Using Linocad
13 Class Projects

It takes about 5 to 25 minutes to complete one class project.

  • Pipe ring 1

  • Twisted chain ring

  • jewelry ring

  • Heart flat ring 1

  • Ring with an open pipe

  • Twisted basic ring

  • Circle shaped cross section ring

  • Heart flat ring 2

  • Square cross section ring

  • Heart volume ring

  • Heart cross section ring

  • pipe wave ring

  • pipe spiral ring

Skills You’ll Learn

Let's start with the basics of the program

It's OK even if you're new to CAD.

I'll draw a round jewel

Learn about round gems and nimble feet that can actually be used.

Learn how to make a heart

Hearts are used a lot in jewelry. You'll learn how to make a heart.

Learn kinks

How to make a twist! Learn know-how.

Learn curves and tools

Practice the curves and tools required for the 13 rings.

Use the pipe command to make 4 styles of rings

First, you'll learn how to pipe a curve.

Rotate the rail to make a three-sided ring

Rail rotation is an important command when making jewelry. I'm going to use this to make 3 rings.

Let me introduce you to a company that prints rings

It's a place I've been using for 10 years, and I'll even tell you how to request a finished output file.

Hello, I'm Oh from Rhino OTV!

I originally worked for a diamond appraisal company. Rings are too expensive, so why not make your own? I came to study CAD because I felt like that. That's how I started CAD I also made my own wedding ring! I also bought a diamond, left it right at the factory, and I was able to make it in my own style at a reasonable price, so I felt warm every time I saw the ring.

CAD, wouldn't it be difficult?

This is not a class that teaches you about Rhinocad from beginning to end. We have prepared it so that you can make a ring while drinking your favorite tea in a free and relaxed atmosphere at home! The rings we are going to make are basic and popular rings. Draw a cross section with a curve to complete a ring with the rail rotation command, how to make a ring using various shapes of hearts, or how to make a ring by easily twisting with the flow command along the curveI'll let you know! Also, why is it difficult to modify according to the number of points when making a heart, how and why to make a beautiful shape with a cage command when making a volume heart ring, Easy way to adjust Lake Ring I'll tell you all about it!

It might be difficult at first, but if you follow the same steps while watching the video, you'll be able to make your own beautiful ring! For those of you who have trouble, we'll also provide a sample file. You can just draw according to the sample file:)

Why work digitally?

Working with CAD is safe thanks to stored data, Much more delicate, easier and faster You can do it. Even if there is an issue in the production process, there is no choice but to create a more perfect product that CAD can continue to modify. If you make a piece of jewelry, that It is much easier to transform and make series products. In fact, the Jongno jewelry factory makes the original with a single CAD and mass-produces it.

You can apply it any number of shapes and shapes you want.

You will learn about basic and popular rings, and the rings will change depending on how you handle the CAD and processing, and how you design them. If you engrave on a basic ring, it will be an engraved ring, and if you add birthstone jewelry, it will be a birthstone ringIt's going to be. It can be fully applied in various ways to make it like this, right? Let's try our favorite design too!

Create a ring that fits your hand

I'll show you how to print out a file with the shape and shape you want and make a truly special ring of your own! From how to adjust it to fit your finger size, how to request a printing companyIf you follow me step by step, you'll see a beautiful ring stuck in my hand, right?

Make your own special ring, join me!

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Welcome to Rhino OTV's class.


Learn the basics of Rhino


Practice the basics of Rhino


Making a basic ring


How to make a heart ring


Making a jewelry ring


Making a twisted ring


How to make a ring you design


Congratulations on your stubbornness.





This is Oh Hye-jin, a CAD freelancer driver, and Oh from Rhino OTV.

I discovered CAD by chance while working for a diamond appraisal company, and I fell in love with making jewelry using computers!

My long term after working as a CAD engineer for 10 years is that I can simply make jewelry without taking too long.

It's not difficult for all of you to wear a ring I'll help you make it ^^




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