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Joshua Esmeralda

Painting Portraits with an iPad: Digital Drawing Course Using Procreate



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Skills You’ll Learn

Master the tools

Practice through specific activities

Learn how I do light, shadow, and coloring

Draw full portraits with me step by step

Make portraits all on your own

Class Summary

I started my journey painting just like everyone else, from the beginning. I challenged myself to get better one step at a time by doing digital drawings every day about the subjects I love most: the people around me and characters from my favorite series.

I will show you all the techniques I use as I walk you through my self-taught process of painting digital portraits in Procreate.

Class Takeaways

  • Gain the ability to turn anyone into priceless and timeless works of art.
  • Be able to cover everything from sketching the anatomy of the head and facial features to applying light, shadow and color to create natural skin tones.
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to paint portraits of your friends and family or make your fan art of whoever you admire.

This Class Is For

  • People who struggle with drawing faces. Complete your artwork by following along step by step with me and learning all my iPad tools, tips and tricks.
  • Beginners in digital drawing or artists who are used to drawing in their style. I will help you take your artwork to the next level with this portrait painting masterclass.
  • Artists prefer to learn the fundamentals in a fun, interactive way by practicing at their own pace, completing activities and getting direct feedback from me instead of watching a simple how-to video with a one-way lecture covering basic techniques.

Class Requirements

  • You need to have your own Procreate to take the class. For more information, please visit here.
  • Please Note: Students will have to purchase the Procreate application. It is not included in the course package.



Welcome to portrait painting


Digital Drawing


Drawing heads


Practicing Values and Edges


Painting with color


Portrait Composition and Process


Painting a Portrait from a Reference Photo


How to do portrait studies all on your own




Joshua Esmeralda

Joshua Esmeralda

Hi, I’m Joshua, a self-taught artist based in the Philippines. Since I was a child I was fascinated with cartoon characters and drawing them. All it was back then was a hobby, but I realized it could be so much more.

In 2015, I made a new year’s resolution to draw everyday in the hopes of getting better, a habit I have kept ever since. Everyday, for the past five years I have been practicing from the fundamentals, to experimenting and finding my own style. I started from nothing and learned through online tutorials, books, and studying from other artists.

Now I work as a freelance character illustrator and have worked on illustrations for book covers, movie posters and concept art for international TV series. I have put together this class to summarise all those years of learning into one course.


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