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Skills You’ll Learn

Learn the basic controls of the Rhino program

Learn how to control the basic screen, such as understanding frequently used shortcuts.

Make a shape by putting two rings together

You will learn about design and key tools to create the desired shape when you put the ring together.

Use curves to draw a desired shape, such as a butterfly

Learn the main tools for drawing desired shapes within the Rhino program.

Making a signet ring that can be patterned

Learn the main tools and methods for making a siphon ring that can be decorated in a variety of patterns.

Use a repetitive pattern as a pendant border

Learn how to make pendants using repetitive arrangements.

Try putting a delicate pattern on the ring

Learn the tools used to add patterns and patterns to rings.

Create natural curves with a sense of volume

Learn the main tools used to create voluminous, natural curves.

Modeling your finished jewelry and preparing it for printing

After 3D modeling of Rhino, you will learn the important points required for printing on a 3D printer

Connect and finish the necklace or bracelet chain

Learn how to connect and finish bracelets, necklaces, and pendants with a chain.

Learn more about production methods

After 3D modeling, you will learn about output, casting, plating, etc. required for future production.

Delicate jewelry that is more than handmade,

I make my own 3D modeling at home.

Aren't you satisfied with the jewelry you want and the things on the market? There's just the shape you want, but wasn't it easy to create it by hand? Now, let's make it at home; we'll use 3D modeling to create whatever shape you want, and we'll help you get your hands on your own jewelry through the actual production process.

Making jewelry with 3D modeling

It's an afternoon at the design jewelry brand studio.

Three designers who love our culture and art come together to create a jewelry brand Studio afternoon I made it. I majored in jewelry for 4 years, and after working as an R&D jewelry researcher for 2 years, I started running our own brand. We use the Rhino program to create our own works with actual jewelry through 3D modeling.

The jewelry in the photo above is exactly what was completed through 3D modeling. Anyone can do it at home without having to use various tools or learn difficult manual skills. Also, the advantage of 3D modeling jewelry production is that the desired shape can be realized even with a complex structure.

I would recommend it to those who are interested in jewelry and wanted to create their own jewelry, but had trouble getting started at first. The curriculum is designed so that you can start easily and simply and develop your skills step by step without prior knowledge of 3D modeling, so leave your worries aside for a while and start making jewelry that has never been seen in the world with a studio afternoon.

Fill up 90 days of the Rhino trial

A 3D modeling course to learn to the fullest

Anyone with a computer and a program can start and learn Rhino. Rhino is in this class Configured just in time for the 90-day free trialI did. I spent 90 days fully learning the process of making jewelry using 3D modeling.

The Rhinocad program may seem strange, but it's an industrial technology often used in the jewelry industry. It can accurately embody the shape of jewelry and quickly make various designs possible. Let's bring out the design in your mind through this class.

So that non-majors can follow along step by step,

Start with a simple structure.

You may be worried about being able to handle the program and create jewelry design well from the beginning. In this class, we will provide a file containing the basic framework of modeling, and we will learn the techniques required to add various designs to that file step by step. I'll start with something easy so that even beginners can improve their skills without difficulty.

Classes are held with jewelry that contains the sensibility of a studio afternoon and can be transformed into the desired design. Apply the techniques you learn and create the jewelry you want. You'll soon get used to modeling tools, and you'll be able to create jewelry with a variety of moods.

Don't stop with modeling.

We will make actual jewelry and deliver it to you.

The process from 3D modeling to actual products is difficult for the general public to easily access. Therefore, Studio Afternoon will arrange everything so that you can easily proceed with the process through a company directly selected by Studio Afternoon.

The moment the modeling file I designed goes through the same process as the photo above and is completed with sparkling jewelry. It's exciting just to think about it.

We don't just end up with modeling, but we will carefully help you to have a real jewelry collection.

It is also your choice of what jewelry to complete the finished pendant with. It could be a bracelet or a necklace, depending on how you use the chain and the finishing decoration. I'll prepare you to watch the class video and follow along, even the connecting of auxiliary materials and the finishing process.

If you complete 3D modeling jewelry from beginning to end, you will be a designer who creates and completes your own jewelry.

For those of you who continue to design jewelry!

Jewelry information from professional designers.

Don't end your jewelry design life just because you've finished your class. We will give you a summary of various information that you can continue to make quality jewelry.

After 3D modeling, we will also generously share the information necessary for actual jewelry production and information for making higher quality jewelry. Finishing, plating, laser soldering, etc. required after casting... It's probably useful information that wasn't easily accessible somewhere.

From those who are curious about Rhino 3D modeling, those who are curious about various methods of making jewelry beyond handicrafts, to those who are thinking about their own brand with jewelry made through modeling! I want to help you get started when it wasn't easy. Let's try it together.





Hello, this is afternoon at the studio. Three designers who are interested in Korean culture and art come together to run a jewelry brand that captures Korean culture and stories. Our brand manufactures jewelry with professional 3D modeling technology. It's an industrial technology that is often used in the jewelry industry, but I think there are many people who don't know it. 3D modeling allows for delicate work, making various designs possible. People who have a lot of interest in jewelry but find it difficult to access them easily. If you want to make jewelry but have trouble learning hand skills, I think it's a good idea to start 3D modeling, which can be made on a computer. I'll have fun teaching you some basic and easy production methods.



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