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Skills You’ll Learn

Lower body diet for women

In addition to exercising, I'll give you information and tips to help you with lower body diets.

The fun of picking and eating! A variety of exercises that are not boring

From upper body exercises to tabata and routine exercises! Let me show you all the fun things about exercise.

Lower body line exercises that make use of hidden advantages

I'll show you a lower body exercise that takes advantage of my strengths and creates the desired lower body line.

The end of the lower body line! Stretching and massaging

I'll make a line and show you some lower body stretches and massages for each area that are good for muscle pain.

No abandonment! Make a diet you can protect yourself

I'll show you how to make a diet that you can easily maintain yourself.

Showing before and after

#라라_하체 diet

Lara's lower body before & after,

I'll show you both the method and the process.

라라어트 수강생 100% 실제 후기

▶ ︎ 100% authentic reviews from Lalaart students

Every time I walk in shorts, it's uncomfortable to roll up because of my thighs.
When I exercise my lower body, I feel uneasy because my legs seem to get firmer and thicker.
As I follow the exercise, I get irritation on my knee or in the wrong place.
It's difficult to choose clothes because of the size of my hips and thighs./The fit isn't pretty.
Because of cellulite, I only look for long pants and long skirts even in hot summers.

The discomfort and concerns that you have had due to lower body obesity,

Let's solve it together through Lala Sam's no-fail 100-day lower body diet?

I finally got out of the lower body obesity complex!

#라라_하체 diet

 라라어트, 라라_1

▶ ︎ Lalaart, Lala_1

Hallo #라라어트 without failure, this is Lala. I am I'm sharing my experience of losing 13 kg and overcoming lower body obesity through various media.

Do you have trouble with a lower body that is more developed than your upper body? Through classes Diet without yo-yo, not to mention lower body obesityI'll help you do it. I only gave up and failed How about a last-minute lower body diet with me?

A breakthrough in finding me #라라어트

People with different top sizes and bottom sizes, people who only lose weight on their upper body, and those who are busy covering their legs I was just that kind of person.

I lost over 10 kg at some point during my college life while enjoying a late-night meal and drinking party. No matter what I wore, I didn't like the way I looked. Naturally, my self-esteem also dropped a lot. Then, suddenly, I was determined to properly change myself from dieting with words only. That's how I began to manage my exercise and diet in a systematic manner.

It's not just about weight numbers

Enjoy the changes in eye body and dimensions!

After 4 months of starting management, I lost 14 kg. The biggest change is the lower body! I lost a whopping 9 cm (= about 3.6 inches) in both thigh and hip circumference. Instead, in places where unnecessary fat was removed, I filled them with muscle to create a healthier leg line. My lower body, which was so complex, became my biggest attraction and symbol.

Starting with weights that make slim and firm thighs

Even lower body stretches that are good for circulation and swelling

I hope many of you will experience the positive changes I have experienced together. As an engineering student, I A systematic lower body diet that I have experienced and researched firsthand for over 2 years! We'll help you diet smartly without getting lost anymore through classes.

Preventing gluttony and gluttony, #rara_식단

I went on a diet. Bun. I don't think anyone who has tried it will do well. There are definitely people who have experienced repeated failures, yo-yos, and the pressure and reluctance to diet diets caused by them. That's why I'm going to teach you diet and tips to not only build your body, but also develop your ability to control your appetite through classes. With a diet that suits you speed up weight loss, Healthy without yo-yoga bodyTry making one!

From weight loss to maintenance, slim and firm #rara_운동 without muscle loss

Exercises that speed up changes in body lines and weight loss! If you exercise healthily, you can diet while preventing muscle loss as much as possible! In a la-art class without yo-yo, I will generously teach you not only cardio and strength training, but also stretches and massages that define the line!

Please bring the mirror closer to the scale! The eye body that changes day by day will be the greatest support and encouragement for all of you.

Growing both internally and externally #rara_자극

One of the reasons why Lalaart doesn't have a yo-yo! Because I have mind and mental careYes! After the class, I'll help you gain confidence in your diet. If you strengthen your mind and mind, you will no longer be stressed or afraid of dieting, and you will be able to maintain it well. I'll tell you everything from my many experiences to successes, failures, and overcoming them! I hope all of you can overcome the complex of lower body obesity and become stronger and stronger with confidence and self-esteem!

“People with significantly different upper body and lower body clothing sizes”
“People who were upset because their upper body kept shrinking no matter how much they dieted”
“What the hell should I do for hip-ups, hips and lower body lines
Those who were frustrated about how to make it”
“Those who dream of graduating from a diet”

Please join me all!

Among the standards of my diet method The most important thing I think about is “being able to do it while having fun until the end.” So that everyone who is tired of repeated diets can enjoy it until the end and build a healthy body! I'll be your diet pacer! Let's meet in class 101!



Rara Daily Fit

Rara Daily Fit

Hello! This is Lala from Lala's diet:) I think of dieting as a great way to lose weight and make my life more confident and healthy with more value than just losing weight. I would like to share with you the changes I have experienced and how to diet effectively and efficiently so that many people can feel it together.

At the end of the class, “Ah! I think I know what a diet is. I think I can diet smartly! ' I will be able to help you overcome the “diet” without being stressed or afraid anymore, and further develop both your confidence and self-esteem!

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