8 chapters · 11 hours 24 minutes
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Using thread and crochet
6 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 24 hours hour(s) to complete each project.


  • Zero waste, colorful bag bag

  • Mini mini acorn bucket bag

  • Retro grenny square tote bag

  • Rose garden bamboo handle tote bag

  • Mochilla bucket bag for the 'Coachella Music Festival'

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of crochet

I lay the foundation by learning how to make a circular nose by wrapping it around my finger, starting with how to draw a pattern.

Make a beautiful everyday bag by knitting motifs

I make a daily bag by connecting two simple and pretty motifs.

Circular floor knitting with short knitting

I completely learn how to knit the floor with a short knit, which is the basis of the bottom of a bag.

Make a great acorn bucket bag with our special tips

Learn about layered short knitting and wave patterns to create a trendy acorn bucket bag.

Making a zero-waste bag

Learn how to make a round trip with a color scheme that can be applied to other works.

Making a retro grenny square bag

Learn how to connect a different granny square pattern with a wood ring.

Rose Garden Bamboo Handle Tote Bag Making

Learn how to make an oval floor completely and learn new crochet patterns.

Making a Mochilla bag for Coachella

I perfectly learn the mochilla technique with a nice pattern that goes well with the Coachella music festival.


We sincerely welcome you to ANSEAL KNITTING STUDIO.

Learn a hobby where you can create your own, precious works for yourself.

Anns is a knitting designer who loves knitting. I am preparing for this class with the hope that everyone will feel the charm of knitting and create wonderful works by sharing my knitting know-how, which I have been working professionally for over 10 years.

I hope you will find a precious hobby that you can share for a lifetime with Anns unique design and know-how. Let's slowly fall in love with the charm of hand knitting, step by step, with friendly videos and explanations.

A total of 6 different bags!

Let's complete each one with a different charm.

A pretty knit bag you used to only look at on the internet or in magazines, now you can make your own. We carefully pack everything from the basic skills required to make knitted accessories, to the basic details and details of making a bag. A friendly class that even beginners who are not good at knitting can followIt's going to be.

Making hand knitting accessories, starting from the basics

First, let's start by wrapping your fingers to make a round nose, which is the most basic skill in hand knitting props! Let's make a bag that can be used on a daily basis by drawing up an easy and fun motif. If you learn about circular nose by wrapping your fingers, which is the basis of circular knitting, and if you learn the basics of motifs, you can apply them as much as you like when making other props.

I'll also show you how to easily arrange colors.

I'll teach you how to freely color colors while making zero-waist bag bags that replace plastic bags and think about nature. With pleasant colors and a classic design, it is a work that is easy to coordinate and can be used for many purposes. Choose your favorite color and express it with your own personality:)

High quality design, along with ANS's know-how!

This class A practical design that can be coordinated with both casual and formal wear throughout the four seasonsI have prepared a curriculum that you can create for yourself. To be able to fully learn the basics and complete wonderful bags I'll share with you Ansmann's knitting know-how.

You can experience a variety of threads.

While creating a total of 6 works, eco-friendly 100% cotton, wool, linen paper yarn, etc. Experience threads of various materials and see what differences in texture can the differences in materials come outI'm going to learn. Let's create a more special and complete work together with a wonderful combination of various thread materials and weaves!

Use of auxiliary materials that will add 300% appeal

Adding just one auxiliary material to a simple and simple bag can make a difference in the mood. Use auxiliary materials in a sensible mannerIf you do, you'll be able to create a bag that no one will be envious of! How to become a fashion person with a crochet bag is not difficult, right? :)

Let's start together, knitting!

Through this class with Anse, you don't just follow along and create, Time to complete your own knitting designI want you to be like this. I would be very proud and happy if one day you could complete a better work than me. I'm looking forward to meeting you:)

To a knitted playground
We invite you!



anne's sil

anne's sil

I'm Anseil, a knit designer who has completed a Japanese Vogue course. My dream and goal is to spread the word about the appeal of knitting, which makes it easy to create cool works through my class~ Let's heal with knitting together

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