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14 Class Projects

It takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Vegan white sauce and no-oven gratin

  • Stir-fried soybean meat with a dak-galbi-like feel

  • Oil-free buttercup soba

  • Oatmeal gyoza

  • Basic Rice Cooking and Rose Beet Radish

  • Proper vegetable steaming

  • Oil-free simple brown rice radish stew

  • Boiled kelp

  • Date palm stewed with peanuts

  • Casaneni simple vegetable soup

  • Buttercup risotto

  • Grilled eggplant with garlic

  • Stir-fried barley miso (Muginiku miso)

  • Barley burger patty

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use salt

The basis of taste, salt. That one brings out the natural sweetness of vegetables.

How to properly care for vegetables

Learn how to boil and steam vegetables based on macrobiotics.

Making endless sugar-free dishes

I make pesto with dried dates. The future of cooking will be different.

Welcome to Miaakua.

Simple vegetarian cuisineWelcome to the world of

What is the Miakua vegan cooking class Classes to improve daily meals and livesIt's.

What does eating mean, Precious things that shape our bodies and influence our mindsThis is it.

So by eating a simple but tasty and harmonious meal Not only does it make you healthier, but above all else, it makes your life full of joy. We would like to teach you how to make such a daily meal.

100% sugar free,

Healthy food you can eat with peace of mind

Myakua's Restaurant It doesn't contain a single bottle of sugar. Instead, a pesto is made from dried fruit called dates and used. Basically, one salt brings out the sweetness of vegetables, and is used when umami is needed. In the family We serve dishes that are safe to eat even for people with diabetes.

Learned locally in Japan

The taste of sincerity

I stopped by a vegan restaurant on an accidental trip to Hokkaido. It's a place I went to without much anticipation, but it's too much Careful and deep flavorThis happened. I was ashamed of my dishes, which used to be full of spices. When I came back to Korea, I didn't forget that place. I quit all my jobs and went back to Japan with a resume written in poor Japanese.

I don't need money, and I can sleep on the floor, so I want to work here and learn how to cookI mean. That's how I met a master who would change my life.

Japanese cuisine,

A new flavor is born from Korean ingredients.

I worked under Akiko Haruyama at the Japanese head office of the organic vegan restaurant Ita Dakizen, and all of them are dishes I learned firsthand. It's simple but A special flavor I've never seen anywhere else in Korea. Apply those dishes, I've recreated the recipe using ingredients that are easily available in Korea. We make it with our soy sauce and our miso without having to go to a direct purchase or overseas food corner.

With good salt

Dishes that clearly capture the flavor

Vegetarian food is freshThere is a lot of awareness. though Every dish at Myakua has a definite salt flavor. Salt is an important thing essential for human survival. Did the commonly spoken word “reduce salt” have been around since the Joseon Dynasty? It's not. The reason the word low salt came from Since “refined salt” came outThat's it. Have you ever had low salt and felt dizzy? What fits, what kind of salt to choose, etc. The basics of cooking, the story of proper salt After all, I'll do it.

A Japanese teacher who has been a vegan for 20 years

Theoretical stories told directly

작년 한국 오프라인클래스 당시 (왼 아키코선생님 / 오 먀쿠아)

At the time of the Korean offline class last year (Mr. Akiko/Oh Miakua)

The person who taught my teacher how to cook was from Korea. The person who was originally a philosophy professor told me not only about cooking, but also about what to live for and how to live. What about Itadakizen and Myakua We cook valuable dishes based on a strong Eastern philosophy. More than just a recipe guide Please look forward to the various stories too.

Anyone can do it

A variety of fun dishes

I've never held a knife They make easy dishes that are possible even for beginners. Don't be too afraid, follow along carefully. More than just teaching you a la carte dishes, you'll learn how to apply it. How to hold a knife, how to use it properly, how to use a pressure pot, how to look at a measuring spoon, etc. I'll let you know right from the beginning. If you have fun, you'll find yourself enjoying cooking with whatever ingredients are new.

We will be waiting for all of you who are dear to you.
I'll see you in class:)





Hello, I'm Miakua.

In addition to various part-time jobs, door-to-door cosmetics sales, and party designers, I started thinking early on about the “essence” of work by doing more than 10 jobs. Society was tight, and when I tried to fit myself into that society, I had an eating disorder due to an unreasonable diet.

I met this small restaurant like a movie and learned how to cook at a travel destination where I had run away because I was so exhausted. I would like to tell you that I realized a little bit about the happiness I only found after falling down and living fiercely.

I didn't graduate from a famous confectionery school, and I don't have a brilliant cooking history. However, I am a person who has fun cooking with the original taste of the ingredients. But I can tell you for sure. In today's world full of uniform recipes, I think this class will be a special course that will change your life.

Part of the revenue is a free vegan baking class for young people with the value of “moving the world in a good direction.” Other than that, I also live with interesting people who help the world.:) I would like to think about and share stories about living beyond just cooking.





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