10 chapters · 11 hours 53 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Properly understand the basic techniques of crocheting

Learn how to crochet and how to see and understand crochet symbols.

Create versatile motifs with basic hand knitting techniques

Learn knitting symbols and techniques to create motifs and even learn how to use them.

How to connect auxiliary materials

Learn how to connect various auxiliary materials that are useful if you look at them.

Complete a flower pattern in one go without a connection

Learn a mysterious way to complete a flower pattern in one go without the tedious connection process.

Where to buy additional materials

Here are some additional materials you can buy at the Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop.

Characteristics and uses of various threads and auxiliary materials

Learn about the characteristics and uses of other materials and complete the work.

Together with Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop,

Let's start a fun, learning, and fun game of knitting.

Because of the influence of my knitting mother, books about crocheting and yarn knitting have been like toys I take out when I'm bored since I was a kid. Clumsily following the crochet method I learned over my shoulder and the symbols I saw in the book I used to make doll clothes, make small pockets, and expand my imagination on my own.

This continuous crochet game has continued for over forty years, and I have unknowingly become a knitting expert who inspires others. Currently, the Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop sells a variety of knitting patterns and works. There are also a number of signature works unique to Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop.

Anyone who has fun and wants to learn about knitting with a ruler, and anyone who wants to create unique knitting works can take this class. You need to experience various techniques and learn and enjoy it like “play” using various threads.

In the online class held at the Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop, we have prepared a variety of works to support your continued knitting activities. Just like I did, I will carefully help you learn and develop skills easily.

Created through our “knitting game”

There are 7 works!

The works to be created in this class not only have a special design that can't be found anywhere else due to the special design of the Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop, but they are designed so that you can learn basic techniques and fully practice in the process of making each one.

Use motifs that can be easily created using basic techniques to create useful props,

Instead of just finishing with threads, they also create unique works by connecting various auxiliary materials,

Instead of drawing and connecting flower patterns separately, you can also learn the unique know-how of a bonbon hand-knitting shop where you can open them all at once.

At the end of the class, you'll get a sense of how to make a bag with the design I imagined. I'm already drawing a picture of you thinking about the bag you want to make and starting to have fun knitting.

Use your own knitted bags and accessories every day, and also give gifts around you. Every day that was free, one interesting thing will be captured. We will help you start a fun knitting experience at the Bonbon Hand Knitting Shop.





Bonbon is the representative of the hand knitting shop. Bonbon, which is researching crochet knitting that is prettier and more edgy every day. I would like to share with you the unique sensibility of Shop Bongbong, a design shop unique to Bongbong, which I have never seen anywhere else.

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