13 chapters · 11 hours 9 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

Have you Ever Wanted to Groove like a Professional Dancer?

You can learn how to dance in the comfort of your home. Master all 10 different choreographies in this online class at your own pace.

✔️ 10 Detailed Choreography Guides

✔️ Easy to Follow Step by Step Pointers& Specific Guidance From the Instructor

✔️ Learn on Your Own Pace on Any Device for an Entire Year

✔️ Class taught in Korean audio & English subtitles

Immersive Experience Beyond Screen

This class is for dancers of all levels including:

Every chapter comes with choreography breakdowns with tricks and tips from the JustJerk crew.

  • All dance moves and steps are broken into counts.
  • Detailed explanations of each move and step by actual choreographers.
  • Special video player functions - use loop functions and speed adjustments to follow the choreography at your own pace.

1:1 online feedback to all students! Get answers directly from the JustJerk crew if you are puzzled about anything.

What You Will Learn in this Class

Step 01: Basic training routines

Learn how to prepare yourself before dancing. These exercises will teach you how to smoothly groove.

Step 02: Fundamental moves to apply in your own choreography

Each chapter comes with each different level of difficulties. Learn each level to master dance choreo.

Step 03: 10 Different choreographies broken down into details

Get the most choreo details broken down into counts. Will be going through each step by step with counts. At the end, the complete overview will be shown as well.

Step 04: Tips for stage performance

Each chapter will be showing performance tips by each master. You will not only learn the choreography but also additional lessons on how to dance like us.






First place in Body Rock 2016

First place at Feedback competition 2014

Featured guest at Elements XVII 2017

Quarter finalist dance group at America’s Got Talent S12 2017

— Performance video viewed over 5M

Exclusive performance at the opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Second place at Feedback competition 2019 (Jerk Family)

Top satisfaction rate class at Kinjaz Dojo

Although all these award lists may seem too far ahead, we weren’t so different from you. We made countless efforts by practicing day and night to win the title. After that practice phase, we entered into the Body Rock Competition. At the Body Rock competition, our goal was 3rd place. We thought 3rd place was even the highest we can achieve at the moment. After the competition, we sat at the award ceremony and saw the other team winning 3rd place. As soon as we saw 3rd place owned by a different team, we didn’t expect much. 2nd place was given to another team and we thought ‘maybe it’s not the time for us. Let’s just go to K-Town and get some pork belly’. But then, our name was announced and everybody looked at us. Everybody cheered, congratulated us and told us to come forward. We were puzzled and couldn’t believe that this actually happened to us.

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