14 chapters · 6 hours 12 minutes
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Using iPad and ProCreate
10 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • My room accessories using lines and faces

  • Free and simple illustrations

  • animal characters

  • Forest friends

  • My character

  • People in the streets

  • Background (building)

  • (Bonus) Decorating today's trending Polaroid photos

  • (Bonus) Make Your Own Merchandise_ AirPods Case or GripTalk

  • (Bonus) Make your own goods_ Mochi memo paper

Skills You’ll Learn

Understanding the Procreate tool

Learn basic tools, layer principles, brush types, and coloring methods.

How to find your own color

Find your favorite color and choose your own key color.

How to draw props using lines and surfaces

While learning basic tools, you will learn how to simply draw small items with lines and surfaces.

How to express objects simply

While learning basic tools, you will learn how to draw simple objects with cotton.

How to draw animal characters

Learn how to draw the body shapes and basic movements of animal characters.

How to create your own character

I'll learn how to draw my own characters in three different styles.

How to draw people with various movements

Learn how to draw human characters with various movements.

Draw a simple building

Learn how to simply draw a background photo you've taken in a resource style.

(Bonus) Decorate trending Polaroid photos

Learn how to decorate Polaroid photos by importing objects you've drawn before.

Hi, I'm Indy!

An illustrator who draws and creates cute things in primary colors, and the butler of Cat Poe 'indie'It's called! I didn't major in painting, but I like to draw, so I only enjoyed painting as a hobby, and only later illustratorsI got a job called.

Since I'm not a major, I often get lost because I've never studied painting properly, but I've prepared a class for people who love painting but don't know how to get started or who don't know how to get started.

I prefer drawing various elements and putting them together to draw a single picture rather than a single picture with a background. From time to time Favorite thingsI prefer to leave a picture of. I tend to draw cats that I live with, take pictures of my favorite plants, travel places, and things I like to see in my daily life, and then work on them.

In that respect iPad drawingI really like how easy it is to draw regardless of the material or location. Of course, there are ways to draw by hand or on a tablet, but iPad drawing has the advantage of being able to work anywhere while drawing easily and easily!

I'll show you how to find your own color and apply it to a painting, and how to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day drawing objects one by one to create a single painting.

Crooked, free lines don't matter, or you can start by simply painting with cotton.

Feel free to join me Draw easily and comfortably in your own style and color!

It's OK even if it's your first time with Indie.

I'll start by showing you how to use the “Procreate” program on iPad. I'll look at my favorite textured brushes, basic tool descriptions, and frequently used effects.

Simpler, cuter!

Shaping the props around me Let's draw it simply.

You can easily unravel pictures with straight lines, squares, and circles. Let's draw small props step by step and make them into a single picture. As you learn the basic tools, you'll draw various objects in circles and squares.

Objects drawn like this can also be decorated like stickers after applying a Polaroid effect to my photos.

I'll also draw a simplified version of a building or house I like from the photos I've taken.

I'll show you how to simplify a building, draw large shapes, and add details and textures to complete it. It's complicated when you first draw a building, but if you know how to draw easily, then you'll be able to easily draw beautiful buildings and buildings you've seen at travel destinations.

What color would I like?

So that anyone can see that it's my painting, Your own colorLet's look for. I'll find out if my favorite colors are pastel tones, primary colors, warm colors, or blue colors. Then I'll create a palette filled with my favorite colors.

I originally liked primary colors, so I also liked clothes and accessories primary colorThere are a lot of them. As a result, I often work with my favorite primary colors when drawing. Not many colors are used in my paintings. usually Two or three colorsI only draw pictures with. Instead of drawing with limited colors, try to vary the style of the picture, or create a diverse feel with shadows, textures, etc. Even with few colors How to draw colorful picturesI'll let you know until!

From characters that look like me to round and round animal characters

You can write a picture diary or write it here and there My characterI'm going to make one first. Using the characteristics I know about myself, I will simply understand my body shape and draw in three different styles.

Also, I'll show you how to draw people easily. Let's draw people with simple faces, but with a few expressions, showing emotion and performing various actions. You can draw a picture of a friend or family member by adding an accent to your hair and clothes, or try on the clothes you wanted to wear!

I'll even make cute animal characters in circles. What is the ratio of animal characters, and how to draw cute animals. Understand the points and body shapes of animal characters, and draw frequently used movements.

I hope I can spend time drawing my own paintings in an easy, fun, and complete way, focusing on the things I like and the things I have seen.

Drawing doesn't feel like homework, and I'm looking for my own style I hope it will be a fun time to draw!





Hallo I'm indie:) I've been working as an illustrator for about 6 years, and now I'm an illustrator working as a freelancer running an RYB Naver store where I draw and create cute things in primary colors. I'm not a major, so I lost a lot in drawing in the early days, but as I drew in the process, I was able to do simple yet complete tasks in a style that I could do well. For those of you who are new to drawing or are interested, I would like to work with you so that you can draw in your own colors in a light, fun, fun, and authentic way without putting effort into it!



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