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I couldn't see it anywhere

Unrivaled content

Inside your face

Makeup consulting to find advantages

A makeup artist is a consultant who finds the advantages of a face through observation. I think this class is a consulting service that finds the strengths in your face.

Use my classes to find your own makeup so that you can create sophisticated images by taking advantage of your strengths rather than compensating for your shortcomings.

My face I didn't know

An opportunity to understand correctly

Most people don't know exactly what kind of face they are. When I ask people to describe their own face through surveys, the actual face shape is often different from what they know. Let's find out more about your face with me.

with 16 ordinary models

Find the makeup that's right for you

Every person's face is as different as fingerprints on their fingers. We worked with 16 layman models to explain all types.

If you compare the eyebrows, skin texture, and skin tone of various models one by one, you can find the type that is most similar to yours.

If you follow along, before you know it

Your own makeup that you will find

Try following along by watching a video of the class rather than a complicated explanation. You can find the right makeup for you by comparing the type of model and your situation. You'll feel more confident about makeup when you complete the class.

There is no such treatment

Details that create a sense of vibrancy

Have you ever heard that you cover your dark circles and look tired that day too? Makeup for dark circles also needs to be different depending on the color. The wrong makeup can make your face look rather tired. You must properly understand your situation and apply appropriate makeup.

Without keeping up with the trend

Time to find me

If straight eyebrows are popular, 95 out of 100 people walking on the street have straight eyebrows. You can be the most stylish and naive if you wear makeup that suits you. Find out how to balance the overall balance of your face and highlight your own unique appeal through classes.

The concerns on the faces of thousands

Ham Kyung-sik's know-how that solved it

Every day, I observed dozens of faces and researched makeup methods to match them. I created a class based on my know-how.

Slowly follow basic to advanced skills. If you follow along while taking the class, you'll be able to find makeup that suits your face shape, eyes, and eyebrows.

Cover scars with makeup

Includes all know-how and cases

Not only a universal case I tried to capture a variety of cases, such as how to cover scarred areas and how to cover incorrect semi-permanent treatments. I'll share the know-how I've built up over 20 years of observing and applying makeup on many faces.

The class that moved directly from Cheongdam Shop

The very product that Ham Kyung-sik uses

I moved the actual products used at Cheongdam Salon de Gift to the shooting site. For those of you who are usually interested in makeup and are curious about what kind of products they use in the shop, we will publish them.

Exceeding the limits of video

A vivid experience

Detailed edits that are easy to follow

I've carefully edited it so that you can follow along as you take the class and that students can watch comfortably.

According to my face shape, tone, and skin type

Ham Kyung-sik's PICK cosmetics list

In addition to the products used in the class, Director Ham Kyung-sik will directly recommend items from various brands that can be replaced. Find the brands and products that are right for you.

The same color as applied to the back of the hand

Take the course on the same screen as in real life

Perfect answer to your questions

Signature comment feedback

If you have any questions that aren't answered in class, please comment. Director Ham Kyung-sik will answer your concerns.



Ham Kyung-sik

Ham Kyung-sik

Hello, I'm Ham Kyung-sik, a makeup artist. Now I'm preparing for class 101 and makeup classes. I was able to solve the parts that were disappointing while on YouTube and the parts that were disappointing while broadcasting beauty on TV with Class 101. I've created a class where I can show you the know-how I've built up over 20 years as a makeup artist in great detail. I hope many people will take this class and find their own advantages and makeup methods.

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