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Skills You’ll Learn

Getting to know your tools

Working from a design

Doing a practice pattern

More complex pattern from beginning to end

Class Summary

I started working with stained glass when I was still a motion graphic designer. I wanted to know how this traditional art form could be reinterpreted and used in design today. I figured the best way to learn was to just try it for myself!

I started out by creating simple patterns for my creations from the things that I like. A lot of my inspiration came from video games and animations, bringing a modern twist to this ancient art form. This will be your introduction class into everything you need to know to start to make your own stained glass creations from start to finish.

Class Takeaways

  • Master the basic tools and techniques to create stained glasses
  • Turn your favorite characters into stained glass

Who Is This Class For

  • Who don't have any prior knowledge about stained glass.
  • Everyone interested in the technique of actually creating stained glass as well as the design of coming up with your own images and patterns.

Class Requirements

  • Colored glass 7 pieces 15x25 cm
  • Colored glass 5 pieces 15x5
  • Patterns used in the course
  • Safety glasses
  • Glass cutter
  • Pliers
  • Glass file flat
  • Glass file round
  • Sharpie
  • Lipbalm
  • Copperfoil 1 roll
  • Lead came 1 length
  • Soldering iron; The soldering iron has been removed from the package due to the packing & safety issue. Students will need to prepare his or her own soldering iron for this class.

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Welcome to the course


Working with Glass


Digital Designs and Patterns


Doing a Basic Design Together


Preparing the glass


Soldering the pieces together


Color Study


Doing a More Complex Design from Start To Finish


Arjan Boeve

Arjan Boeve

Hi! I am Arjan, I am a stained glass artist from Holland. I love to teach you this class because I believe a true renaissance can only happen when we all raise the bar together. You might know my glass work from Stained Glass Geek. My stained glass label which sells glass and patterns to glass enthusiasts and video game geeks globally.

I want to match both worlds of this beautiful tradition with today’s pop culture in order to reinvent the classical craft of stained glass. I enjoy how glass behaves very much and I can’t wait to share the many things I have learned in the past 5 years working glass. The material is so challenging it really has an influence in creating designs.

Looking forward to enhance your visual skills as well as your technical ones? Then stained glass might be just the thing for you!


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