3D calligraphy made with MAYA (MAYA)
6 Class Projects

It takes about 1-4 hours depending on task difficulty to complete one class project.

  • Practice modeling using extrude and Boolean

  • You're prettier than flowers

  • I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday.

  • Hangeul Day

  • class 101

  • Merry Christmas to you

Skills You’ll Learn

Importing a file to a calligraphy computer

As a first start, you'll learn 3 ways to import calligraphy into a computer file.

Converting an image from an illustration

You'll learn how to convert an illustration to a 3D file written in Maya.

Making 3D calligraphy in Maya

You'll learn how to import a file created from an illustration and create it in 3D.

Laying the foundations of Maya

Start with the Maya basic interface and learn frequently used Maya functions.

Modeling the background of 3D calligraphy

You'll learn how to model for a background using Maya's basic modeling.

Create materials with Arnold's nodes and image textures

You'll learn about wood, leather, plastic, metal, rubber, holograms, and glass materials.

Lighting and camera settings

In Maya, you'll learn the right lighting method and camera settings for each job.

Rendering the final result

You'll learn how to render efficiently and with the right numerical render settings.

Creating and nominating textures using Photoshop

You'll learn about candidate selection work that adds effect to the final result in Maya.

Hello, this is Baekgu's 3D calligraphy.

I went to a 3D school, created a portfolio, and got a job at an advertising company As a 3D general artist, I worked in modeling, render writing, and animation, and now I specialize in CG work in movies. I started as a hobby under the influence of a friend who is doing calligraphy, and gradually Express your own personalityI wanted to try it. That's why I'm good at 3D calligraphy combined with 3DI was able to do it.

Staying at home for a long time these days A 3D Maya that can turn your imagination into realityis a program that is interesting and fun enough to enjoy as a hobby. It even has the appeal and advantage of being able to do all of this with just one computer. This class Combining popular calligraphy with 3D Maya introductory coursesBy doing it, you can take the burden of being hard and difficult, and you can learn easily and in a fun way.

Once you are stubborn with classes, you'll find that you can do a lot of work with fewer features than you might think. At the same time, you will naturally be able to apply it to your own work. Continuing to enjoy working by adding a tool called 3D to your ideasThis is my goal and desire for this lesson.

3D, wouldn't it be difficult?

I'm unfamiliar with 3D programs, but they're too difficult and take a long time
What if I lose interest and give up in the middle?

The 3D program I use in my 3D calligraphy class is MAYA (MAYA). Maya Used in many video industries such as movies, commercials, animation, and gamesIt will be. There are as many features as you can do so many different tasks, and it takes a lot of time to learn them. But I Using experience and know-how as a practitioner, the curriculum is structured around features that are easy to apply while grasping only the coreI did it.

To be able to learn easily and effectively

I prepared assignments at the end of each lesson. If you create your own work by applying what you've learned through the assignments, you'll be able to see the results right away, so it's fun and you'll be able to quickly adapt to the tool. At the same time, you can check how much you understand yourself. All essential features will be announced directly in the class, but other than that A PDF guide with images of add-ons you should know or might be confusingI'll give you one!

Do you also learn calligraphy?

The class does not cover calligraphy methods. I will mainly learn Maya, which can do 3D calligraphy and modeling, and also learn additional 3D import sketches, and illustrations and photoshop for candidates.

My own 3D calligraphy work using my own calligraphy sourcesYou can make it. Also, I'll give you all the calligraphy images I use in class as materials, so it would be great to practice.

A work full of my own personality

The finished product is created as an image through rendering. Images can be inserted Books, business cards, posters, thumbnails, postcards, image resources You can use it everywhere! Now let's create your own 3D text and colorful 3D background image work that was only seen in commercials and apply it to your own design. We support you to create your own unique work through 3D work.

There are endless results and application methods that can be obtained by combining the functions and designs of 3D graphics. I hope that many people will learn about this kind of joy, and it will help the world of expression become more diverse and broadened!

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The first step to fun 3D


Laying the foundations of Maya


3D calligraphy made with Maya


3D background modeling that makes calligraphy stand out


Making “You Prettier Than Flowers”


Making “I sincerely congratulate you on your birthday”


Making “Hangeul Day”


Creating “class 101”


Making “Merry Christmas to You”


Congratulations on your stubbornness!!


Baekgu 3D Calli

Baekgu 3D Calli

Hello, this is Baekgu's 3D calligraphy. I worked as a 3D general artist on the advertising side and am currently working as a 3D artist in the film industry.

One day when I was doing calligraphy as a hobby, I was wondering if there was a different way to express my personality in countless calligraphy works, and what was born is three-dimensional calligraphy and typography combined with my 3D work. You don't need to know all the features of Maya, just as you don't need to know all the features of Maya unless you're an expert in photoshop and illustration, and use only the necessary techniques. We have prepared classes focusing on features that are well used when designing in 3D Maya, and essential features such as lighting and cameras. Therefore, it is not difficult and fun for beginners and beginners to follow.

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, 3D technology will be further developed and used more. In addition to adding a three-dimensional style that distinguishes them from others to their calligraphy work, I prepared this class with the hope that many people, including designers currently working in various occupations, will diversify and expand the world where they can combine their work with their work through an introduction to 3D programs.


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