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Let's get started today with crochet bags and accessories that even beginners can pick up!


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Using a crochet needle and thread
9 Class Projects

It takes about 1-8 hours to complete one class project.

  • Teamat made of yarn


  • point border card holder

  • cylindrical heart tote bag

  • Cell phone gold chain crossbody bag

  • Glenny square shoulder bag

  • herringbone shoulder bag

  • [Additional components] Mini crossbody bag DIY kit

  • [Additional components] Bottle cover DIY kit

Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basics of highly useful crochet

Step by step from the basics, you will learn short knitting techniques that are useful for opening bags and hats.

Mix 2 color threads to make a bag

Let's make a two-layer tote bag using paper thread.

Learn Han Gil Long Knitting and Puffstitch

It uses long knitting and puff stitching to create a lovely heart pattern.

Learn to cross knit

Let's make a cell phone bag by adding a chain string to the cross-knitting technique.

Learn herringbone stitch

I will make a bag using a herringbone stitch with a special charm.

Even if you're new to crocheting, it's okay if your fingertips aren't good at it.

Hallo Love Country makes crochet bags and accessories. In this class, we have prepared a curriculum for beginners who want to get started in crochet, from how to look at a design, to learn the basics and create slightly more difficult works.

An exciting first step, learn how to make a circle!

Circular knitting with crochet is the most basic and highly versatile knitting technique. I use it a lot for hats and bags, so even if you learn this technique, you can say that half crochet has started. Once you've learned the basics of crochet, you can use it to mix colored threads to create a wonderful COLOR MIX TOTE BAGI'm going to complete it. A card wallet with a cute border point that makes full use of leftover threadLet's make it up to

If you learn circular knitting, you will also be able to understand the principles of increasing size. Take what you've learned to the next level and create a circular floor Han Gil Kin-jiI'm going to make a bag with. At this time, it is often used to make bags and cushions Puffstitch techniqueIf you add, A charming bag with a lovely heart patternThis is voila! It's finished.

Without complicated finesse, the pattern alone is beautiful.

Love Country likes simple and simple designs that are easy for beginners to make, rather than colorful and complicated ones. You can create as many wonderful works as you want, even with a unique pattern woven with thread without complicated finesse.

There are times when I get bored when I work on basic knitting over and over. In this case, it's also a good idea to try a new pattern with a different thread color.

Let's try using auxiliary materials too?

Let's try out a new design using auxiliary materials in the finished bag! Depending on what auxiliary materials and how they are used, all knitting works will have a different atmosphere.

If you follow me step by step and complete all the works in the class, you'll be able to create works on your own based on what you've learned. Why not try out the additional DIY kit prepared by Love Country:)

My first crochet, which I just started buying,

Love Country will join us.

I'll give you a thorough and detailed explanation so that it's not difficult even for first-time crochet beginners. Nine works that are simple but have a wonderful charmI hope you will definitely feel the pride and happiness you feel every time you complete them one by one:)



Welcome to the crochet class with Love Country!


Making a tea mat step by step from the basics


How to make a colormix tote bag and card wallet


How to make a lovely cylindrical heart-patterned tote bag


How to make a cell phone gold chain crossbody bag


How to make a GRENY SQUARE shoulder bag


How to make a herringbone shoulder bag


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




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