Use pixel art
13 Class Projects

It takes about 20 minutes to 1 hour or more to complete one class project.

  • The main character, the main character, Cactiter

  • ILJIN THREE FRIENDS characters

  • 1-bit characters

  • 1-bit buildings and backgrounds

  • Automobiles/Burning Cars

  • Building and background

  • floor tile

  • Items and where to get them (mailbox)

  • Nearby objects

  • Classic game style title and UI

  • Intro logo

  • TV On/Off effect

  • Complete a full image using pixel resources

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use the Aseprite program

Learn Aseprite, an easy-to-use pixel art tool.

Building the basics of pixel art

Learn the basics with 1-bit style pixel art.

Game background drawing

Learn how to draw 8-bit style backgrounds for buildings, floors, objects, and items

Game character drawing

Draw the basic postures of the main character and enemy characters, walking, hitting, attacking, and being hit

Create classic game resources

From the game boot screen to the title logo, we will make the most of the taste of classic games

Animate characters

Let's add motion to a stopped character and add various effects such as explosions and healing.

Using Photoshop and After Effects to complete

Two programs are used to create high-quality retro game videos.

Video production know-how

Become a pixel artist with Retrocat's unique know-how for pixel art video production

Hello, I'm Retrocat.

Welcome to the world of pixel art made with dots.

What do you think is attractive about pixel art? What is the biggest attraction of pixel art simplicityI think so.

If you look at it in a way, the pixels are big and clunky, but on the other hand, they're also cute Simple forms of retro sensibilityI think this is fascinating. I hope that all of you will listen to my classes and feel the appeal of it together.

In my class The process of starting with the simplicity of pixel art and searching for detailIt contains.

Pixel art isn't that difficult?

To put it bluntly It's not difficult. Pixel art doesn't require detailed or elaborate work. You can easily follow along too!

The simple Invaders classic pixel art game is still popular. That's because I'm fascinated by the retro sensibility! Get started with pixel art that doesn't have details but has a special charm!

Immerse yourself in the charm of pixel art

This is my first pixel art drawing in May 2015.

At that time, I started blindly because I wanted to quit the company and become a solo game developer. I first started with Photoshop because I didn't know anything about pixel programs, and there wasn't much I could learn. Classic games and videos were my mentors, and I searched for materials and captured them random I also tried imitating it.

That's how I fell in love with pixel art! There were times when I spent the whole night working. Over time, I expanded my field and created various works.

Add + skills to the basics

I wanted to go beyond simply designing pixel art and incorporate video. So I created a video of a classic arcade game by creating resources one by one!

Until now until now A pixel art program called Aseprite I used it for about 7,137 hours! (Currently in progress, January 14, 22, lol) I used it steadily little by little every day. Would you like to join me in falling in love with the appeal of pixel art?

Let's join Retrocat!

Step by step from the basics

Draw in classic 1-bit style pixel art 16x16 size. It's simple, but if you find the point in that simplicity, it's not difficult to express it.

8-bit classic game style character drawing

Instead of just cutting, you'll learn various poses and animations such as basic postures, attacks, walking, and death.

Add animations to interact with nearby objects

It would be boring if the surrounding objects were simple, right? Let's add various effects that respond to the main character's actions!

Let's create a classic game title and UI.

The above resources alone don't feel like a classic game. I will try to create elements that will further enhance the feeling of a classic game.

Final capture of Huayong! ABreathe in with the fter effect

I will use After Effects to complete details that could not be done in Aseprite. CRT monitor-like effects, TV on/off, etc cool Let's learn how to insert effects:)

Sometimes the process can feel difficult.
But you can do it too!
Why don't you finish it with me?

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Welcome to the world of pixel art, a world made of dots!


Getting ready and exploring Aseprite


Learn the basics of pixel art step by step


8-bit retro game style pixel art background drawing


8-bit retro game style pixel art character drawing


Animate a stationary character using Aseprite


Using Photoshop to create classic arcade game resources


Using After Effects to Complete an Overall Animation Part 1


Using After Effects to Complete an Overall Animation Part 2


Congratulations! You finished it all the way to the end.




Hello, I'm Retrocat, a man crazy about pixel art/dots.

I was a GUI designer in the 11th year, but now I'm working as a freelance pixel artist. 5 years ago, when I was self-taught pixel art, I had no place to learn. Meanwhile, now is a great opportunity for me to share my know-how with you in class 101.

You don't need drawing skills. Pixel art created by gathering dots is not difficult.

It's easy for anyone to get started if they're persistent.

I hope you learn a lot from my classes.

I will also be a developing pixel artist. Thank you


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