be loved for a long time.







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