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Skills You’ll Learn

The Basics of French Embroidery and How to Use the Materials

Learn the basic materials and skills for embroidery.

Turn the Scene You Want into a Pattern

You'll learn a simple way to turn a scene of your choice into a pattern.

Choosing the Right Color and Stitch for the Pattern

Learn stitches and colors that create and deepen the mood of each pattern.

Learn How to Express Animals and Plants

You'll learn how to express animals and plants.

Learn How to Portray People and Express Backgrounds

Learn how to describe the characters and the background in the pattern.

How to Make Use of Your Work in Daily Life

I'll show you how to use the finished work as a prop.

Turn Your Favorite Scenes into Embroidery

Make Your Day Lovely

Ever imagined bringing your favorite animal, plant, or scene from a movie with you all the time?

Think of seeing your favorite movie scene embroidered on the cardigan you pulled out on a gloomy day. Think of the way it will comfort you. I hope you experience the joy of embroidering your favorite scene through this class.

No Need for Tons of Memorizing!

You Can Freely Express Only With Basic Stitches

All of the works in the photos above were created using a few basic stitches. This is something I always emphasized in offline classes and the first class I held in CLASS101. If you learn various types of expressions, you can easily create what you want only with basic stitches.

From simple shapes to clothing patterns, textures, and even the grass on which the character lies! Depict various styles with basic stitches to improve your skills. In addition to the works created together in this class, you will be able to express any scene you want to portray in your own way.

An Easy Start for Beginners,

A Chance to Learn New Styles for Experienced Artists

While I was running online and offline classes, a lot of people wanted to use their own photos to draw a pattern and embroider. Indeed, people who drew and embroidered portraits of family photos, dog photos, scenes from a trip, scenes from favorite movies, etc. were very satisfied with the outcome.

For those who are new to embroidery, I will help you learn how to express various styles with just basic stitches.

Georges Seurat (1859 - 1891)

For those who have already experienced embroidery, I want you to have even more fun with embroidery than before. You will have the chance to make your own pattern and do practical exercises to embroider more freely. Another interesting point is that you can experience embroidering on cloth of various colors instead of only using white.

It would be a bonus to have lovely accessories that can be used right away in everyday life!

Once You’ve Practiced Enough, Make Your Own Work.

After learning the basics and some techniques, we will make a cute bag charm, brooch, bag, and frame. In this process, you can naturally learn techniques for expressing various topics and feelings with basic stitches.

Once you've finished practicing, it's time to complete your own embroidery work! I'll start by explaining how to draw a sketch. I'll also explain how to choose a thread color, select a stitch, and finish it together in the video.

The embroidery works in the photo above were made by students of my offline class. They applied stitches suitable for the pattern. Even though I prepared the pattern, I want to show you that after taking the lesson, you can draw your own characters and backgrounds to complete them.

This Class is Recommended by the MD!

You can embroider beautiful scenes even without drawing skills.

This is an embroidery work made by CLASS101 Craft-MD Bay, who took Moho's class. Even though the sketch is roughly done, Bay chose the color of the thread and embroidered remembering the techniques Moho taught her.

As a result, despite the lack of drawing experience, Bay was able to express what she wanted. I want to share the joy of embroidering by teaching you everything from the basics to detailed tips so that you can draw and embroider what you love. Would you like to join this class?

Through Embroidery
Collect Scenes You Love.





Hello, I am artist Yoon Jeong-hwa of Moho who does personal projects along with embroidery classes. I went to art college and enjoyed taking notes and drawing in a small notebook. Through embroidery, these small drawings grew into a more delicate and warm form of art.

If you fill your favorite pattern with your favorite colors step by step, your mind will calm down and you will be able to spend time focusing entirely on yourself.

I hope we can share the delicate and warm feeling of threads and needles as you come into contact with the class.



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