11 chapters · 10 hours 40 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Making sketching easier

Learn the order of sketching when drawing an object and learn how to sketch easily.

How to use oil pastels as a basis

Learn basic techniques for adjusting pen pressure and understanding materials.

Draw using points

Learn how to express with dots and draw clouds and trees.

Draw using lines

Learn how to use lines by practicing the various thickness changes of lines and drawing plants.

Understanding and drawing faces and dimensions

Learn how to make noodles by extending lines, and learn three-dimensional expressions by extending noodles.

Practice gradients

Learn natural gradations by adjusting hand strength and using tools.

Why oil pastels?

The charms of oil pastels are endless

Hallo Creator picture spaceIt's.

I usually like Impressionist painters. I mainly work on oil painting, but the soft and rough touch of oil painting is attractive. However, it is cumbersome and difficult for beginners to use in everyday life.

Oil pastels make good use of the feel of oil painting, yet they are easy to use and very easy to use. It's like when I was a kid Advanced version of crayfishWould you say that?

I can draw a dense picture with just a simple touch Materials suitable for beginners to get started with paintingI think so.

From oil pastel care to utilization!

In class How to shave, trim, and maintain oil pastelsAfter learning, you'll learn about points, lines, and faces.

point, line, face. I can draw all the pictures in three ways

In all of my classes Learn all expressions with just three types of points, lines, and faces. You can draw all the pictures by just memorizing the dots, lines, and faces. It's a very simple principle where points come together to form a line, lines come together to form a surface, and faces come together to form a three-dimensional object.

Of course, a lot of practice is required to lead to a natural picture. I'll slowly help you through the process of drawing naturally.

A natural and luxurious oil pastel gradation method!

Not burdensome Gradient expressionI'll also learn about it. Even with just two colors, if you practice blending them well, you can give them a nice and sophisticated look.

It expresses fairytale-like colors

I will create works using colors that go well with 72 oil pastel colors to create fairytale colors. Beginners can draw great pictures with just 2 or 3 colors! Blending and gradation techniques, which are the core of the class, can be improved through exercises to control hand strength.

The sketch also has an order

Even if I draw a single leaf, what should I draw first?

From drawing simple objects to how to draw a landscape with a sense of perspective, if you understand the order and composition, you can draw well.

Capturing the beauty of the seasons

My studio, the Japanese-style room, has a park spread out over a window. You can enjoy the outside scenery all the time you paint. Since I spend most of my time in the Japanese-style room, I enjoy “landscape bruising.” The feeling of excitement every time the seasons changeI'm going to draw it by capturing it in a picture. Everyone, too, can enjoy the landscape while painting with oil pastels.

I like winter

Winter is somehow romantic. It's also the season when I have the most materials I want to draw. I couldn't miss the wreath, tree, and candle decorations, so I included them all in the curriculum. You can create the feeling of winter with just one Christmas tree. At the end of the year, you can draw pictures and give gifts to many people. Instead of buying Christmas props, I can do that with pictures.

I run a firebox and have know-how for beginners

<This is a work for regular class students who carefully learn basic shapes. >

<This is the work of an elementary school student>

People of all ages, from elementary school children to adults, visit my Japanese style room. Many of you are new to painting, can you do it well? You come here with this concern, but when the results come out, be satisfied and happy. That kind of look empowers me and makes me feel rewarded. It's also a source of strength to study lessons.

Even if you don't draw well or learn brilliant techniques, you'll learn step by step using minimal techniques. I want you to feel the happiness of painting through this lesson.

<This is a one-day class work for students who are new to painting>

I moved my Japanese-style room and painting space classes as they were.

I spent a long time drawing and teaching drawing, and refined the know-how I had created in more detail through online classes. Meet a variety of people you can't meet offline and communicate with them through pictures. I'll help you keep drawing as a hobby even after class.

Why don't you explore the fun and fun of painting with me?





Hallo This is a painting space. There is a feeling of happiness that cannot be compared to anything else when it comes to painting. It's a happy thing to be able to focus on the process, discover who you are, and feel a sense of accomplishment in completing a work through time fully dedicated to yourself.

I'm a beginner, can I draw well? I don't even know the character 'he' in the picture? These thoughts made painting difficult for me as a hobby. I think oil pastels are the right material for beginners to get started in painting. It brings out the nostalgia you used to wear with crayfish when you were a kid, and it's also great for creating finished works due to the density of the ingredients. Even if you are new to art, you can also get a sense of accomplishment by following them one by one, creating a wonderful painting.

I've been dreaming of being a painter since I was a child, and since I majored in Western painting at university and obtained a master's degree in art education, I have taught students practical skills for entrance examinations for over 15 years, from basics to entrance art. Currently, I am operating a firebox in my hometown. I met various non-majors and learned that they couldn't draw but wanted to draw well, and I prepared a class with concerns about how many people could take up painting as a hobby.

I hope that many people can become painters with me by experiencing the painting space, which is the center of the neighborhood, through online classes, even if they don't visit the painting space.



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